Bodyweight Workout for Legs 1

30 minutes bodyweight workout for legs that work. You need only a stable chair, a box or a bench (like from the video). Get ready to sweat! Get Details Here


Bodyweight Workout for Legs 

At Home or Outdoor Routine

How to Build Your Legs by Using Bodyweight Exercises?

Circuit Training Workout High Knee

Building your legs is often a difficult task. Especially if you're not using weights. But don't worry. There's a training approach that will allow you to do that. Without becoming a calisthenics pro and doing these fancy pistol or shripm squats. 

So let's jump straight to the bodyweight training approach for legs that you need to implement into your workouts. 

High volume workouts. 

That's right. To grow your legs, without using additional resistance, you'll have to perform lots of repetitions. And a great way to do that is to combine 2-3 movements into a circuit bodyweight workout for legs. 

The same or in a similar way that I've shown you in my video above. 

Here's The Structure of Your Bodyweight Workout for Legs

Bodyweight Workout for Legs 2

Here's the whole intense circuit bodyweight workout for legs:

Do 4 big rounds of:

1. 6 step ups to burpee to box/bench/chair jump - do this flow 5 times

Rest 30 seconds and do:

2. Alternating step up to high knee - 30 repetitions (15 per leg) Rest another 30 seconds

3. Negative step ups with 2 seconds eccentric - 20 repetitions (alternate the reps, 10 per leg)

Once you're done Rest 3 minutes and repeat 4 total times.

That's it!

30 minutes intense bodyweight workout for legs.

Trust me, either if you're a beginner or an intermediate trainee, you will feel this workout. Not just your legs will blow out but your heart rate will be constantly elevated and you might have some difficult time with your breathing. However, keep up the tempo and stick until the end. 

CAUTION: use a stable bench, box or a chair at home. Make sure these are stable ones, otherwise you're risking getting injured and this is certainly something you want to avoid. 

How to Structure Your Future Bodyweight Workouts for Legs?

Bodyweight Workout for Legs 3

I will only scratch the scenario here where you are a beginner or intermediate training level person. 

In that case, I would recommend you to follow at least 2 high volume bodyweight workouts for legs per week. 

And by high-volume, I mean at least 200-300 repetitions. 

At the beginning, it's going to hurt so be sure that you'll be prepared with lots of protein and carbohydrates (rice and potatoes are best) so you can achieve an optimal recovery.

Once you adapt, you can keep the same repetition volume of your bodyweight workouts for legs BUT start increasing slowly the intensity of your legs exercises. 

The easiest way in my personal opinion is to pick 2-3 bodyweight legs exercises and simply go for 100 reps for each movement. And if you want to make it more challenging, you can implement do these as fast as possible, combine these into a circuit (similar to the workout video above) or do an EMOM (Every Minute on The Minute) workout.

It's not difficult on theory, but it'll require lots of work from your side. 

Like already spoken, pick 2-3 bodyweight legs exercises, do not pick the most intense one, somewhere in the middle of the intensity scale for you would be best and go for 100 repetitions for each movement. 

That's it. Simple and highly effective. 

Enjoy your legs growth! 

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Performing an effective bodyweight workouts for legs is essntial. Otherwise, you'll become one of these bodyweight calisthenics guys with skinny legs and super-ripped upper bodies. 

Don't be one of these dudes. 

Work hard on your bodyweight workouts for legs by doing 2 times per week high volume leg workouts. 

Pick 2-3 exercises and go for 100 repetitions volume for each movement. Combine these into circuits, EMOM (Every minute on the minute) protocol or finish the 100 repetitions as fast as possible (with minimum rest between sets).

What are your favorite bodyweight workouts for legs? 

Comment below! :))

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

PS: Here is a great source for calisthenics:



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