Bodyweight Legs Workout

Intense bodyweight legs workout for men. Try this session in the comfort of your home. Get a real pump with these explosive no-equipment exercises. Join me.



Bodyweight Legs Workout

You Can Do Anywhere

Your Bodyweight Legs Workout Details:

Warm Up: 

Do 3 sets of the following 3 exercises: 

1. Cross body jumping jack - 20 repetitions

2. Feet on fire - 50 repetitions

3. Tuck jump - 10 repetitions 

Rest between sets: 60 seconds 

Rest between exercises: 75-90 seconds 

Once you're ready with your warm up, you can proceed to the main bodyweight legs workout, which is: 

Do 4 sets for each of the following exercises: 

Hamstring walking curl - 8 repetitions 

Jumping squat - 15 repetitions 

Bulgarian squat - 12 repetitions per leg 

1.5 Jumping Bulgarian squat - 8 repetitions per leg 

Reverse lunge to sprinter step - 10 repetitions per leg 

1.5 jumping lunge - 16 total repetitions 

High knee run in place - 100 repetitions 

AGAIN, 4 sets for each of the bodyweight leg exercises above. 

Rest between sets: 75-90 seconds 

Rest between exercises: 2-3 minutes 

Workout level: advanced beginner

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Can You Build Leg Muscles

With Bodyweight Training Only?

Bodyweight Legs Workout

Can you build leg muscles with calisthenics? Yes you can. But don't expect the same results compared with weight lifting. However, if you implement the following recommendations, your leg muscles will grow and your lower-body will get stronger. 

The key to successful bodyweight training is in the progressions and the applied TUT (Time Under Tension) on your leg muscles. 

With that spoken, begin with a certain no equipment legs exercise progression that will match your training level. 

Once you figure this out, you can proceed to your bodyweight legs workouts. Make sure to apply a higher volume of repetitions (the total end number of repetitions performed). 

To do that, simply perform longer sets (with higher number of reps), do pauses, increase the eccentrics (the lowering portion of the movement), implement 1,5 repetition ideology and also, make sure to do lots of 1 legged exercises. 

By following the recommendations above, you will definitely grow your lower body muscles with bodyweight legs workouts. 

Do Unweighted Squats 

Make Your Legs Bigger?

Bodyweight Legs Workout

At first, yes. The bodyweight squats will help to tone your legs, get your lower body in shape and build some basic strength. 

However, the bodyweight squat is not optimal for building leg muscles. The simple reason is that after a certain amount of time, your body will adapt, and progressing from there will be very difficult in terms of muscle building. 

The simple reason behind this is that the BW Squat is a hip-dominant movement. Not quad, glute or hamstring focused. And because of that, without any external weigh/resistance, building leg muscle with bodyweight squats only will not work for a long-term progress. 

What Are The Best 

Bodyweight Leg Exercises?

Bodyweight Legs Workout

The best bodyweight legs exercises are the ones that you can be consistent with, progress and deliver results to your body. 

There is not "perfect" or "optimal" bodyweight leg exercise. Every movement can be replaced by another. This statement is related to every single exercise that you will discover. 

Here are a couple of exercise options, that you can include in your bodyweight legs workouts: 

1. Squats - regular squat, jumping squat, 1,5 squat, 1,5 jumping squat, pistol squat, shrimp squat, dragon squat, squat isometric hold (on the wall), squat pulses, split squat, 1.5 split squat etc. 

2. Lunges - forward lunge, reverse lunge, forward to reverse lunge, 1,5 lunge, 1.5 forward to reverse lunge, 1.5 jumping lunge, jumping lunge, low jumping lunge, walking lunge, walking lunge with switch, lunge position isometric hold etc. 

3. Bulgarian squat - regular BG squats, BG jump squat, BG 1,5 squat, BG 1,5 jump squat, explosive knee to chest BG squat, 1,5 explosive knee to chest BG squat, BG squat isometric hold etc. 

4. Step ups - use bench or a stable chair at home - one legged step ups, alternating step ups, jumping/explosive one legged step up, explosive alternating step up, step up with slow negative (eccentric) etc. 

As you can see, there are so many bodyweight leg exercises you can include in your workouts. 

My recommendation to you is to focus mainly on the one legged bodyweight exercises. This way, you will not just build muscle and shred body fat, but you will get stronger, more stable and explosive as well.

When you finish the article, make sure to research on YouTube the above mentioned leg exercises. 

Can You Do

Leg Exercises EveryDay?

Bodyweight Legs Workout

Yes, you can. But this is not healthy, you will over-train after 1 week at max and will never repeat this "experiment". This is not smart. 

Your leg muscles like any other in the human body need equally stimulation and recovery. If you neglect or over-do one of these two, then you will have problems. 

Keep in mind that if you do bodyweight leg workouts every day, you will not progress faster. You will not get bigger legs faster nor you will shred body weight faster. 

The only thing that you will manage is to barely walk and eat tons of junk because your body will scream to recover and will need lots of calories. 

In a nutshell, make sure to avoid such approach. You can progress way easier and without that much suffering. Because trust me, pain will be real if you workout efficiently. 

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How Many Days a Week

Should You Do Bodyweight

Legs Workout?

Bodyweight Legs Workout

How often to perform bodyweight leg workouts? At least 2-3 times per week. The more often you stimulate the lower body - the better. You will be surprised how great you're going to feel if you train your legs multiple times a week. 

Try the jumping rope. 

Besides doing lots of bodyweight legs workouts, you can also try the jump rope. This is my absolute favorite training tool. You will not just build up your cardio and conditioning, but your legs will get more endured, agile and with higher stamina. 

In addition, if you do more often lower body workouts, your weight loss will improve an eventually help you with this goal. 

Hey, I have build a great bodyweight workout challenge where I include lots of bodyweight leg exercises. Check out the offer below. 

How To Use These Exercises

To Create a 

Bodyweight Legs

HIIT Workout?

To create a bodyweight HIIT legs workout, you will have to again perform the warm up from the video. 

Once you're done, follow this: 

1. Set an interval timer app on your phone. Set it to 30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. 

2. Pick 4 of the exercises provided in the bodyweight legs workout video at the top of this page. 

3. Go one after another by following the time intervals. 

4. One you finish 1 set of all the leg exercises, this is one round finished. Your bodyweight HIIT legs workout is 5 full rounds. 

5. Rest between rounds: 2 minutes. Make sure to recover optimally. If 2 minutes are short, use 3 min. 

Bodyweight Legs Workout

For Beginners

To create a bodyweight legs workout for beginners, you will have to cut the intensity of the workout (video at the top of the page). 

To survive this session and adapt it to the beginner level, you will have to cut at least 20-25% of the repetitions recommended. 

Make sure to increase the rest periods as well with 20-30%. 

This way, you will decrease the intensity of your sets and enhance the recovery between. 

Follow this advice and this bodyweight legs workout will serve you well. 

Do it twice per week for max and fast results! 

Once you progress, start increasing the repetitions of your sets and decrease the rest perdiods as well. 

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Summary of Today's Bodyweight Legs Workout
full body exercises without weights


Today I have introduced you to a great, all-round bodyweight legs workout your can try anywhere! 

The training level of this workout is advaned beginner. In addition, we have talked about interesting topics such as: can you build leg muscles with bodyweight training only? Can you get big legs by bodyweight squats, how often to do your bodyweight legs workouts etc.

I encourage you to try this bodyweight legs workout. It is always way more difficult than it looks. So if you're looking for an intense lower body session, then I challenge you today. 

Try this legs workout and let me know what you think. 

I will LOVE to Connect! 

Which exercise from this bodyweight legs workout did you like most? 

Comment Below.

Coach Vlad

Thanks For Reading! 

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