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18 Minute Full Bodyweight Routine for Men

Try this 18 minute bodyweight routine at home or outdoor. 3 complex movements included that will target every muscle in your body! Get your workout details here.


18 Minute Bodyweight 

Routine At Home

Your Bodyweight 

Routine Details

Do 5 rounds of:

1. Walking lunge with switch - 2 lengths, 6-8 steps per length (count only the steps not the switch)

2. Bear crawl to jump squat - you aim to hit 10 jump squats. That will make 10 bear crawls, forward and backward of 5-6 steps per length with 1 jumping squat at the end.

3. Crab toe taps - 20 total repetitions. Rest between rounds: 90 seconds

Why to Consider Trying This Bodyweight Routine?

Bodyweight routine

Let me cover each one of these bodyweight exercises separately so you get the main idea of this bodyweight routine. 

1. The walking lunge with a switch - did you ever tried the walking lunges? We both know that it can hurts. A lot. Well, to make this movement even more "fun", the switch that you need to perform on every second step will spice things up even more. You will challenge your balance, coordination and core activation. Additionally, the slight explosive effort that you need to generate in terms to execute the switch will certainly help you develop stronger and more athletic legs. 

2. Bear crawling with jumping squat - this is a whole body, bodyweight exercise that will work pump your whole body. The crawling is one of my favorite bodyweight exercises, and when you combine it with a jumping squat, you get a complete movement that will challenge not just your muscles but your cardio/lungs work as well. It's a serious conditioning challenge and you will feel that for sure. 

3. Crab toe touches - looks easy but it's not. You'll be surprised how tough this bodyweight exercise is. Especially when you have to perform it after the bear crawl. Your shoulders, whole upper back, core, arms and chest will work well. This is a movement that is more focused on your core strength and balance. But implementing it after the crawling will be way more than a core exercise. 

Are You Pressed on Time to Workout? I've got your solution.

Bodyweight routine

Then this bodyweight routine will certainly do great job for you. 

Here's the thing. If you're a beginner trainee or an awesome guy that simply don't know where to start, then implementing this workout and 2 more similar sessions will absolutely help you get in shape fast. 

Yepp, 3 circuit bodyweight workouts per week is all you need to get FITter, lose body weight and skyrocket your energy. 

Truth be told - you don't need fancy stuff to be in a good shape. Of course, to get into a GREAT shape will require more work and time investment. 

However, with just three full body circuit bodyweight routines per week, without changing your diet, you'll feel better. I promise you that. 

And the only thing you need is to put the work into the process, trust my workout ideas and make this test for you. 

And hey, I value your time and willingness to feel good and looke better. 

That's the reason I will share with you 3 more Circuit Bodyweight Routines that you can do anywhere you like. 

The training level of these workouts is an intermediate. However, if you're a beginner simply do less repetitions and less rounds. 

Here are your article bonuses that I've prepared for you! 

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Your 3 Bonus Bodyweight Routines!

Now you have it. 4 Bodyweight intense routines you can hit at home, outdoor or while being on a vacation! 

Now here's my coaching advice for you. 

Pick 3 of these workouts and structure them into a 3 day training plan. 

You can perform these on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Or, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Follow a Training Diary 
To Increase The Intensity of Your
Bodyweight Routines
Bodyweight routine

This is super simple. Don't get overwhelmed by following a training diary. 

Simply get a notebook and write each workout, then perform these. Once you're done with each of your bodyweight routines, write how many rounds you did and how many repetitions you've done. 

In the next week, make sure to either increase your repetitions with 1 for each exercise OR increase the workout with one round. 

Change only one element of your workout. Never two at the same time! 

Leave the rest periods the same as the recommendations from the workout videos. 


Bodyweight routine

In this article, I have shared with you 4 circuit bodyweight routines.

Additionally, I have explained to you two different workout templates that you can use to structure your training program by yourself. 

A few words about the 18 minute bodyweight routine for men. 

You have 3 different complex bodyweight exercisees. Walking lunge with a switch, bear crawl with jumping squat and crab toe touches. 

Your session is created in a circuit trianing fashion. You will light up your whole body, lungs and burn lots of calories. 

Give it a try. Not just to this routine but to the other 3 bodyweight workouts as well. 

Are you a fan of the bodyweight routines, or you prefer to do it slower, and lift weights for building muscle?

Comment below.

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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