Cardio Exercises at Home

51 cardio exercises at home that will burn tons of calories and fire up your lungs and heart rate. If you don't like visiting the GYM, then you need this!


51 Cardio Exercises at Home

Did you watch the video with all of your cardio exercises at home above? Awesome. Without further duo, let's jump straight to the benefits of these cardio exercises for you. 

What Are The Benefits

Of These Cardio Exercises at Home?

Cardio Exercises at Home

1. Helping you with fat loss, more calories burned and weight loss. 

2. Your heart will gets stronger and more endured. 

3. Increased lung capacity. 

4.  Boost your mood through the release of endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals released by your brain.

5. Increased overall energy levels and stamina which will help you at work and home tasks. 

6. Better strength endurance which in my opinion is one of the most vital skills that you need to develop (if you want to be a high-performer in life). 

7. Better posture and overall mobility - you will notice multiple cardio exercises on the ground such as crawling and others. When you work close to the ground, your joints will have to operate at a higher degree which will improve your overall mobility and flexibility as well. 

8. Improved cognition, brain sharpness, focus and productivity due to the oxidation of the brain. 

9. Better vitality and willingness to live your life in its full potential - as mentioned above, having more energy, brain sharpness and strength endurance will absolutely improve the quality of your life. 

Now let's deep deeper into some questions that needs to be answered for you.

How Often Should You Do 

Cardio Exercises at Home?

Cardio Exercises at Home

It really depends on what you really enjoy to do. This might sounds odd to you but this is the truth. With that in mind, I will try to outline a couple of ideas here, with you. 

1. If you enjoy the cardio workouts - then I would suggest at least 3-4 sessions per week. 5 times x week is fine as well. But keep in mind that in such cases, I would recommend you to follow at least 2 resistance workouts as well. So 2 resistance routines + 3-4 cardio workouts and you'll achieve great results.  

2. If you like to do cardio and resistance training, then 3 cardio workouts per week, included as workout finishers will work great for you. Keep in mind that the workout finishers should be 10-15 minutes duration and you should push the pedal hard in order to get a solid HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) workout. 

3. You hate cardio and prefer to do more resistance workouts - in that scenario, 2-3 post-workout steady-state cardio will work great for you. Make sure you don't push hard, just throw some work. Things such as riding a bike, jogging or easy jumping rope would be fine. Rowing is a good option too. 

What Are Some Good 

Cardio Exercises

You Can Do at Home?

Cardio Exercises at Home

That's a fair question. I have already shared with you 51 bodyweight cardio exercises at home. But what else you can do as cardio exercises at your place? 

1. Jumping rope - the jumping rope stood the test of time. This is probably the most efficient cardio/conditioning training tool that you can fit right in your pocket. And it's super cheap too! 

2. Shadow Boxing - okay, this is a highly underestimated exercise. By doing more shadow boxing, you will gain sufficient confidence that you can protect yourself and your family as well. In addition, it's an outstanding cardio and will work on your hand coordination, endurance and explosive strength. Use light-weight dumbbells (2lbs) or a light resistance band (10-15kg resistance). 

3. Outdoor cardio activities - some offtopic here, jogging, swimming, riding a bike, jumping rope too and hiking. My personal favorite is riding a bike to any park or a good place, then hit a quick jump rope or a bodyweight session and I'm the happiest person alive! You can try this too, if you have liked the idea. 

How to Structure Your
Cardio Workouts
at Home?
Cardio Exercises at Home

This is another question that deserves attention. Due to the fact that I prefer and recommend more intense cardio exercises and workouts too, I will not delve into details regarding long-distance ideas. Our focus here will be mostly on a shorter workouts that will save time for you and will help improving your cardio and conditioning. 

In addition, I will focus mostly to the bodyweight cardio workouts here due to the fact that this will be relevant to the 51 cardio exercises at home (that I have shared with you at the top of this page). 

1. Circuit Training Workouts - I begin with my favorite one. The circuit workouts are the most fun and challenging cardio/conditioning way to workout. You have to pick 3-4-5 exercises and move through each one without or with a small rest between. Your big rest will be the one between your working rounds. Normally, most workouts will vary between 3 or 5 rounds. However, there are multiple exceptions. If you have more exercises, then the rounds should be lower (2-3). If you pick 2 or 3 movements, then you can work for 6+ rounds.

Here's a great article you can refer to in order to learn more about the circuit training workouts. 

2. HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) - the HIIT workouts states for an interval routines where you'll have to push the pedal hard in different time intervals. To achieve that, simply download an interval timer app on your phone (any free app will work great for you). Once you're done, pick 3-4 exercises, and apply accordingly to the intervals. A few interval frames that you can follow: 20/10 seconds work/rest, 30/15, 40/20, 45/15, 30/30, 30/20 etc. 

3. Use these 51 cardio exercises at home as a stand-alone exercises - this is a simple one, pick one exercise, do X repetitions and rest for Y time. It's all up to you and based on your training level. More repetitions and less rest between for the more advanced and less reps with bigger rests between the sets for the beginners. Make sure to hit at least 4-6 sets in order to hit sufficient volume. 

4. If you do more resistance workouts, make sure to hit more cardio workout finishers. Otherwise said, you can implement a circuit training workout or a HIIT session right at the end of your lifting or resistance workouts. Make sure to push hard and the finisher to not be longer than 12-15 minutes duration. 

Is It Safe
To Do Cardio Exercises
Every Day For Weight Loss?
Cardio Exercises at Home

This is a fair question that needs to be answered. Certainly, it's not a good thing to do a long steady-state cardio every day. The simple reason is the big amount of cortisol release that your body will experience.

In addition, there's a big probability, your body to face with the "fight or flight" response, which is not a good thing because your body will start to retain more fat in order to survive. As obvious, if your goal is to lose body weight and fat, this is not a thing that you want to face with.  

How To Lose Weight

By Doing Cardio Exercises at Home?

Cardio Exercises at Home

To lose body weight fast, you need to apply a training methodology called High Frequency Training (HFT). The HFT is in my personal opinion, the most effective way for extremely busy guys to lose body weight in an efficient manner, without risks of injuries or spending too much time into the process. 

What you need to do is to build or find out a training template that will include 5-6 bodyweight workouts per week. 

What I would suggest you here is to follow 3-4 Circuit Training Workouts per week and 2 HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) workouts per week. The end result is 4 circuit workouts and 2 hiit workouts. 

Due to the fact that 5-6 workouts per week is a bit much, it would be smart to follow fairly shorter sessions (15-20 minutes). 

But what's the difference between the circuit training workouts and the HIIT workouts?

It's the intensity. The circuits are really great when it comes to throw lots of repetitions in a tight frame. However, the HIIT workouts should be more intense to you. That's the simple reason I suggest only 2 HIIT workouts x week. Make sure to set the timer for 15-20 seconds work (at max) and push really hard there. At the end, you have to feel like you're dying. Otherwise, it's a medium intensity, not high intensity workout. 

A Few More

Workout Details 

That You Need to Know

Cardio Exercises at Home

Now let's delve even deper into your cardio workotus at home. I want to make sure that you'll get the max out of this article and give this knowledge a test drive. So let's jump to the promised details. 

1. Circuit Training Workouts Structure - the first 27 exercises of these 51 cardio exercises at home are a full body movements. As such, you need to be careful when including these into your routines. Less is better here. If you pick one of these, make sure to choose 2-3 movements maximum. No more than that. Otherwise, you'll be unable to finish your workout, I can guarantee you that. 

What about if you pick cardio exercises at home from the exercises number 27 to 51? 

You can proceed this way: 

Alternate an upper body with a lower body exercises. For example, if you pick 4 cardio exercises, then begin with upper body, second one should be lower, third upper and final, fourth exercise - lower body movement. 

2. HIIT Workout Structure - here you can implement the two approaches mentioned above. You can pick 2-3 full body exercises (1-27 number exercise in the video), and apply according to the interval frame. The second option is to pick 4 exercises (27-51 from video) and alternate upper and lower body. 

What's Your Goal?
Let's Be Honest For a Second
Cardio Exercises at Home

When it comes to applying more cardio exercises at home, the vast majority of people are doing that to lose body weight. And honestly, you will achieve that, if your diet is on check and your sleep is good. But do not expect to become highly defined or highly muscular. It will not happened. It's not how it works.

So fat loss, weight loss, energy improvement, more stamina and strength endurance are the things that you'll achieve by following more cardio workouts at home. A 6 pack will appear too. And for optimal results, make sure to follow the High Frequncy Training (15-20 minute workouts per day) in order to create a constant stimulation of your anabolic hormones (due to the higher intensity of your workouts) which as result will help with muscle build and fat loss. 

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Cardio Exercises at Home

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Summary Of The

51 Cardio Exercises at Home

Cardio Exercises at Home

For the last 8 years, I have tested countless of circuit and HIIT bodyweight workouts at home or outdoor. What I can say from that experience is that this is the most effective way to workout without spending hours in the GYM. 

The results are always amazing. Skyrocketing your energy, losing body weight fast, being super-focused post-workout, feeling fresh, positive and highly potivated to do more tasks. Otherwise, you will become a highly sufficient human being. Which I believe is an outstanding asset for you and your life as well. 

What I have shared with you in this article? 

Now you have 51 cardio exercises you can do at home. In addition, you're already aware how to structure your weekly training routine (4 circuit workouts + 2 HIIT sessions), what's the structure of your workouts and how to combine the exercises in order to get a well balanced routine. 

You have everything in place now. The only thing you have to do is to implement the knowledge from this post and enjoy the results. 

Which are your 3 favorite movements from the 51 cardio exercises at home video?

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad


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