20 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Session (Full Body Workout)

In this bodyweight HIIT session (full body workout), there are a total of 6 dynamic HIIT exercises. 100% follow along video. Let's work!


20 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Session (Full Body Workout)

Brutal HIIT Bodyweight Workout That You Can Try At Home

In this bodyweight HIIT session, there are 6 dynamic exercises included. The working interval frame used is 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. There are no big rests between the rounds which makes this session with high-intensity nature.

For the whole workout period (20 minutes) you will have to continuously perform in the 30/20 mark. This is a brutal HIIT session and you will feel this without any doubts. 

4 total rounds should be performed. 

Here is the HIIT bodyweight exercise list: 

1. Side to side jumping lunge to speed burpee. 

2. T push up with row (if you cannot perform a push up, do only rows). 

3. Stationary skaters with ground tap. 

4. Bunny hops to 5 push ups (2 ways) - again if push ups are too hard for you, perform only bunny hops in the two directions (forward and backward).  

5. Static jump outs. 

6. Plank ankle taps. 

How To Modify This Full Body HIIT Workout?

If you are a fitness beginner, this workout might be too intense for you. However, here are the required steps in order to decrease the intensity so it can fit perfectly for every beginner: 

1. Instead of doing 4 full rounds, decrease this number to 3, even 2 rounds. This way, your bodyweight HIIT session will be 10-15 minutes instead of 20. 

2. If push ups are too hard for you, then skip them as I have explained in the very first paragraph. 

3. If the plank ankle taps are too hard as well, just hold a regular, low plank for 30 seconds. 

How Often To Perform This Bodyweight HIIT Session?

Doing the same workout over and over again might be boring and not productive enough for you. However, if you are just starting out with your training, then 2 times per week would be great. The reason for that is the high intensity nature of the session which will help you burn extra calories, lose weight, tone up your body and in general - feel better. 

Make sure to find another 2-3 workouts that you can combine with this one in order to have a complete HIIT workout plan that will serve you well. 

I will provide you with 1 extra beginner HIIT routine at the end of this session so I can give you even more value. 

What Is Bodyweight HIIT Workout?

What is bodyweight HIIT workout

The bodyweight HIIT workout is considered a training style that is alternating bursts of effort (performing a certain exercise) and bursts of lower intense activity or complete rest. Normally these sessions are high intense which means that you will perform lots of repetitions (work) in a small amount of time. This is another benefit of this training. You can get an outstanding HIIT session in 10-15-20 minutes time which makes it highly convenient for the busy folk.   

Is HIIT a Full Body Workout?

Is HIIT a full body workout

In most cases, yes, HIIT workouts are full body routines. However, you can find multiple core, lower body, or upper body bodyweight HIIT sessions. You will burn most calories with the full body sessions which makes this choice the right one if your goal is to workout less times per week and you need to lose weight. Also, by doing more full body HIIT sessions, you will target your legs more often which is always a good idea for muscle build, losing weight and changing your overall body composition.  

Is HIIT Good For Toning Your Body?

Is HIIT good for toning up your body

The high intensity nature of HIIT will tone up your body, elevate your energy systems, spike up your daily moods, focus and brain productivity as well. However, this will appear only if you have a well structured HIIT workout plan. If you overtrain by doing HIIT everyday, you will experience completely the opposite - lack of energy, brain fog, anxiety, muscle loss and even weight gain! Avoid this at any cost. Training intensively everyday will do more harm than good to your body. Moreover, this approach will put your body at risk of injuries. 

How To Lose Weight With HIIT?

How to lose weight with HIIT

To lose weight with the bodyweight HIIT sessions, follow the steps below: 

1. Make sure to be in a caloric deficit with your diet - there's no other way to lose weight. 

2. Perform at least 3 full body HIIT workouts in order to create a complete body stimulus in order to change the body composition over time and also, to burn additional calories. 

3. Begin with bodyweight workouts only. Once you become proficient, you can add a weighted vest, resistance bands, dumbbells or kettlebells to your sessions. 

4. Vary the exercises in order to create a different stimulus to your body so you can adapt and progress with your overall fitness. 

5. Invest in sleep and high quality supplements so you can recover from your HIIT routines efficiently. 

44 Of The Best High Intensity Exercises

As a beginner with your HIIT training, the more options you have, the better. With that in mind, in the video above, you can find 44 of the best bodyweight HIIT exercises that you can do. 

Here is how to create an effective at home routine with this HIIT exercise list: 

1. Pick 3-5 exercises. 

2. Set the interval timer to 30/20 or 30/30 seconds of work/rest protocol (this is a good approach for the fitness beginner). 

3. Perform each movement one after another (in a circuit fashion). Once you move through each exercise, it is considered as 1 round completed. 

4. To complete your session, perform 4-6 total rounds. 

5. No big rests between rounds are allowed. This way, the intensity level of the workouts will be higher, hence, you will burn more calories and progress faster. 

Summing It Up

HIIT is a remarkable training style if your goal is to tone up, skyrocket your energy, daily moods, strength endurance, weight loss and overall fitness. 

To lose weight efficiently with the interval training workouts, make sure to be in a caloric deficit, perform 3-4 full body HIIT sessions per week and sleep well. 

In addition, review the video above with the 44 of the best high intensity bodyweight exercises. Follow the instructions below so you can create killer full body workouts that you can do at home. 

What is your favorite bodyweight HIIT session? 

Comment below! 

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