Try these 3 cardio exercises at home that will help you lose your belly fat [fast]. You need workout routines for men? Then this article and video will help you. Check it out! 


Cardio Exercises for Men 

Lose The Belly Fat!

All you need is a bench, a box or a stable chair for the first two cardio exercises and the last one is on the ground. Enjoy your video.

3 Cardio Exercises for Men That Work

To perform well these cardio exercises at home, you need to have an access to a bench (great for outdoor workout), you can use a chair at home (make sure your chair is a stable one, you can place it right to the wall for safety reasons and avoid any kind of mistakes and undesired injuries). 

Here are the three cardio fat loss exercises for men:

1. Step up to high knee

2. Skater jump to cross step up to high knee

3. Mountain climbers to side crawl

You have a couple of option on how to combine these 3 cardio exercises:

1. Use these as a stand-alone exercise in your next workout. Go for repetitions here. 2. Use these cardio exercises in an interval timer frame and go for a certain time of work and a certain time for rest. 3. Use these cardio exercises in a circuit workout fashion - just pick these 3 movements, add 1-2 more and go one after each other with less to none rest between. Go for 3-4 rounds and you're done. My honest opinion is that including these into a circuit training workout will be most fun and brain-engaging. In addition, you will do more work in less time needed so that will be a bonus.

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Use These Cardio Exercises as a Stand Alone Movements

Simply pick one, two or all of these 3 cardio exercises at home and include them in your workout as a stand-alone movements. In the video, I have outlined how many repetitions are an adequate start for an intermediate level. 

If you are a beginner bodyweight trainee, you can start by 30% less repetitions than the recommended in the video. 

Implement Into an Interval Training Routine

Here are a couple of options how to implement these exercises into a HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) routine. 

Set the timer for a certain amount of work and certain amount of rest. 

Here are a couple of examples: 

1. Beginner - 20/20 seconds work/rest, 20/15 seconds work/rest, 30/30 seconds work/rest

2. Intermediate - 20/10 seconds work/rest, 30/15 seconds work/rest, 40/20 seconds work/rest

3. Advanced - 30/10 seconds work/rest, 45/15 seconds work/rest, 60/30 seconds work/rest

Based on your training level, pick an interval frame accordingly by the examples above and go for it. 

You can pick 1, 2, 3 even more exercises and work in an interval frame. My personal favorite is to pick 2 exercises and go back to back. If you choose more, that would be considered as a high intense interval training - circuit workout. Which is an outstanding option as well.

Intense Workout Routine for Men?Use These 3 Cardio Exercises and Combine Them Into a Circuit Workout

That's your easiest option. Don't seek further for different exercises. Proceed with these three and alternate these without any rest between.

Of course, if you want to even level up your circuit training workout, then include 2-3 more exercises at your preference and go for it. 

Once you're done with all of the exercises, make sure to get a proper rest. 

When you perform circuit workouts, there's one simple rule - go as hard as you can with your performance BUT recover optimally between the rounds. That will allow your body to recover well and allow you to get a solid next round without sacrificing your proper exercise form. 

Workout routine for men

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The bodyweight workouts are an amazing way to get you fit, help you stay fit, agile and endured for a whole year round. The only thing you need is to have fun with your workout process so you can be consistent, and get consistent results. 

These workout routines for men provided in this article will certainly help you out begin or modify your process of becoming the better version of yourself. 

Just give me some of your trust, and implement the knowledge and exercise ideas that I've put in this article. You will thank me later! 🙂 

Thanks for reading. 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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