Interval Training For Men

 What Is The Most Powerful Fitness Asset Of The Busy Person?

A Custom Bodyweight Training Program

Training Plan

Visiting the gym is not for everyone. 

Neither following a serious GYM Routine, which is sucking hours out of your precious time.

If you are a busy person, who wants to be FIT but still, didn't find the right workout method, program or coaching, then this page is for you. 

Let's be honest, nowadays it's more and more difficult to find the right workout program for you. 

There are soo many options out there that instead to help us, we get more and more confused... 

 To: All Busy Guys Who Want To Be FIT Without Investing Hours Into Their Workout Programs

The biggest difference between the FIT person and the one who failed in their fitness journey is one single thing: CONSISTENCY.

Consistency is the upmost important factor when it comes to achieving long-term sustainable results with your fitness goals. 

I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. 

But when it comes to choosing and following "the perfect workout program" for you and being consistent over time...


 It's Not Easy

To Follow a Workout Program For More Than 3-4 Weeks

In FACT, It's Incredibly Difficult!

Did you experience 1 of the following?

  • First, You have visited the gym, followed a training program, get results and then... just quit working out. You realized that visiting the gym is too time consuming and it is interfering badly with your busy shedule. FAIL!
  • Secondly, You have bought a 30 days bodyweight training program (pre-written), you have finished it and that was it. Your workout Consistency failed (because you didn't know what to do next) and you turned back to your old habits (to not workout at all).  FAIL!
  • Thirdly, Somehow, you have managed to be consistent with your GYM or Bodyweight training program BUT you get BORED too fast and quit the process. FAIL!

So Where Does That Leave You?

  • Starting the same process over and over again while failing every time and while feeling highly frustrated.
  • Not liking yourself in the mirror.
  • Decreased focus, brain productivity and sharpness.
  • Mood swings that are affecting your communication either with your family and friends, either with your colleagues or business partners. 
  • Low motivation to pursue your dreams. 
  • Lack of energy levels to feel optimal.

But With The Lack Of

Workout Consistency

There Are Even More PROBLEMS

  • Low self-esteem because you are constantly fail to be consistent with your fitness goals. 
  • You don't feel confident in front of your spouse, family, friends, colleagues and business partners.
  • You might experience a low libido and sex issues (which is devastating and mentally crushing for a man).
  • You have days with very low energy which puts you in a bad spot where you cannot optimally do your job nor daily responsibilities as a man at home. 
  • If you're a DAD, you might cannot play with your kids because you are constantly lacking stamina and the only thing you need is to lie down on the sofa (which probably is making you MAD).

 What Are The 3 Biggest Problems With The Bodyweight Training Programs? 

  • Lack of Knowledge & Variety
    The bodyweight training is not just push ups, sit ups and squats!

    Just because the bodyweight training program or challenge which you tried, did not include enough exercise variations or combinations - it doesn't mean that the BW training is boring nor that you cannot gain muscle or shred weight with this training style.
  • Poor Program Design
    You can easily find bodyweight training programs from 9$ to 100$. Some of them will deliver results, others will not. BUT every person is different. As such, everyone has to be treated as a unique one. There is NO CHANCE the plan-templates to satisfy everybody. In fact there is a big chance, more than 50% of the clients to be not satisfied! This is the reason why to have a personalized bodyweight training program is times more powerful compared to what the ready-training templates will offer you. Period.
  • Consistency
    The biggest issue with the bodyweight training programs is how to maintain your motivation during the whole training block.
    This will only happen if you have a huge variety of exercises in your bodyweight training program. If you have fun and enjoy it, you will always be consistent and achieve results. 

What Is The Solution To All Of This? 

A Custom Bodyweight Training Program

The bodyweight workouts are no doubtedly the most practical and efficient way for you to Get FIT and stay FIT for a full year round. Without muscle building (bulky) periods, without cutting ones. 

If you have a balanced and well structured bodyweight training program, you will have the advantage to get stronger and with great cardio/conditioning without getting bulky and fat. 

In addition, with the right movements, you will get mobile, flexible and minimize the risks of injuries (which are more often seen with the heavy lifting programs, and unproper coaching guidance). 

Introducing The No GYM Coaching Program

Master Your Body, Spare Time and Do It Anywhere While Loving Yourself In The Mirror

To succeed with your bodyweight training program, you need a system. An individual, custom built system that will deliver consistent results for you.

A system that will match your training level and GOALS equally on your body's mobility, strength endurance and cardio & conditioning.

There is no need to invest hours into your workouts, nor failing over and over again with your consistency. 

Do you want to get FIT-ter while sparing time of your busy schedule? Then read further, THIS IS FOR YOU. 


100% Custom 

Bodyweight Training Program 

Built From Scratch For You

  • Matching Your GOAL With Accuracy
    What you desire as a FITNESS Goal is often not the thing that in reality is. Oftentimes, people are unaware of why they want to lose 20lbs, or why they want to get more jacked. This is where the coaching part of the puzzle comes in. By the coaching help for you to understand your fitness goal on a psychological level, you will be more aware of WHAT you need and WHY you need it. Once we have the clearance, you will get the exact bodyweight training program that will 100% match your goals.
  • Best For Your Training Level
    Your custom bodyweight training program will have to perfectly match your training level. This is the best way for you to progress as fast as possible, without over-pushing your body and risking to get you injured.
  • Huge Variety
    With over 350+ bodyweight exercises recorded in HD format, combined with my 10+ years of knowledge, you will never get bored or unmotivated with your custom bodyweight training programs. I will blow your mind with unconventional moements that you have never imagined that exist. 
  • FUN & Brain Engaging Workouts
    Your custom bodyweight training program will be brain-engaging. Otherwise, how are you going to release the STRESS from your work, home and life? By being mentally challenged with the process, you will be consistent. When we get there, your results are an unavoidable part of the journey.

Individual Diet & Suplement Plan

With your custom bodyweight training program, you will get a personal nutrition and supplement plan as well. 

It is important what fuel we put in our bodies. Otherwise, if your diet is a bad one, but your training is on point, you will still get results, but these will have no comparison compared to what you can get by a good, balanced diet and the right training system for you.

You will get a grocery store list, a custom diet plan, meal portions, meal timing and frequency.

In addition, I will calculate your calories so we can be sure that you will be either in a fat-loss state or a muscle-building one. 

Premium Chat & Email Support 

With Your Personal Coach

Daily WhatsApp Support

Training Plan

Unlimited Email Support

Training Plan

You Will Never Feel "Alone"

Training Plan
  • Monday to Saturday - Coaching Support​ from Monday to Saturday you will get a constant WhatsApp and email support. Normally, I will answer you via email in less than 24 hours and on WhatsApp in a few short hours. My available support time is 8:00am - 20:00pm EET. (Monday-Friday). Saturday - 9:00am - 12:00am EET.
  • Because Attitude Is What Makes The Difference Here As a small business owner, my clients are the most valuable asset of mine. That spoken, my friendly, professional and sharp attitude will stand out and you will be more than supported here.
  • You Will Never Be Left Behind Did you experience this? You hired a coach or a freelancer and once this person took your money, he gave you a good service at the beginning but then everything changed. He stopped answering your questions, postponed your requests and as a client, you felt lied, mislead and robbed. Honestly, I have experienced this 10s of times in my life. As such, I am never making this mistake with my clients. EVER! 

Stop Quitting Your Fitness Goals

Get Rapid Results In The First 30 Days


Let's CHAT

bodyweight training program

Hit the live chat icon on the right bottom of your screen. Share with me your fitness goals and let me give you my free coaching advice. No pushy sales attitude, NO CALLS, no catch. Only straight value to implement right away.

Training Plan For Men23


90 Days Custom Bodyweight Training Program

Most Purchased

  • Coaching assessment
  • 90 days of custom bodyweight workout program built from scratch
  • 3 different, 4 week workout programs
  • Delivered in PDF file 
  • Exercises, Video links, reps, sets, rests and warm ups included
  • 6 days per week Whatsapp & Email Coaching Support  
  • Unlimited revisions of your program until you get the perfect program that you are looking for

 The No GYM Premium Coaching Program 

Liminted Members - Highest Value

  • 90 Days 1 on 1 premium coaching
  • Coaching assessment
  • Custom bodyweight workout program built from scratch 
  • Individual diet based on your goal
  •  Supplement plan to improve your overall health
  • Rapid habit formation system & mapping 
  • 6 days per week Whatsapp & Email Coaching Support
  • Weekly coaching check ups
  • 30 Days Money back guarantee

Coaching Bonus: 

The Rapid Habit

Formation System

We are creatures of habits.

As such, to make a meaningful change that will last ahead, you will have to build new habits. There is no other way to change your patterns and to achieve your goals.

With the premium coaching, you will get a special bonus. 

I will map your new habits for the next 90 days. 

The main focus is to build 3 solid new habits and 3 additional, smaller ones.

In 90 days, I guarantee you 6 new habits that you can adopt in your lifestyle. 

This will be the game changer for you.


  • Busy guys with limited time for GYM attending
  • Men between 30 and 50 years of age
  • Busy Professionals and Executeves
  • Entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners
  • Action takers
  • People who are not afraid to put the work that requires
  • Men who have tried to be consistent with their workouts but failed multiple times
  • Busy DADS
  • People who want to skyrocket their energy levels and brain productivity
  • Men who doesn't need to be athletes but to move well enough so everything in life can be easier and done with less effort
  • Men who want to improve their sex performance and stamina (this will also improve the confidence).
  • People who get bored easily by the long-duration workouts
  • Men who want to workout anywhere without limitations
  • Men who want to get more jacked and look way better in the mirror


  • Persons who are looking for cheap fitness coaching services and ready/template training programs. If you think that these work, then why are you still searching for another solution? (Let this sink in)
  • People who undervalue the power of customization and individual coaching approach
  • Lifting and bodybuilding addicts 
  • Quitters and men who complain all the time
  • Highly overwheigt and people with severe health issues (I am not a doctor)
  • People who will not take action and will expect their coach to workout instad of them
  • Men who are looking to lose 20lbs in 20days. Not happening. You have probably gained these 20-30lbs for the last 1-2-5 years. Then how do you expect to lose these in 2-3 weeks? 

Get Advantage In Your Life With The Bodyweight Training

 Let's Chat

Training Plan

Money Back Guarantee?

Your Investment Is Safe

Training Plan


Honestly speaking, my reputation as a coach and my brand FIT with VLAD is way more important than delivering false promises and robbing people out.

Straight to the point. 

If you don't get your results by my premium coaching service in the first 30 days, I will demand to quit working together and to refund you in a 100%.

It's that simple actually... 

With the custom training program, there is nO money back. However, there is a trial and I will do unlimited revisions until you are satisfied and get the perfect workout program for your needs. 

Taking Action = Results. Period.

You have 2 options now. 

To continue quitting and constantly starting the same fitness process over and over again..


We can chat. 

No calls, no pressure on you to pay anything.

I don't need your money if you're not the action taker or ready to begin your journey.  

And here comes the part of where you have to decide. 

Do you want results?

Ball is in your court now. 

See you in the chat window,

Coach Vlad

Training Plan For Men23
Interval Training For Men

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