Burpee Workout Challenge

Warm Up

Warmup is essential for preparing the body for upcoming session, having better performance and decreasing the risks of injuries. With that said, in the next 5 days, use this 7 minute dynamic warmup presented in the video above. You can hit your session straight away without doing so, however, I do highly recommend you to invest these 7-8 minutes in order to get ready for the burpee workouts. 

Once done with the warmup, rest for 1-3 minutes and proceed to the relevant workout of the day. 

Day 1 - Burpee Workout 1

Day 1 - Burpee Workout 1 - Low Impact Speed Burpee 

Working interval: 30/20 seconds of work/rest 

Sets to complete: 7 

The low impact speed burpee is an outstanding and complex beginner burpee variation that will spare the joints and will help you get more familiar with the burpee exercises. Main focus is on the full body control, lower body strength and core targeting by being the supportive unit in the transition from high push up position to getting yoursel upwars and in starting position. 

Day 2 - Burpee Workout 2

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Day 3 - Burpee Workout 3

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Day 4 - Burpee Workout 4

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Day 5 - Burpee Workout 5

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