12 Killer Burpees For Beginners (14 Day Burpee Challenge)

12 burpees for beginners to get you fitter, lose weight and get in better shape. Dynamic warm up included. 14 days beginner burpee challenge.


12 Best Burpees For Beginners (14 Day Burpee Challenge)

In this article, we will review 12 burpees for beginners that will activate all muscles in your body, help you burn multiple calories while improving the overall cardio, conditioning and strength endurance. 

This post is dedicated to the fitness beginner and burpee exercises and will remain this way until the very end.

So if you are overweight, out of shape, or just wonder how to include the burpee exercises in your training regimen in an efficient way, stick around - I have tons of value for you. 

What Is The Burpee Exercise?

The burpee is a complex and full body, high-intensity cardio exercise that combines a squat thrust, a transitional part and a high push up position hold or a push up repetition (depending on the variation). It is a challenging move because the body has to perform a lot of work in a short period of time.

All muscles will be engaged, some will work as prime movers while others will act as stabilizers, but key point is that it is a generalistic type of exercise that will equally engage your muscles and cardiovascular system in a highly intense way. 

Are Burpees Good For The Beginner? 

The burpee is a full body, high-intensity exercise which will equally challenge the muscles while the cardio demand will be high and severe. The fitness beginner will highly benefit by doing more burpee exercises since it's a great combination between resistance and cardio work. As such, burpees will help you get in better shape relatively fast. 

But before we can state such thing, we have lots of things to review and take into consideration. 

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Burpees?

Let's review some of the benefits that burpees can deliver to your health, body and overall fitness: 

1. Full body complex exercise - total body activation that is great for burning additional calories and triggering the EPOC (Excessive post oxygen consumption) of the body which basically pushes your body to burn additional calories hours after the workout is over in order to relax and return to the normal state. 

2. High-intensity cardio and conditioning - that itself is a good benefit since while doing such movements, it will outcome in better cardio, increased lung capacity and improve performance transferred to the low-intensity workouts. In other words, if you want to improve the low-intense cardio workouts such as jogging, biking, hiking or swimming, then you should consider doing burpees or similar high-intensity exercise. 

3. Builds the core strength - the core is mandatory for any fitness trainee. As a beginner, building the strength of your torso should be the main focus since it will help you get a better posture, stronger arms and legs - faster. The core generates power throughout the whole body and it has a tight correlation with athletic performance and any type of explosive work.

4. Practical for implementation - you can perform the burpee literally anywhere and in a very tight space. 

5. The mental aspect - burpees are always creating emotional disputes around the net because many hate them and are against them, while others love them and swear to this exercise. The bottom line for both is that burpees are hard, and even if you progress, these will remain hard. For that reason, once the fatigue kicks in during execution, the mindset will have to do its job and battle the immerse and growing desire of quitting and stopping the session. That itself will improve the toughness of your mindset which will reflect directly to your personal lifestyle in a highly positive way. 

5 benefits of doing the burpee exercise

The Burpee Problem That Instagram Fitness Influencers Are Not Telling You

Burpees became one if not the most popular bodyweight exercise used by fitness influencers in the last years. Not just that, but the misinformation around social media is immersed which leads us to a point where we have to discuss what are the downsides of the full push-up burpee variation (the most commerce and preached one). 

The Full Push Up Burpee Problem That Beginners Must Be Aware Of. 

The problem with full burpees is that as a beginner, after moving through 20-30-40 repetitions (in case you can perform push ups and the full variation), your exercise technique and the correct form will drop significantly where the interesting and most problematic moment kicks in. 

1. Low Pack Pain - once fatigued with burpee exercises, the core muscles will weaken and will loosen up the whole structure. That will lead to pelvic drop and the whole pressure will be placed on the lower back. When this crappy technique is used, for multiple repetitions, when the burpee workout is over, your lower back will be literally crushed and you will regret it in the upcoming days. 

2. Shoulder pains or injury risks - because of the landing stress placed on the body and especially, if you are inexperienced with this move when dropping down to the ground, the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and literally, the whole arms will be exposed to the landing impact.

After a certain number of repetitions, this will start to disturb you because if you are overweight or out of shape, your muscles and nervous system are not ready for such stress impact, hence, the whole pressure will be landed on the arm joints and in particular - the shoulders. 

And this makes the full burpees risky for the absolute beginner. 

Instead of starting with push up burpees, you can begin with the less-intense and much safer, low impact burpee variation which I am about to reveal with you - below.  

What Is The Best Low Impact Beginner Burpee Variation? 

The best burpee for beginners is the low-impact speed burpee variation because this move will require more focus on the lower body and core engagement instead of the full burpee which limiting factor is the push up and as a beginner, this will be the limiting factor for you which when being performed for multiple repetitions, it will lead to a bad exercise technique, form and potential risks of injuries. Instead, the low intense beginner burpee variation will allow you to perform more repetitions, without facing such limiting strength factors which will allow you to do a quality full body session. 

Why Speed Burpee Is The Best Variation For Beginners? 

The speed burpee is a killer cardio and conditioning full body exercise that can be performed not just by the fitness beginner but by anyone who needs decent cardio and high-intensity work.

This burpee exercise will target the lower body and core strength more specifically. But make no mistake, the upper body will have to do lots of work since it acts as an isometric stabilizer and the main supporting structure while doing the rest of the work with your legs.

The best part of this move is the fact that the push up which initially is a part of the regular burpee is not included and the upper body strength will not be the limitation for the beginner trainee.

Another cool thing is that speed burpees are highly scalable and easy to be modified and combined with different bodyweight movements. The reason being is that this burpee is highly dynamic and fast for execution and this makes it suitable for combinations with other moves.

The fast tempo and lots of work that you have to perform in a small amount of time come with the high cardio demand. You will be slammed still at the beginning and will work under real challenging conditions.

After the first workouts with these burpee variations, expect the legs, core and abs, upper back and shoulders to be sore. Below the upcoming warm up video, I will show you 12 speed burpees that any beginner can use!

The 3 minute speed burpee test

Use This Dynamic Warm Up Before Doing Any Burpee Workout

Warming up well and preparing your body before doing any burpee workout is mandatory because the nature of this move is a highly dynamic one and as such, it will be a nervous system demanding. In order to be efficient with this, you have to wake up the CNS, increase the core temperature and stretch/mobilize the joints in order to move more smoothly and without any limitations. 

A good warm up will also increase the body awareness and you will feel the exercise much better and with higher proficiency which will lead to enhanced performance and better overall results.

This is a 10 minute dynamic warm up and follow along warm up video that any beginner could try. 

12 Beginner Burpee Exercises Perfect For Full Body Workouts

Below we will review 12 of the best burpees for beginners that will burn lots of calories and challenge you not just on a muscular and cardiovascular level, but the mindset will be challenged as well.

Do not follow my tempo, find your own one and work with the speed that your body and training level allow you to. 

Focus on the exercise technique and in the beginning, never rush the repetitions. Technique over speed. Once getting more proficient, and start feeling the movement more naturally, then you can accelerate the speed and intensity of the exercise. 

All moves presented below will target the full body moves that are perfect for HIIT workout implementation. 

1. Beginner Low Impact Speed Burpee (No Jumping)

The beginner low impact burpee variation is the basic and the one with the less impact on the joints. It should be used more frequently by the fitness beginner since it's joint-friendly and there is no jumping involved. 

Begin in a standing position, squat down, place both hands on the ground, shoulder-width, or closer. Jump backward with both legs until reaching push up position and as fast as possible, jump forward (or return to a squat position). Once there, stand up and repeat all over again. 

2. Speed Burpee

The only difference between the low impact beginner burpee and the speed one is the jump element involved in the speed variation. 

That particular jump will dramatically enhance the intensity and energy demand of the exercise. 

A rule of thumb with speed burpee is to keep the core tight and engaged once jumping backward with both legs. This is the most tricky moment where if the core is not under tension, the form will collapse and the lower back will get all the tension which is bad because you will feel pain and discomfort hours or even days later. To avoid that, make sure to engage the core once you're jumping with both legs backward.

3. Speed Burpee to Jumping Lunge

The speed burpee to jump lunge will focus more on the lower body due to the explosive single work that has to be performed. Begin with 1 speed burpee, once going up drop to 2 jumping lunges (1 repetition per leg, alternating).

4. Skater Jump to Speed Burpee

The skater jump to SB is another good beginner burpee exercise that is a slightly more athletic move. The skater jump will help you improve the balance, coordination and lateral explosive leg jump strength.  You will perform a single skater jump. Once landing, drop to a speed burpee, stand up, do another skater back to the starting position, drop to another SB and repeat all over. 

5. Side to Side Speed Burpee

Side to side speed burpee will challenge the lateral jump strength of both legs and will target the full body with the SB. Here do not focus to perform side max side jumps but, instead, do shorter with a faster tempo. So aim not for a power output but for frequency. 

6. Circle Speed Burpee

The circle speed burpee is not much different compared to the basic version. The only difference is that once jumping, you will slightly rotate the whole body with each repetition so you can rotate. This circle creates a feeling of a changing environment and is kind of fun and brain engaging. 

7. Speed Burpee With Bunny Hop

The speed burpee with bunny hop requires a bit of coordination and momentum. Perform 1 burpee and once you pull the legs backward after the push up position reach, you will remain low (with legs slightly bent and engaged), followed by 1 bunny hop, place the hands again on the ground, jump with both legs backward to high push up position and repeat. 

8. Speed Burpee With Bunny Hipe Side Switch

This beginner burpee variation is similar to the one above, but instead doing a single bunny hop, you will do a 2 forward bunny hop jumps where on the second one, you will rotate the body and repeat all over again. 

9. Forward Speed Burpee With Foot Work

The forward speed burpee with footwork is a great full body beginner burpee exercise with a focus on leg agility and stamina. Do 1 speed burpee and when being up, do a small jump inwards with both legs, then a second small jump in order the legs to turn back on a shoulder-width position, followed by another SB and so on. Each time you should move slightly forward when performing the leg inward and outward small jumps.  

10. Single Leg Speed Burpee (Alternating Reps)

The alternating single-leg speed burpee is a complex beginner burpee exercise that will additionally place tension on the single working leg and core as well. While supporting the body on just 1 leg, the core automatically will be engaged in order to remain balance and stick your body into the proper position, and not fall sideways.

In addition, the working leg will be exposed to a high amount of pressure which is the reason why it is recommended to be done in an alternating way since this will allow you to switch the intensity on each leg and this way it will be more manageable. 

11. Side Shuffle to Tucked Speed Burpee

The side shuffle speed burpee combo is a killer full body athletic variation. Perform 4-6 side shuffle steps where the legs will be slightly bent in the knees, so you can be more stable and quick on the surface. Once there, perform 1 tucked speed burpee as fast as you can and shuffle back. Finish the sequence with 1 rep of speed burpee and repeat.

12. Speed Burpee to Broad Jump With Running Back

The speed burpee to broad jump to jog/run back is a great conditioning and complex full body exercise that combines 3 moves. Do 1 burpee, followed by an immediate broad jump (not necessary to be maximal distance jump), and turn backward with a slight run. 

How To Use This Beginner Burpee Exercise List? 

In order to build effective beginner burpee workouts by yourself, here are the steps to follow: 

1. Pick 3 speed burpee variations from the videos above. 

2. Download an interval timer app on your smartphone and set it to 30/20 seconds of work/rest. You will perform the 3 burpee exercises one after the other, in a circuit fashion. 

3. Once moving through 1 set for each beginner burpee, it is considered as 1 round completed. 

4. Perform a total of 4-8 rounds. Start with 4 rounds and increase gradually once progressing. 

5. Rest between working rounds: 60-90 seconds. 

14 Day Full Body Burpee Challenge For Beginners

Below you can find the promised 14 day beginner burpee challenge. 

You will work for 6 consecutive days, followed by a single rest on the 7th. We will use 1 burpee exercise by the 12 variations presented to you above this chapter. 

So I will outline the burpee challenge frame here but you will pick the burpee exercise by referring to the videos above. 

14 Day Beginner Burpee Challenge (Week 1).

1. Download an interval timer app on your smartphone since we will use it almost everyday. 

2. On the first 7 days (Week 1), you will perform 14 total sets for a single burpee variation performed in a HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) frame per day.  

3. Set the interval timer to 30/30 seconds of work/rest and for a total workout volume of 14 sets. 

Refer to the warm up, follow along video somewhere at the beginning of this article, and use it everyday before doing your burpee workout. 

In a nutshell, each day, the whole time needed for this challenge is around 25 minutes applied 6 times in the 2 upcoming weeks. 

Below you will find the whole weekly sequence:

Day 1 / Workout 1 Low impact speed burpee (no jumping). 

Day 2 / Workout 2: Speed burpee to jumping lunge. 

Day 3 / Workout 3: Circle speed burpee. 

Day 4 / Workout 4:  Speed burpee with bunny hop. 

Day 5 / Workout 5:  Skater jump to speed burpee. 

Day 6 / Workout 6: Side shuffle to tucked speed burpee. 

Day 7 - Complete rest. 

14 Day Beginner Burpee Challenge (Week 2).

On week 2, you will remain absolutely the same structure as week 1, but the workout volume will increase. This means instead of doing 14 total sets per day, you will perform 18 sets. Hence, on week 2 of this 14 day beginner burpee challenge, you will increase the working sets for each day to 18 sets.

The workout duration for each workout of week two is 28 minutes. 10 minute warm up and 18 minutes of burpees. 

What Happens After Day 14 and The End Of The Burpee Challenge?

In just 2 weeks, you will already have the right observations in terms of how do you feel and if this challenge helps you gain any progress. Once finishing with the 14 days of training, it will be up to you to decide should you continue this beginner burpee challenge further. 

In case you want to continue, you can go for 3 or 4 weeks. 

Week 3 remains the same as week 2. In short - you will repeat the whole week 2. 

On week 4, increase the working sets up to 20 per day. In short, on week 4, the total duration of the beginner burpee workouts will be 30 minutes of time. 10 minutes for the warm up and 20 for the burpee and main session.

How Many Burpees Should a Beginner Do? 

As a beginner, 50 to 70 burpees per workout is sufficient volume to target all muscles in the body while working on the cardio as well. If you go above this, the fatigue and joint pain might be too much which is not necessary nor will lead to faster results. If you are going to perform only burpee workouts, stick around 50-70 repetitions per workout and increase gradually once you get in better condition and feel more confident with your performance. 

The 100 Burpee Workout. Is It Worth It? 

The 100 burpee workout is a popular one among conditioning maniacs. It became famous back in the 2000s when Crossfit was created and became popular. Since then, burpees became a staple conditioning exercise used in the fitness industry. 

The 100 burpee workout is basically to perform 100 burpees as fast as possible (for time). While it is a great metcon challenge that normally is executed in a sprinting fashion, it is painful, challenging and you will not enjoy it. Nobody does. Whoever claims otherwise is lying.

The question is, is it worth crashing your body that much because the feeling afterward is something you will not enjoy. In most cases, you will feel this throughout the whole day and very often, after 50-60th repetition, the technique of the trainee drops significantly and this puts your body under injury risks. 

So should you do the 100 burpee workout as a beginner? No, avoid this despite the fact that this challenge is a popular one, it is not the best implementation for the fitness rookie. Instead, do 3-4 times per week 50-60 quality burpee repetitions, with a focus on the tempo and technique execution. Such an approach would be more beneficial instead of sprinting for 100 repetitions with crappy form.

How Many Calories Does Burpees Burn? 

According to Healthline, for 1 hour of doing Burpees, a woman with a weight of 170lbs will burn around 650 calories while a 200lbs man will burn 762 calories. But very few people will endure a full hour of burpees, especially the beginners. For that reason, the numbers will be in half and even lower than that. it would be better if you count how many calories will burn by using this burpee calculator

Can You Lose Weight and Get Ripped With Burpees?

You can lose weight and body fat by training burpees but in general, shedding weight and building a ripped body is a complex process.

The things that will determine your weight and fat loss process are training, sleep/recovery and of course, your diet. If some of these are skipped, you will meet hard times with losing weight. Try to be in a caloric deficit, sleep well, and work out frequently enough. 

How To Get In Better Shape By Just Doing Burpees?

If your goal is to get in better shape, improve energy and more vital, then the beginner burpee variations can work for you. But in order to be successful with this approach, you better be prepared with multiple workouts underhand, since performing regular burpees too frequently on a daily basis seems to be too boring and you will quit too early and before gaining any significant results.

Are Burpees Strength or Cardio? 

Burpee exercises can be considered as HIIT cardio or metabolic exercises. Burpee is a combination of relative bodyweight strength endurance mixed with cardiovascular demand. For that reason, we can conclude that the burpees are both strength endurance and cardio.  

Can You Do Burpees Everyday as a Beginner?

Doing burpees everyday can be maintained for short periods of time, usually no more than 30-45 days period at maximum. The reason being for such short periods to be endured is the fact that doing burpees everyday is hard, demanding, boring and you will not enjoy this as much as following a personalized or any training program that suits your personal lifestyle and includes a higher exercise variety. 

Do Burpees Get Easier?

Like any other exercise, when being done frequently enough, your body and energy systems will adapt and become more proficient. But even if you get stronger and more endured, the burpees will always be highly challenging and you might never enjoy doing them. The simple reason is that the move is too complex and intense which slams you everytime.

How To Progress To The Full Burpee Variation?

At the end of this article, we will review the right steps on how to progress towards performing the full and complete push up burpee variation. 

You need to work specifically and focused on the upper body, push strength. If the push up strength is lacking, it would be hard to become proficient with the full burpees. 

Here is how to proceed: 

1. In the video above, you will find a beginner push up progression that focuses on eccentrics. As you can see, there is 5-6 seconds going downtempo (or eccentric portion of the movement), while when being down, you will use the knee to create momentum, push the body away from the ground so it can be easier to return into the initial position. In a nutshell, just by doing this progression, your push strength will improve. 

2. Perform this push up progression 3-4 times per week. 6-10 sets. 40 seconds of work / 40 seconds of rest. 

Once finishing with 2 weeks period, on week 3, you will increase the numbers to 50/50 seconds of work/rest. During week 4, you will try to increase the numbers to 60/60 seconds of work/rest. If it's too much, remain to 50/50 during week 4 but on week 5, you have to be able to do 60/60 seconds on/off. Weeks 6-7-8 remains the same as week 5. 

In 6-8 weeks time, you will manage to start doing the full burpee variation.

PS: perform this push up progression at the end of your speed beginner burpee workouts or in a separate day when it's convenient to you. 


By doing a higher variety of beginner burpees, your body will get more adaptable, versatile and that itself will push you moving forward with your fitness goals. 

Today we have reviewed 12 burpees for beginners and 14 day beginner burpee challenge that involves 6 beginner burpee variations that will be rotated day by day. 

You have also a dynamic and follow along warm up video to use in order to improve workout performance and decrease the injury risks.  

If the challenge is not your thing, then you can always review in depth each burpee variation, pick 3 of these and follow the recommendations left in terms of building a workout by yourself.

Do you like the burpees as a beginner? 

Comment below! 

Thanks for being here,

To your Fiter self, 


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