6 Minute Core HIIT Workout At Home (No Equipment)

This 6 minute core HIIT workout will not just target your core muscles but will improve your cardio, conditioning and stamina. Ready to work? Let's GO!


6 Minute Core HIIT Workout At Home (Bodyweight Routine)

In the video above, you will find a complete 6 Minute Core HIIT Workout (No Equipment). 

To perform this session, you only have to play the video and replicate all of the core exercises included. 

In this ab HIIT routine, you will work for 30 seconds per exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest. 

There are a total of 5 core moves and here is the exercise list: 

1. High knees to mountain climbers. 

2. Cross body step plank to ankle tap. 

3. Plank supported jump outs. 

4. High knees to sit out. 

5. Knee to elbow plank step. 

Once you move through each one of these 5 exercises, it is considered as one round finished. To complete the whole workout, you will repeat this flow for 2 total rounds. 

If this core HIIT workout routine is too easy for you and 6 minutes is an insufficient time to target your core with max efficiency, simply once the session is over, rest for full 5 minutes in order to recover optimally and then repeat the session one or even two more times. 

How Many Times Per Week To Do This Killer Core HIIT Workout?

In order to strengthen your core muscles and build your abs, perform this core routine 3 times weekly. It's just 6 minutes time and can be done as a stand-alone session or as finisher at the end of your lower, upper or full body workouts. It doesn't matter if you lift weights, or not. This core HIIT routine can be done by anyone and as addition to any training style. 

As mentioned in the chapter above, if 6 minutes are not enough, once completed, rest for 5 minutes and repeat again. This way the workout volume will increase, hence, the intensity of the session will be higher. 

What Is The Core HIIT Workout?

What is the core HIIT workout

The core HIIT workout is a session focused on improving your core strength and cardio as well at the same time. A core HIIT workout can be built by combining multiple exercises that have to be performed in a circuit way so the intensity of the session can be higher. This itself will lead to increased cardio demand and as result, you will get a HIIT workout by performing different core exercises. 

But what are the best core exercises that should you include in your HIIT routines for best results? 

You can build an effective HIIT workout by including any type of core exercise. The level of intensity will be determined by the trainee level which is performing it. With that in mind, you can take a few plank variations and a couple of ab exercises and you are ready to go. 

However the statement above, the more dynamic and complex a certain core exercise is, the higher the demand and tension placed on your body. Moreover, if you focus on the complex core exercises, you will burn more calories which if being combined with a calorie-restriction diet will lead to leaner wаist and visible abs. 

For that purpose, in today's core workout, I have combined 5 dynamic and more complex core exercises so we can state that the session is HIIT and so you can burn extra calories even just for working out in just 6 minutes of time. 

Can You Build Ab Muscle With Core HIIT Training?

Can You Build Ab Muscle With Core HIIT Workouts

You can build your abs with core HIIT training if you implement such routines at least 3 times per week and also, if you constantly enhance the core training intensity of your sessions. To clarify, make sure to increase the working time intervals over time, also experiment with different exercises in order to stress the core even more and to progress faster. Another thing that can be done is to do more work - increase the working rounds of your core HIIT workouts. 

As you can see, there are a couple of things that can be done in order to enhance the time under tension and intensity applied on your ab muscles. These will lead to more muscle build and with the right diet, to enhanced weight loss. 

Can You Lose Belly Fat With Core HIITs? 

Can you lose belly fat with core HIIT workouts

You can lose belly fat with any core exercise or workout, if you apply it regulary and with the right intensity. Moreover, if you perform frequently such core HIIT routines, you will burn extra calories which is always a beneficial thing in the weight loss periods. 

In addition, there are no magical core exercises that will help you get rid of the belly fat in rapid time. Keep that in mind. Your perfect balance between a well structured bodyweight training program, diet and sleep will determine how lean your body is. If you are not in caloric deficit or your sleep/recovery is lacking, you will meet hard times with losing weight. 

Should You Do HIIT Everyday?

Should You Do HIIT Everyday

Doing HIIT everyday will not help you get fitter faster nor losing body weight quickly. Surprisingly, you can even gain weight if you do HIIT for every single day

HIIT workouts are stressful for your body. If your life as well is a stressful one, you will over-train, be constantly tired, anxious and with mood swings. Also, your appetite will spike up frequently, which will lead to bad food choices (lots of junk food consumption), thus, your calorie intake will be higher than what your body needs to lose the excessive amount of weight. 

To avoid all of this, you can do 3-4 full body HIIT workouts weekly in order to have the adequate amount of work and rest. 

In terms of core training, 3-4 sessions will be sufficient to strengthen your core. 

Quick Core HIIT Workouts - Better Than Nothing

Quick Core HIIT Workouts

Oftentimes, people are sceptic in terms of the quick HIIT workouts like the one presented today. However, an important thing to remember is that something will always outperform nothing and with that in mind, even by doing just 6 minute core workouts, 3-4 times weekly, you will get a stronger core over time and enjoy the benefits of leveling up your fitness. 

The 7 Minute HIIT Abs Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Here is another great abs HIIT workout that you can try. 

In this abs routine, we will combine 6 different exercises and the timing protocol that should be followed is 30/10 seconds of work/rest.

Here is your exercise list: 

1. Bear crawl to sit out. 

2. Crab crawl to crab reach. 

3. Plank to push up jumping outs. 

4. Crab crawl to side push up (if you cannot perform the push up, stick only with the crawling). 

5. Forwar reaching plank (ground tap). 

6. Side crawl to side plank crawl. 

Once all of these 6 ab exercises are done, this is considered as 1 round completed. To finish this session, you have to do 2 total rounds. 

12 Minute Core HIIT Workout For Beginners

You can also try this 12 minute calisthenics core workout where we will combine 5 core exercises which have to be done in 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. 

Here is the core exercise list: 

1. Shoulder taps to knee and ankle taps. 

2. Cross body step to knee tap. 

3. 3 Way mountain climbers. 

4. Short side crawl to shoulder tap. 

5. Leg and arm raise (bird dog) 2 level plank. 

A total of 3 rounds should be performed. One round is considered when you move through each one of these 5 moves. No big rests allowed between rounds.  


Core training is absolutely critical in regards of your fitness, how do you feel and perform on a daily basis in life. Core is the linking structure of your body between all of the limbs. The stronger and more functional it is, the easier and more efficiently your arms and legs will move and perform. 

Today we have discussed and looked in depth a killer 6 minute core HIIT workout that can be done by anyone and anywhere. No equipment needed. No bars, nothing. Just your motivation to start improving your core strength and cardio as well. 

The best part of training your core in an intensive way (HIIT) is that you will burn extra calories which as result will lead to enhanced weight loss (if your diet is on check). 

I have also shared with you 2 additional core workouts (7 and 12 minutes duration). Don't miss out to try them as well! 

What is your favorite core workout

Comment below. 

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