17 HIIT Bodyweight Conditioning Exercises (Killer Moves)

17 bodyweight conditioning exercises that will improve your endurance, stamina, cardio and fat loss. These unique bodyweight exercises are serious calorie burners. Let's work!


17 Bodyweight Conditioning Exercises (Killer Cardio Moves!)

How To Use This List Of Bodyweight Exercises?

To build effective bodyweight exercises routine, follow these 4 Steps: 

1. Download an interval timer app on your phone and set it to: 20 seconds work / 30 seconds rest for the beginners and 30 / 20 seconds of work/rest protocol for the intermediate trainee. 

2. Pick 4-6 bodyweight conditioning exercises from the video above. 

3. Perform 6-8 sets for each movement by following the time work frame (Step 1). 

4. Rest between each exercise for 90-120 seconds. 

By following this workout frame above, you will be able to build a big variety of bodyweight routines at home, outdoor or while you travel.  

What Is Bodyweight Conditioning?

What Is Bodyweight Conditioning

Bodyweight conditioning states for a training methodology that combines multiple modalities such as improving your strength endurance, cardiovascular output, aerobic capacity and lactic threshold. In other words, being conditioned means that you will be able to perform both resistance and cardio exercises for a prolonged periods of time and with high efficiency. 

Here are a few conditioning activities that will improve your overall fitness and will require less to none equipment:

1. Bodyweight HIIT and circuit training workouts. 

2. Running - jogging and sprinting.

3. Jumping rope.

4. Boxing.

5. Riding a bike.

6. Mountain hikes.

7. Rowing. 

8. Swimming. 

Is Bodyweight Training Effective?

Is Bodyweight Training Effective?

Yes. Bodyweight training can be as effective as using free weights or weight machines . You can build muscle and get ripped with such workouts. Here are 5 reasons why bodyweight workouts are so efficient: 

1. Can be done anywhere and anytime your life allows it. 

2. No GYM memberships - the only expense would be for a bodyweight training program.

3.  Countless of exercise options - bodyweight movements are literally limitless. 

4. Very easy to be modified by changing angles, leverage, tempos and workout intensity. 

5. Very easy to upgrade your bodyweight exercises with a weighted vest, resistance bands, gymnast rings or TRX straps, pull up or dip stations etc. 

Got 10 Minutes? Try This Low Impact Bodyweight Workout!

Whenever you have 10 minutes, you should definitely try this 10 minute low impact bodyweight workout, to see for yourself that bodyweight training can be super effective, convenient and practical. This session can be done by beginners too. 

Can You Get Ripped With Bodyweight Exercises?

Can You Get Ripped With Bodyweight Exercises?

Yes. You can get ripped body with bodyweight exercises in the same way if you lift weights. The things that will help you get there are: exercise selection, TUT (Time Under Tension) applied, your overall bodyweight training program, diet and nutrition / recovery. When you combine these in a balanced and efficient manner, only then, you will develop a ripped and well-defined body.

Can You Build Muscle With These 17 Bodyweight Conditioning Exercises?

Can You Build Muscle With Bodyweight Conditioning Exercises?

Yes, but to succeed, make sure that you will follow these steps: 

1. Pick 10 bodyweight exercises from the video / list (top of the page) and make sure to perform these at least one time weekly. You can do this in separated sessions (not necessary to be done at once).  

2. Progressive overload - make sure to increase the repetitions performed/second of work for each from these 10 exercises, every week. If you have done 15 repetitions or 30 seconds of work on week 1, for week 2, you will have to perform 17 repetitions or 33-35 seconds of work per set (just an example). 

3. Follow training diary - write down each week the number of reps or seconds performed for each of the movements to make sure what is your next-week's goal. 

This system will do two things for you - increase the intensity and workout volume of your sessions. When that happens, you will get stronger, which will lead to better muscle building process and if your diet and sleep are somewhere on track - you will build muscle and get stronger. 

Is It Okay To Do Bodyweight Exercises Everyday?

Is It Okay To Do Bodyweight Exercises Everyday?

If we consider Yoga poses, mobility or stretching movements as bodyweight exercises, then yes, it is okay to do them every day. But if you do cardio or resistance bodyweight training everyday, then there is a big chance for you to overtrain, be constantly fatigued and with low energy. To avoid that, rest at least 1-2 days weekly from your high intensity bodyweight training to recover, recharge and boost your performance for the upcoming workouts.

Bodyweight Exercises For Beginners (Bonus Workout)

This beginner 7 minute bodyweight HIIT workout will challenge your full body in a highly efficient way. There are a total of 11 conditioning exercises included. Perform this routine at home and for at least 2 times per week if you want a quick burner that will challenge you in multiple ways. 

And not last, check out these 4 beginner bodyweight workouts too!

4 Beginner Bodyweight Conditioning Workouts

Cardio Calisthenics - а Way Of Life

Cardio calistnenics or bodyweight conditioning exercises are a phenomenal way of working out.  You will not just get more strength endured and feel stronger but your cardio, stamina, energy levels, vitalness and overall health will dramatically improve over time, if you do things right and if you are consistent. 

This is a win-win approach when it comes to practical, convenient and effective training. Especially for people with less available time to working out. 

Such cardio bodyweight workouts normaly vary between 15 and 30 minutes duration. However, in some cases these can be 7-10-12 minutes from the short spectrum and 40-50 even 60 minutes for the longer duration routines. 

Today I have given you a bodyweight exercise list / video that you can use in the future with your at home workouts, outdoor training or while being on the road. I have also provided you with 4 essential steps that are required in order for you to build highly effective bodyweight routines.

We have looked as well into 5 beginner bodyweight workouts that you can see right above this chapter and we have discussed a few topics around bodyweight training

To sum up everything above, the bodyweight conditioning exercises have a solid application for each person - the absolute beginner, the calisthenics lover or the weights addict. Doesn't matter which one are you - such movements and workouts will serve you well in order to improve your endurance, cardio capacity, weight loss and overall well-being. 

Are you a fan of the conditioning exercises or you prefer a different training approach? Comment below. 

Thanks for reading! 


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