3 Dirty Secrets to Skyrocket
Your Focus & Productivity

3 simple secrets that raise your game, 
to help you out think and out work your challengers.

If you work at a desk all day, then THIS article will have some very important life changing ideas for you. 

If you sit behind a desk all day, or are strapped in a car or airplane seat, then you do either one of two things.

1. Spend valuable hours at the gym in an attempt to avert a midriff crisis 

2. Or just let the fat pile on.

And we all know neither of these work for us, long term.

Here’s what a couple of successful people did about today’s demanding lifestyles.

From a Noodle to the Jacked Billionaire.
Why the Amazon's Owner
Jeff Bezos has Transformed?

We all see what this man has achieved. 

There's a logical explanation why he took action and made the change from a noodle to one fit dude. 

Jeff realized only he was responsible for his body, health and self-confidence. He knows  being in a good shape affects the quality of his mental sharpness and strength.

Fitness for Jeff means the ability to tolerate stress and perform at his highest level as an owner of a multi-billion company.

It's not just about his muscle fitness. It's also about his mental fitness, he wants to get the optimal performance from his mind.

The most valuable change for an ambitious man is to be in the best shape possible, allowing him to plan and follow his family and business goals.

Why is Tim Ferris the
Most Productive Entrepreneur 
on the Face of the Planet?

Tim Ferris (The 4 Hour Work Week) knows well the optimum balance of working out, eating  and quality sleep – to accomplish the high aspirations he has set for himself.

Tim possess exceptional knowledge of combining these 3 lifestyle aspects.

He's constantly experimenting with different training methodologies, trying new diets or implementing sleep hacks which we’ve never heard of.

He's a real example of a completely optimized and "hacked" human being.

And because of this, Tim is a very successful entrepreneur, living the life of his dreams.

What do Billionaires Have to Teach us?

In a nutshell, if these guys can be in the best shape of their life - as busy as they are - then you can be too!

The difference between you and them is their knowledge and the efforts they apply.

If you are a guy that sits behind a desk all day, or are strapped in a car or airplane seat then this article can give you the answers that will 

change your mindset to that of Jeff Bezos or Tim Ferris

If you ignore the vital information in this article, then good luck to doing the same old thing and expecting changes.

A demanding job is no picnic, but only the smart people thrive in them.

Only 20% of the people reading this article will actually do something about their fitness and lifestyle.

Others will say the successful people were lucky.

The successful people will say, all it took was action.  

The are 2 options you have.

One is to take ACTION

And the other is to remain the same and wish you had the luck of the action taker.

Hey, I'm VLAD - The Practical Coach

I Have Something You Might Just Want!

And If You Want More Energy, Agility and Sharpness in Your Life

Then Keep Reading, I’m about to explain 

3 of the simple Secrets to raising your game.


Fitness is not about the size or repetitive movement of your muscles.

It's about the ability to be more adept with your body, to develop more effective and active muscles.

If you never tried these workouts before, then you are in for a treat. Just imagine feeling strong and confident with endless supply of energy. 

Isn’t it  a great feeling?

So strong that you can literally pass through every single challenge that you are faced with..

The workouts are short, intense and they will transform you into one tough dude, with a strong mental drive.

When that happens, you will magnify your stress tolerance and the ability to make faultless decisions under taxing circumstances.

Let's face it, these skills alone will make you a whole new person.

Want to overhear people asking "What the hell is that man's secret?" Then realize they are talking about you?

Then you have to take action.

Now, we all need to start from somewhere. 

That's the reason I recorded 3 quick and practical workouts for you. You can do them anytime, anywhere you want.

No heavy equipment needed.

Each daily exercise 8 to 15 minutes only. 

 Each exercise is Simple and practical.

They are specifically designed for busy men, short on time.

Short on Time to Workout?
Here's 3 Quick Workout Videos
 They Will Help You Get More Focus & Energy - Fast

Why is The Movement so Critical for 
Your Optimal Brain Performance?

In the following paragraphs, I give you the 3  secrets to get instant results and enhance your brain's focus and raises your overall energy level.

Several studies have found a link between physical activity and cognitive function.

Professor Trenell explains: 'Any benefits of moving that you see in muscles you should see in the brain. If you have good blood flow to the muscles, you have good blood flow to the brain and it will work better.'

Simply put, if you are aiming for optimal mental performance, you have to include High Frequency, short sessions.

By doing that, you will increase your heart rate which will push more blood to your muscles and brain. 

That blood flush will provide more oxygen to your brain which will enhance its energy and ability to do more work.

After the sessions you will feel refreshed, more focused, .and able to concentrate on your priorities

Now, let's delve more deeply into what options do you have here. 

SECRET #1 Do Short and Intense Workouts 
5-7 days Per Week

It's a simple ideology that works. 

Every single time. 

High frequency, low volume, moderate intensity sessions. 

15-20 minute workouts. 

Short, sweet and punchy. 

At first, use your bodyweight. 

Get proficient with it and then start to experiment with different training tools. 

It's the right place to start. 

Don't overwhelm yourself too much. Or heavy equipment and difficult movements. 

Just keep it simple. 

And you'll be amazed how easy it could be - to feel sharp and energized.

And here are the benefits that the high frequency training will do for you:

And Here are the Be​​​​nefits that 

the High Frequency Training 

Will Do for You:

  • You'll build a movement/workout habit that is crucial for great results and consistency.
  • You'll save time because these sessions are short, sweet and effective.
  • You'll have freedom to perform your sessions anywhere you want!
  •  You'll have fun and be constantly engaged. These two things will lead to one important need - consistency. And we both know that consistency is key for getting results. 
  • You won't crush your body with heavy weights or high-intense workouts that will do more harm than good to you.
  • You'll develop a highly functional body that will support your daily activities. 
  • Your health and confidence will improve - dramatically. 
  • You will lose body fat and feel sharp all the time. 
  •  You'll condition yourself and get tons of energy, brain sharpness and focus. 

Ready to Take Action?
Get My Best 3 Bodyweight Workouts
(That Will Fit Your Busy Schedule)

SECRET #2 The Natural Training Guy
NEEDS to Workout in a Highly Specific Way

Anabolic Hormone Stimulation 

 If you are a natural training guy (that I assume you are), 

then you need a frequent stimulation of your hormones. 

The good ones. 

They will help you build muscle, lose fat and feel more confident. That's what 20-25 minute workouts, 5-7 times per week will do for you.

You need to understand, if you are 30+ years old, the natural production of your growth hormone will be decreased. And the older you get, the less growth hormone your body will produce. 

To avoid that, you need to stimulate your body, frequently. 

This approach will help you maintain optimal brain health, reduce body fats and have lean muscle mass. 

Good sex drive is another thing this training will help you with. 

Your conficendce will be enhanced. And that will help you handle the difficult, most vital decisions in life better.

Confidence is also keeping the promises you've made to yourself.

That's why consistency is a key for reaching your goals. 

But you'll never be consistent, if you don't like what you're doing. 

That's the reason I've recorded 3 quick workout videos for you.

They will help you start from a novice's level. 

So now you have no excuse to Get an instant energy boost and feel better.

SECRET #3 Having The Freedom to Perform 

Your Workouts Anywhere, Anytime

Will Make You a Happier Person!

That's right. 

When you develop the skill to move wherever you want, you will become more free and happy person.

Because you'll have a freedom that very few have. 

You will discover you don't need a GYM or workout machines to have fun and hit your goals. 

Unfortunately Today, We all live in a chaotic world...

Tons of responsibilities, always on the go, lack of time to workout consistently or even get a good night’s sleep.

When you apply the high-frequent training methodology, you'll eliminate all of the frustrations of a busy lifestyle.

With the solution I offer you. There is…

No more hardcore workouts, sore muscles, aching joints and tendons.

Let me help you get results quickly, without overloading you or trashing your body. 

Let's keep it simple and highly effective.

Get These 3 Sharp, Fun and Engaging 
Bodyweight Workout Videos
(That I've Recorded Specifially - FOR YOU)

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