Try This Simple Crawling   Workout  

That'll improve your strength, increase conditioning and accelerate fat loss.
It’s Only A 15 Minute Workout

That Your Kids would love to do with You

WHY Crawling
Can Change Your Life

This is a simple movement you can do in any free space. It will improve your strength, increase conditioning, accelerate fat loss, and assist in tweaking all the muscles in your body. 

It’s safe to add this one into your current program. It won't interfere with your body's adaptive response or hinder your progress

Neurologically, your left hand is connected to your right foot, and your right hand is connected to your left foot. They cross in your “core” which is a collection of 29 muscles around your pelvis area.

The core is the center of force production, transmission, and reduction. The stronger your midsection, the stronger the rest of your body can be.

Strong core - strong body.

When you crawl, you'll use every muscle in the body from head to toe.

  • Your neck muscles will get strengthened in a rare workout, because you're not used to keeping the head up in this position.
  • Your shoulder girdle muscles will get an extra flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients.
  • You'll be working your rotator cuff the way it's designed to work, in a low shock exercise
  • Also you’ll be strengthening your shoulder joint muscles and tendons using only the body’s weight, so there’s no chance of damage caused by overloading.
  • You’ll feel leg and hip muscles working you never knew you had-and strengthening your lower body
  • The two groups of muscles in your feet will get an unusual workout as they stretch and contract. – increasing your agility when on the move.

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