Tight on Time to Workout?
Yeah, Me Too. 🙂

Try These 
5 Effective Workouts
That Will Fire UP Your Energy and Focus while 
Engaging Every Muscle in Your Body



All Workouts are Designed for Beginner and Intermediate Training Level.

Do these at home, outdoor or while being on a vacation or business trip.

Each session has instructions right below the video. Read these so you can pick the most accurate workout depending on your needs and what will fire up your interest. 🙂

Let's begin! 🙂

The Crawling Runner"
Workout Duration:
15 Minutes

Here's The Whole Workout:

Set the Clock for 30 seconds work, 20 seconds rest. 

1. High Knee Run In Place 

2. Leopard Crawl (Make sure to keep the head up, all the time). 

3. High Knee Run In Place 
. Crab Crawl

5. High Knee Run In Place

The whole workout is 3 rounds.

Do each one of the movements above for 30 seconds, and rest 20 seconds before moving to the next exercise. When you're done with the round, rest for 90 seconds. To recover, take your breath back and attach the next round.  

A few quick words. 

Crawling and spending time on the ground could be one of the best investments you can do for your body. Especially if your life is a bit more stationary one.

You'll get stronger, more mobile, lose weight and condition yourself. 

Your posture will improve and that's where you get the win-win situation. 

To move the limbs, your core has to be engaged all the time. Otherwise you'll lose balance and fall down. That makes the crawling really awesome movement for developing strong and functional core.

And if your life is a stationary one, working a sitting demanding job, or standing on one place for many hours, then i advice you to look a bit more seriously into the crawling as the fixing and synchronizing solution for your stationary job and life. 

That session will target every muscle in your body. 

You get a highly metabolic session here. 

That will help improve your conditioning, strength endurance and mental thoughness. 

The Engine Booster

Workout Duration: 13 Minutes

Compared with Workout #1 this one has more focus on the aerobic & cardio work.

It works wonders if you'r goal is to skyrocket your energy, focus and fat-loss.

Quick, dynamic and fun. 

Here's the Workout: 

Set the clock for 20 second work, 20 seconds rest.

Do 8 ROUNDSS of the following movements: 

1. Mountain climbers

2. High Knee Run In Place

3. Speed Burpee

Rest Between Rounds: 90 secods. 

Rest Between Exercises - not allowed.

This session is a true expression of conditioning and practical workout.

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"Legs On-Demand"

Workout Duration: 15 Minutes

Here's the workout: 

Do 5 ROUNDS of the following movements: 

1. High Knee Sprint in Place - 30 Reps, Max Speed

2. Jumping Lunges - 12 Reps (6 per leg)

3. Speed Burpees - 10 Reps 

4. Half Squat to Thuck Jumps - 10 reps 

5. High Knee Sprint in Place - 30 Reps, Max Speed

Rest between each exercise - 15 seconds

Rest between rounds - 90 seconds

I was always bored by the regular, slow BW exercises like regular bodyweight squats or lunges.

That's the reason I love to pump my legs when I work in a slightly more explosive manner.

And by investing more into the ballistic aspect of the exercises is helping me get more "bouncy and explosive" legs in real life.

So here the focus is not just to build leg muscles BUT to get more explosive that will have an outcome in the real life.

Plus this session will absolutely fire up your lungs and breathing.

The best part in these type of conditioning combinations is that the brain is constantly challenged and engaged. 🙂

And that's exactly what makes it FUN. 


Workout Duration: 8 - 10 Minutes

Here's the workout: 

Do 6 ROUNDS of the following movements: 

1. Speed Burpee to Jumping Lunge Combo - 5 Reps (1 speed burpee + 2 jumping lunges is 1 repetition).

2. Burpee to Sit Out - 5 Reps (1 burpee + 2 sit outs is one repetition). 

Rest Between Moements - 15 seconds 

Rest Between Rounds - 90 seconds

This is a whole body session. 

Here you will meet with 2 modified versions of the speed burpee and burpee to push up exercises. 

I always love to make things a bit more "spicier" which allows me to explore my body in multiple ways and have fun while doing it. 🙂 

While keeping the basics and not jump into the fancy stuff that can injure me 🙂

Safety always first.


Workout Duration: 8 Minutes

Here's the workout: 

Set the Clock for 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest 

And Do 8 ROUNDS of the following movements: 

1. Side to Side Crawl 

2. Push Up Sit Through (if you can replicate the speed from the video, go slower but give this movement a try!)

Continue to work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 until you hit the 8 minute mark.

I've picked these 2 exercises for this session because I like how the side crawl is working on your core and whole body.

And by adding the push up sit through you'll engage your posture and hips, besides building strength on your whole upper body.

A fantastic combination that will work wonders for you.

And challenge you in a pleasant way.

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