Cardio Workout for Men

20 Minutes Cardio Workout for Men (No Equipment)

20 Minutes Cardio Workout for Men. Give this jumping rope cardio workout a try. Great cardio and conditioning workout as well. Get details here.


20 Minutes Cardio Workout for Men 

Cardio Training is Not Dead

Cardio workout for men

In days like these, we live in a FITNESS society where countless of bodybuilding and strength coaches are preaching to avoid or minimize the cardio as much as possible. 

I respect that. Science is there. Building muscle and being lean is great. 

But what about how you feel? 

Very few are talking about the positives of the conditioning and cardio workouts.

Honestly, strength and muscle building training was never pleasant to me. Neither getting stronger, neither being jacked nor highly muscular. 

Being 12 years of professional basketball athlete, obviously helped my body develop more fast twitch fibers type 2A.

Which means that my muscles respond better to aerobic and anaerobic training as well. 

Somewhere between is the sweet spot.

That's the reason why doing more conditioning workouts with medium resistance applied to my muscles is helping me instead of crashing my body. It makes me happy and I get results while having fun and LOVE my process. 

What does that means to you? 

Cardio and conditioning work might fit well to your body, or might not. Either way, you need this. 

If you're more of the lifting and resistance training guy, then you need it in a small quantities, 2-3 times per week used as workout finishers. 

But if you're like me, and love getting really sweaty, move, be dynamic and just love to be "in the zone" then you need more conditioning and cardio work. 

Plus, doing more cardio workouts will provide you with more energy. Which I believe is essential for a happy and productive lifestyle. 

Cardio Workout For Men

Your Workout Details

Cardio workout for men

Do 5 rounds of the following jump rope jumping styles: 

1. Regular bounce - 50 repetitions 

2. Side jumps - 50 repetitions 

3. Front-Back jumps - 50 repetitions 

4. Scizzorjumps - 50 repetitions 

5. Mummy kicks - 50 repetitions

6. Run in place style - 100 repetitions 

No rest between the jumping variations. 

Rest between rounds: 60 seconds 

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When to Implement This Cardio Workout for Men?

Cardio workout for men

As a stand alone cardio workout for men. 

As an upper body strength/hypertrophy workout finisher. 

As a lower body strength/hypertrophy workout finisher. 

As a full body gym workout finisher. 

A few things to know if you decide to implement this jump rope cardio workout for men. 

1. As a stand alone circuit cardio workout - do all of the 5 rounds recommended in the workout video. 

2. As a workout finisher - do just 2-3 rounds. The idea of the workout finishers is to enhance your fat loss, work on your cardio and basically help your body start recovering still before the session is over! Cool, huh? 

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Cardio workout for men

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Cardio workout for men

Cardio training isn't dead. There are numerous benefits that your body can gain by doing more cardio workouts for men. 

Question is how often? 

If you lift and do more resistance workouts, then 2-3 times per week will be enough. Apply short 10-15 minute conditioning and cardio finishers at the end of your resistance workouts.  

If you're like me and just love movement, getting sweat and everything dynamic/intense, then doing conditioning and cardio workouts more often will certainly satisfy your mentality. 

And if you're not having fun with your training, then don't workout at all. At least, that's my 2 cents about training. 

Tell me, do you like the cardio, or you prefer to do more resistance training? 

Comment below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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