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Try these 3 bodyweight circuit workouts next time you're pressed on time to workout. Use these a standalone workouts or include as workout finishers!


3 Bodyweight Circuit Workouts 

To Enhance Your Fat Loss​

3 Bodyweight Circuits

Your Workout Details

Bodyweight circuit

Workout 1 

Do 3 rounds of the following exercises: :

1. Cross body jumping jack - 50 repetitions

2. Tripod Extension - 20 repetitions

3. Cross body jumping jack - 50 repetitions

4. Lunge runner (count the arm movement) - Left leg - 50 repetitions

5. Lunge runner right leg - 50 repetitions

6. Cross body jumping jack - 50 repetitions

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds 

Workout 2

Do 4 rounds of the following exercises:

1. Predator jump jack - 10 repetitions

2. Wounded bear crawl - left leg - 4 lengths 3 steps per length

3. Wounded bear crawl - right leg - 4 lengths 3 steps per length

4. Predator jump jack - 10 repetitions

5. Sprinter step - 16 repetitions (8 reps per leg)

6. 3 way push up - 15 repetitions

7. Predator jump jack - 10 repetitions

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds 

Workout 3

Do 6 rounds of the following exercises:

1. Speed burpee - 10 repetitions

2. Side crawl - 3 steps to 3 push ups - 4 total lengths 3.

Tuck jump - 10 repetitions

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds 

When To Perform These Bodyweight Circuit Workouts?

Bodyweight circuit

I have build these workouts to be used as a standalone sessions. However, if you want to build up your cardio and conditioning, while you maintain a regular strength training program, then you can use these circuits as a workout finisher at the end of your lifting/strength workouts. 

Just in case you have liked all of these 3 bodyweight circuits, I can outline 2 different templates how to use these so you can create a training program for yourself. 

Scenario 1

Monday - Workout 1, Wednesday - Workout 2, Friday - Workout 3 

Rest for the rest of the weekly days. 

Scenario 2

Tuesday - Workout 1, Thursday - Workout 2, Friday - Workout 3

Rest for the rest of the weekly days. 

The Bodyweight Circuit Workouts Work - Here's Why

Bodyweight circuit

The bodyweight circuit workouts are an astonishing way to get fit and keep yourself fit for a whole year round. The best part here is that you'll save tons of time - workouts are normally between 10 and 30 minutes. 

In addition, you'll adapt your body to do lots of work in a very tight frame. The best skill that you'll develop is strength endurance. 

By improving your strength endurance, you will execute your daily tasks with ease, gets tons of energy, stamina and vitality. 

That's exactly what I call a real-world functionallity. 

And the coolest part of performing bodyweight circuits is that you have freedom of performing your workouts anywhere and the intense nature of these movements will push your body to burn tons of calories. Besides that, hours after your workout is done, your body will burn additional calories (caused by the afterburn effect or EPOC). A bonus in your fat loss journey! 

If you have liked the idea of training intensively while saving time and getting results, then I've written a very detailed article about how to structure your own circuit training workouts! Check Out The Ultimate Circuit Training Guide For 2019

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Bodyweight circuit

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Bodyweight circuit

These 3 bodyweight circuit workouts will make you sweat. No doubts about it. There are multiple exercises that seems to be easy - but they are certainly NOT. Until you try these, you'll never know. 

It really worths the try. 

Your workouts are between 15 and 30 minutes length. Depending on your trianing level and how fast you'll execute your exercises. However the tempo, the time that will take you to move through all of the rounds will be somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. 

To lose more body weight and fat will require a good optimized sleep and balanced nutrition as well. Don't expect to lose weight just because you move. 

However, something will always beat nothing. 

So even if your sleep is not good and it's not the right time to change your diet, I challenge you to hit one of these bodyweight circuit workouts and let me know what you think later in the comments here below. 

Do  you have issues with your weight? What do you do about it?

Comment below! :)) 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

PS: Here are the masters in the functional fitness industry in these days. Onnit!



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