33 Core Exercises For Men

33 core exercises for men at home that will help build your abs faster, strengthen your torso, decrease low-back pain and skyrocket your athletic performance. The 33 options below are HIIT movements which will skyrocket your cardio & and overall fitness!


33 Core Exercises For Men At Home (High Intense Moves!)

Core strength is essential for every person. If you implement some of these moves into your training, you will build your whole mid-section, abs, become stronger and in better shape. 

Check the video above and then we will discuss the benefits of the torso strength, best movements, how to build your own workouts and much more! 

What Is The Core?

What Is The Core (Core Exercises For Men)

Core strength is essential for every human being. The core is a group of different muscles. Of your pelvis, low-back, hips and partly your glutes. You can imagine every muscle above hips to right below the chest (front, side and back as well). This is your the mid-section of the body which plays critical role in your arms and legs movement. Also, your it controls the pelvis and spine. 

The torsois responsible for stabilizing your body in order to not fall down or lose balance. The mid-section works all the time when you move your body (moving while sitting or lying on the ground will not count here). 

Let's mention the reasons why you might want to try some of these 33 movements (video top of the page) and focus more on building your core strength: reducing low-back pain, improving athletic and sports performance, move better with less pain, in general develop more functional physique and improve your posture. 

To sum up everything above, the main reason why you want to improve your torso strength is because your life will become easier and you will be more functional on a daily basis and with your activities. And sure, once this happens, your fitness will highly benefit from this. 

What Are The Benefits Of Core Strength?

What Are The Benefits Of Core Strength (Core Exercises For Men)

1. Reducing and even eliminating lower back pain - core exercises for chronic low back pain

2. Improving athletic performance - core stability on athletic performance

3. Build Abs/6-pack easier - torso movements to build abs

4. Better posture - core muscles and your posture

5. Boost sex performance - core workouts can help you feel comfortable in different sex positions

And here is another article on real world benefits on strengthening your core

In a nutshell - improved overall fitnes and lifestyle.

What Are The Best Core Exercises?

Best Core Exercises For Men

The best core exercises can be considered as the ones which will match your training level and also challenge your mid-section in various of different angles. This way, you will train yourself to be more resilient and balanced in weird and unconventional positions. By doing so, your core will get stronger and this will highly benefit your life.

In this article we will focus only on bodyweight movements without the need of using any training equipment at all. 

To name a few here: 

1. Planks - because of the fact that the planks can quickly become boring and not that effective, I do highly recommend to spice up your game by doing more dynamic plank variations.

2. Crunches, sit ups and all kinds of ab exercises which you can find anywhere in the net. The regular ab workouts will not do miracles. However, if you manage to be consistent and progress over time, these will definitely help. Also, these will be highly effective for aesthetic purposes or how your six pack will look.

3. Hollow Body Hold - the hollow body hold is one of the most effective torso movements. It is performed by all gymnasts around the world. And there is a simple reason to that.

4. Crawling and all of it's variations - this might sounds weird to you, but crawling is a highly effective way to improve your core strength. When crawling in different ways, you will often have to stabilize your body while being supported only by 2 limbs. Also, because of the fact that your 4 limbs (arms and legs) will have to synchronize by each other in order to move the rest of the body, then this will require lots mid-section muscles to be activated and respectfully, by creating this tension and stimulus - to become stronger. Crawling is functional fitness. 

Combine all of these and over time, you can get a solid torso strength with well defined six pack abs. Build the foundation first, and then the six pack abs will appear (if you sleep well and diet is focused toward weight loss). Also, as mentioned above, to get visible six pack, you will have to stimulate it frequently.

How Often To Do Core Workouts?

How Often To Do Core Workouts (Core Exercises For Men)

What is the fastest way to strengthen your core? Consistency. Perform such exercises 4-6 times per week to achieve quick results. The frequent performance of core workouts is key to build muscle faster and respectfully - get stronger. Also, if you adopt this, your core workouts can be around 10 minutes which is not much of a time. 

Stay in the range of 4-6 sessions per week to achieve effective results. 

Can You Do Core Everyday?

Can You Do Core Everyday (Core Exercises For Men)

Yes, you can do core training everyday. As stated above, 4-6 sessions weekly will be optimal. But if you feel that stimulating your ,id-section everyday will actually motivate you more so you can be consistent then go for it. 

Important notice: if you are looking to adopt this method, make sure to decrease the overall workout volume. Otherwise said, if normally, for 3-4 ab routines weekly, you will include 3-4 exercises, here you will have to decrease that number to 2-3 at max. Also, you will have to decrease the overall workout volume (end number of performed repetitions). By doing so, you will keep stimulating the abs everyday but will avoid overtraining or being too fatigued to the level where your performance/intensity will drop. 

Still, 1 day of full rest per week will be great and actually help you to recover and push the pedal harder which will result in better sessions and achieved goals. 

Can You Lose Weight By Doing Core Exercises?

Core Exercises For Fat Loss (Core Exercises For Men)

Yes. Spot reduction can be achieved, if being applied in a smart way. This would be frequent stimulation of your core (4-6 session weekly). 

This approach will help your weistline become slimmer, over time because when you are stronger, your abs muscles will be bigger which will result in less fat around your mid section. 

When you apply more dynamic and complex moves for the mid-section, these will demand your whole body to move as a whole unit, then your calorie expenditure will skyrocket. Eventually, if you are eating the absolute same way as you are currently, then yes, such high intensity torso movements will help you lose weight. 

This is a win-win scenario where you will not just strengthen your core but work on your endurance, stamina, cardio and conditioning. You will be amazed how much you will sweat when performing such routines.

The reason? When your body has to operate in weird positions where your joints will be in smaller angles, under tension, this will push your whole body to do a lot more work.  

How Do You Know If You Have a Weak Core?

How To Know That You Have a Weak Core (Core Exercises For Men)

How can you tell if your core is weak? Find below a few factors which can help you determine that: 

Lower Back Pain - if your lower back hurts for no reason, then your core needs more work. It plays a vital role in the spine stabilization and isolating your lower back. Lower back pain is a very often condition seen in more and more people around the globe. It is proven that lower back pain can be reduced by strengthening the core instead of implementing lower back pain physical therapy. Here is another research that will prove this.

You are exhausted while standing in line - the core is a stabilizer for your whole structure. And when it's weak, standing for a longer periods of time might be a real struggle, low back pain and knee pain might appear. 

Standing up from bed is hard and it takes some time - yeah, if your mid-section is weak, standing up early in the morning, from bed, might not be the most pleasant thing to be done. 

You have a bad posture - the core plays a stabilizing role of the spine and pelvis, so you can be in the right alignment while standing, sitting and generally - while moving. Otherwise said, if it's strong enough, it will keep your whole body as a whole unit/structure. Your shoulders will not slump forward and your posture will be way better. 

Your balance is not the best one - if you experients moments in your daily physical activities where you lose balance of your body, either by doing some day to day tasks. 

How Long Does It Take To Get a Strong Core?

How Long Does It Take To Get Abs and Strengthen Your Core

To develop strong core, you will need some patience. Like any other muscle, or group of muscles, it requre some time to become stronger and evolve. To answer your question, you will notice improvement in your strength at least after 4-8 weeks of hard and consistent work. 

But if you manage to endure this and adopt doing mid-section workouts as part of your lifestyle, then you will never experience low back pain again and the quality of your life will improve dramatically over a long-term. Guaranteed. 

How To Use These 33 Torso Exercises?

Best Core Exercises For Men

Now let's discuss how exactly to use these 33 torso moves. Here is what to do: 

1. Pick 4-6 exercises from the video (top of the page). 

2. Perform 5 sets for each move. 

3. Set an interval timer app to 30 seconds work / 30 seconds of rest. 

4. Rest between exercises: 90-120 seconds. 

Follow this to create a killer ab workout. Also, if 30 seconds are too much, simply perform 8-10 sets of 20/20 seconds of work/rest for each exercise. Keep the between exerises rest the same (90-120 seconds). 

Beginner Core Workouts For Men

Beginner Core Workouts For Men

How to create a beginner ab workouts by using these exercises? 

First you will have to pick 4-6 exercises from the video (top of the page). Once you are confident that you can perform each of these moves for at least 20 seconds, then you are ready to go. 

1. Pick 4-6 movements which you can endure for at least 20 seconds. 

2. Perform 4-6 sets for each. 

3. Set an interval timer app and set it to 20 seconds of work / 30 seconds of rest. 

4. Rest between exercises: 90-120 seconds. 


Thanks for your time to end up right here! 

I will not waste your time, if you have to remember one thing is that an effective mid-section of your body equals better fitness and improved lifestyle. Going forward, focusing on this and adopting it as part of your daily routines will benefit you multiple ways and it worth the investment. 

What comes now? 

Just follow the instructions in the section "How to use these 33 exercises for men", create one workout for yourself and let me know what you think! 

Comment Below.

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To Your FIT.ter Self.

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