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Get a 100% Custom & Premium Training Plan
Based on Your Goals, Lifestyle
and Needs

No GYM Requred 

Training Plan

Trust an Internationally Accreditated Personal Trainer with More Than 10 Years of Workout Experience With The Conditioning, Circuit, Bodyweight and HIIT - High Intense Interval Workouts

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I'm Coach Vlad - Your Personal Trainer Here. I Will Build For You A Customized Training Plan That Will Deliver Fast Results.

Here's How This Customized Training Program Works

Training Plan

Initial Assesment

  • Defining your desired Fitness GOAL 
  • Discuss your health, training level and physical capabilities
  • After figuring out everything above, we determine exactly how we can create your training plan that makes sense for you and your lifestyle personally

You Pick The Place to Workout

Outdoor Training Plan

Training Plan

You like breathing fresh air in the park, mountain or at the beach? Then performing a workout at that environment will be so great for you. And your program can be 100% outdoor orientated.

Home Training Plan

Training Plan

You are very tight on time to workout and your only option is your home? That's great. I'm performing high intense workouts at home from 10 years and I can absolutely help you get outstanding results while working out right next to your sofa and in front of the TV.  

Travel Training Plan

Training Plan

Are you travelling too much and following a GYM routine is a difficult task? Awesome, get a resistance band with you and I will show you how to get outstanding pump and conditioning workouts in your tight space hotel room! 

You Choose The Duration
and Frequency of Your Workouts

Training Plan
  • You can choose between 3,4,5,6 even 7 workouts per week. Everything depends on what's your preference and what your life will allow you to follow. 
  • Based on the number of training days per week, we will determine the duration of your workouts. If your goal is to lose weight, then shorter workouts can be applied. If you want to gain muscle, then the sessions will be longer. 
  • Normally, the workouts that I build are with duration between 12 and 60 minutes time. I am not a fan of the long, 90-120 minute workouts so don't worry, I will not waste your time with your customized training program. 

What Kind Of Workout Equipment 
Do You Need for Your Individual Training Plan?

Your Own Bodyweight
Training Plan

The bodyweight workorkouts are a staple part of my customized training plans.

Being proficient with your own body is an absolute necessity. Whether your goal is to gain or shred weight. Mastering and exploring new movements with your body will lead to one simple thing - high efficient movement of your body - in life. So be reassured - I will teach you how to use your body more effectively so your live can become easier and more enjoyable.  

Jumping Rope
Training Plan

The Jumping Rope stood the test of time. This is the ultimate conditioning tool that you need to be in a great shape - all the time. And you can fit it in your pocket. By including the jump rope into your training plan, you will gain numerous benefits such as improved endurance, stamina, fat loss, aerobic capacity, focus and brain/cognitive performance. 

Resistance Band

Training Plan

The resistance bands are a highly versatile training tool that I use in my training plans when working with my clients. 

Adding some additional resistance to your muscles is great to sculpt your body and get an additional "pump". And the best part is that the bands can be taken everywhere! 

What's The Price of Your
Fully Customized 
Training Plan? 

Training Plan

My customized training program designs are build for a 4 week schedule. So every customized training plan that I can create for you, is for a 4 week period. However, if your goal is a bit more long-term, then 8 or even 12 week program would suit best for you.  

The price will be determined based on the volume/specifity of your workout program. 

This is a custom and premium service that very few coaches will offer you. 

I don't use "templates" in the training plan design.

Everything is build from scratch for you. The main goal is to help you get results - as fast as possible.

Then scale and adjust the training plan so you can get even better results in the next couple of months!

Your program will be delievered in a simple PDF File, with everything explained inside. Exercises video links, sets, rests, repetitions or rounds.

 You Get a Daily 

Access to Your Personal Coach

Training Plan

As a client of mine - you will always be my priority by providing you with the fastest, most exceptional and friendly support that you will ever experience. The support of your program is for 4 full weeks and will be relevant only for the period that the training plan will be aggreed upon. Your 4 weeks service starts the moment you receive your file. And will respectfully end after 4 full weeks.

Daily WhatsApp Support

Training Plan

Unlimited Email Support

Training Plan
You Will Never Feel "Alone" or "Helpless" in Your Journey 
Training Plan

 Exercise HD Videos Included 

in Your Training Plan

I have a database with over 300 bodyweight, jump rope and resistance band exercise videos recorded with an Action Camera. Do you want to see how these videos look? Play this video then :)

See Real Clients With Real Results

The 3 Steps of 
Your Onboarding 

Customized Training Program

Initial Assesment

Training Plan

Once we have an agreement on what specific training program should be build - I will send you a link where I can get my coaching fee and proceed to step 2 which is...

Building Your Individual Training Plan
Training Plan

Everything that we will discuss in our chat will be taken into consideration. Your goal, the place, duration, intensity, frequency and volume of your workouts. What training objects you will use and how precisely I will structure the program for you. And not last, yourtraining plan will be created 100% from scratch for you and specifically adapted to your lifestyle and delivered in a PDF file. 

5 Days Delivery Time
Training Plan

In 5 short days, you will be able to begin the journey to your better self. And you will not be alone. I'll always be right next to you when you need your coach! You're not just getting a customized training program, you get a quality service backed up with daily support. 

Get Started Today 
Let Me Teach You How to Use 

Your Workouts for
Gaining Advantage in Life

Training Plan
  • Click to the LIVE CHAT icon in the bottom right of your screen.
  • Tell me what kind of training plan do you need.
  • I will answer you as soon as possible and we will have a nice chat about your fitness goals, customized training program, how much time do you have to workout, what would you love to do and stuff like that :) 

Click to The LIVE CHAT Icon
And Let's Talk About Your Goals 
and How Exactly
We Can Get You There

Training Plan

What's Your Guarantee?

3 adjustments and revisions of your training plan. 

If at any reasons you don't feel any workout well or have any discomforts with a certain exercise, I will make the changes in 24 hours time.


However, I can assure you that I will walk the extra mile with you without any questions asked until you are satisfied and happy with your customized training program. 

Your results are my success and I will not make any compromise until you get what you deserve. 

Now stop wondering is this right for you or not.

Hit the LIVE CHAT BUTTON and let me prove you I'm the right personal trainer for your needs. If I'm not, I will still provide you with some ideas that you can implement right away. Either way - IT'S 100% FREE.

Let's CHAT! :)


Training Plan

Training Plan
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