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3 Cardio Exercises For Men at Home (Belly Fat Destroyers)

Try these 3 cardio exercises at home that will help you lose your belly fat [fast]. You need workout routines for men? Then this article and video will help you. Check it out! 


3 Cardio Exercises For Men at Home (Belly Fat Destroyers)

To perform well these cardio exercises at home or outdoor, you need to have an access to a bench (great for outdoor cardio workouts), or a chair (make sure your chair is a stable one, you can place it right to the wall for safety reasons so you can avoid any kind of mistakes).

Here are the three cardio fat loss exercises for men:

1. Step up to high knee shot

2. Skater jump to cross step up to high knee

3. Mountain climbers to side crawl

You have a couple of options on how to combine these 3 cardio exercises:

1. Use these as a stand-alone exercise in your next workout. Go for repetitions here.

2. Use these cardio exercises in an interval timer frame and go for a certain time of work and a certain time for rest.

3. Use these cardio exercises in a circuit workout fashion - just pick these 3 movements, add 1-2 more and go one after each other with less to none rest between. Go for 3-4 rounds and you're done.

My honest opinion is that including these into a circuit training workout will be most fun and brain-engaging. In addition, you will do more work in less time needed so that will be a bonus. 

 What Are The Best Cardio Exercises?

The best cardio exercises are the ones which you will stick with. The bodyweight, high intense exercises are a great way to skyrocket your cardio, conditioning, fat loss and generally, help yourself to get into a good shape. 

Here are just a few suggestions of "the best" bodyweight cardio exercises for men: 

1. Sprinting - jogging is not bad for cardio improvement, but to level up your fat loss and conditioning game, then doing sprints is the king of all cardio exercises not just for men but for everyone. Sprints are too easy for you? Then try uphill sprints! 

2. Bodyweight plyometric exercises - in other words, everything that's related with jumping such as box/bench/chair jumps, jumping lunges, jumping squats, clap push ups and all other explosive variations, broad jumps etc. 

3. Shadow boxing - there's no doubts that the shadow boxing is one of the best cardio workouts you can ever do. In addition, by doing it consistently, you will gain confidence on the street, that you're aware of how to use your hands, and this is what will give you an advantage if something happens outside. 

4. Circuit Workouts - the circuit workotus are one of the most proficient ways to train in highly engaging and efficient way. Pick 3-5 exercises and go after each other without any rest between. Once you're done, then you have finished the round. Rest good between the rounds so you can be sure that you will endure the next bout of intensity.

5. Interval training - another fantastic way to workout in a fun and challenging way too! Here you have multiple options. You can go with a single, two, three or more exercises. Set an interval timer app on your phone for a certain amount of work followed by a certain rest. Now go for the round and once you move through all of the movements, again, take sufficient rest. This is a highly convenient way to workout because you will not have to count repetitions. Instead, you are performing your movements and just wait your phone to beep that the set is over. 

 How Much Cardio Should Men Do?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services , you should get at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 to 150 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise each week to see substantial changes.

However the statement above, this case is highly individual. The factors that will determine how much cardio you have to perform will be your training level, goal, workout style, what's your weight, what kind of cardio do you perform etc. 

As you can see, this is a bit "tricky" question to be answered just like that. However, I would recommend at least 3-4 cardio sessions per week to get optimal weight loss and health results. And by 3-4 cardio sessions, I mean at least 2 high intensity cardio routines + 2 lighter or moderate cardio workouts per week. 

This way, you will enhance your weight loss, feel more endured, energized and with higer stamina. 

 How Do Men Get Lean and Toned?

Often asked question. 

Here are a couple of actionable tips that you can use straight away to skyrocket your energy and weight/fat loss as well: 

1. Fix your sleep - this is the most vital aspect of being energized, focused, sharp minded and with proper hormonal balance. You should understand that nothing cannot compensate your sleep deprivation. And to achieve the goals from the question above, make sure to begin with this lifestyle factor - your sleep and recovery. 

2. Figure out how to be consistent with your workouts - nothing new here, find the training regimen, approach or style that will fire your nervous system and cause excitement inside your soul. Do not listen to anyone here, simply try a few things and once you find out what works for you and what is motivating, then stick there and make sure to be consistent. By the frequent stimulation of your muscles, your brain will get oxidized and as result, you will get more toned and in shape. In addition, the more frequently you workout, the more overall calories you will burn on a weekly basis. Eventually, this will help you with the weight loss goal. 

3. Find a balanced diet/food regimen that suits your lifestyle - I will not sound boring here but to lose weight, you must be in a caloric deficit. There is no other way, this is how the human body operates and we cannot trick this with any "hack" or trick on this Earth. Make sure to eat more quality, natural foods with high nutrient profile in order to be able to eat slightly more (the real foods have less calories compared to the processed ones) and so you care for your health properly. 

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Use These Cardio Exercises For Men As a Stand Alone Movements
cardio exercises for men

Back to today's topick. Your 3 Simply pick one, two or all of these 3 cardio exercises and include them in your workout as a stand-alone movements. 

In the video, I have outlined how many repetitions are an adequate start for an intermediate level. If you are a beginner bodyweight trainee, you can start by 30% less repetitions than the recommended in the video. 

Another great addition here is that I would suggest you to rest as minimum as you can between your working sets. 45-60 seconds will be not exactly sufficient but will deffinitely skyrocket the intensity of your workout and fat burning process as well. 

Use Interval Training Frame For These Cardio Exercises

cardio exercises for men

Here are a couple of options of how to implement these cardio exercises for men into a HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) routine. 

Set the timer for a certain amount of work and certain amount of rest. 

Here are a couple of examples: 

1. Beginner - 20/20 seconds work/rest, 20/15 sec work/rest, 30/30 sec work/rest

2. Intermediate - 20/10 sec work/rest, 30/15 sec work/rest, 40/20 sec work/rest

3. Advanced - 30/10 sec work/rest, 45/15 sec work/rest, 60/30 sec work/rest

Based on your training level, pick an interval frame accordingly by the examples above and go for it. 

You can pick 1, 2, 3 even more exercises and work in an interval frame. My personal favorite is to pick 2 exercises and go back to back. But in that particular case, take all of these cardio exercises for men, set the interval time app for the required time frame you will use and go for it!

Combine These Cardio Exercises Into a Circuit Workout 

cardio exercises for men

To get a complete circuit workout by combining these cardio exercises for men, simply stack them and perform these 3 one after each other without any rest between. 

Stick within the repetitions adviced from the video. 

Once you're finished, this is 1 round completed. Now you have to rest properly, to take your breath back and go for another round. 

I would suggest at least 2 minutes rest between the working rounds and at least 4 full rounds as a complete full body workout. 

When you perform circuit workouts, there's one simple rule - go as hard as you can with your performance BUT recover optimally between the rounds.

This will allow your body to recover well and allow you to get a solid next round without sacrificing your proper exercise form. 


full body exercises without weights

The bodyweight workouts are an amazing way to get you fit, help you stay fit, agile and endured for a whole year round. The only thing you need is to have fun with your workout process so you can be consistent and get results.

These workout routines for men provided in this article will certainly help you out begin or modify your training process so far. 

Simply try some of these cardio exercises for men, have fun and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading. 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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