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Daily Burn Workout: 8 Minute Tabata Routine (Intense!)

At home daily workout: 8 minute intense tabata routine. Full body, high intense session you can try anywhere you want. Join me. Let's workout together.


Daily Burn Workout: 8 Minute Intense Tabata Routine

In today's at home daily workout idea, I have presented you a tabata jump rope and bodyweight routine. In addition, you can always perform your session outdoor, just like I am in this video. 

However, this daily workout can be easily performed at home, garrage even the hotel room (apologize to the neighbours below you afterward xD). 

As you might already know, the tabata timer - 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest is a solid and intense way to throw a big volume of work in a tight time cap. 

You don't need much. Simply pick 2 or 3 exercises, set your interval timer app and boom - you have a great tabata workout. 

Normally, the tabata workouts are with duration of 4 minutes. That makes the today's at home daily workout a double tabata session! 

The training level of this session is an intermediate one. So if you're a beginner, I would suggest you to start with 20 seconds work / 20 seconds rest protocol. That would be a smarter approach here so you can be sure that you'll endure the whole workout. 

What about if you cannot do properly the run in place style? Then simply do a regular 2 bounce feet jumps with the jumping rope. Easy as that! 

At Home Daily Workout

Set the interval timer app on your phone for 20/10 seconds work/rest if you are an intermediate trainee or 20/20 seconds work/rest if you're a beginner. 

Set the timer for 16 rounds. That would be 8 minutes workout duration for the intermediate training level and a bit more for the beginner one. 

Go back to back by doing the following two exercises: 

1. Jump rope fast run in place style 

2. Speed burpee 

That's it! Continue until your session is over and the time interval beeps for the end of your workout. 

What Is a Good At Home Daily Workout Routine?

A good at home daily workout session can be considered as the one which you will stick with and that will match your fitness goal. To answer your question, you've got to be aware of your goal. Otherwise, you will be chaotic and not sure in which way you're going. 

1. Define what brings fun into your life and stick with it. Whether you will like to lift weights, do more plyometric stuff, play boxing, train for performance or simply prefer to pump for muscle size and definition. 

2. Your GOAL - Figure this out. Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle or simple train for performance, movement and explosive strength? Then these 3 goals are slightly different and respectfully, a different training approach should be used. 

Once you can answer your questions, you will easily be able to find the right exercises, at home daily workouts and training program as well. 

Is 8-10 Minutes of Exercise a Day Enough For Weight Loss?

Yes, 10 minutes of exercise a day is enough to enhance your weight loss process. However, your diet and sleep are as crucial as these 10 minutes of training applied consistently. 

To get sufficient results with such small time frame, you should follow this advice: 

1. Make sure to warm up first before you hit the 10 minute workout. 

2. You will have to implement the HFT (High Frequency Trianing) protocol. This means that you have to perform your 10 minute workouts at least 5-6 times a week to experience optimal results. 

3. Make sure that your at home daily workouts are full body routines. This way your body will be pushed to burn extra calories and as results, you will lose weight faster. 

4. Make sure to seriously push the pedal. I will not lie to you. 10 minutes is a highly small amount of time. However, if you structure your sessions in the optimal way, and push it hard, you will definitely be challenged and achieve an outstanding results. 

And not last, like mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, make sure to optimize your sleep and diet for the weight loss process. Otherwise, you will never make it if you count only to the training itself. 

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What Exercises Should I Do Daily?

The absolute MUST exercises that you should perform regularly are: mobility and core exercises. By doing these, you will gain multiple benefit such as stronger core, lowering the low back pain, having better posture, more well functioning shoulders and hip flexors as well. 

Due to the highly stationary lifestyles that we currently have, being mobile and with sufficient core strength are the two absolutely necessary things that you have to do every single day. 

On the other hand, you should aim to stimulate your lower body at least 2-3 times per week to achieve optimal body composition, gain muscle and lose weight as well. 

The upper body workouts are the same as the lower body rule above. You should stimulate at least twice per week to achieve good results. 

To spare time for yourself, you can easily do full body workouts in order to not split the sessions to upper or lower. 

Can I Lose Weight By Exercising at Home?

Yes, you can lose weight by dong at home daily workouts or exercising at home. But besides that you will need to focus on your sleep and diet as well. Before meeting a good balance between sleep/recovery, diet/fuel and training/movement you will never be satisfactory of what you have achieved. 

However, to lose weight by following more at home daily workouts, I would suggest you to perform more circuit and interval training workouts that will help you with the following benefits: 

1. Saving time for yourself - due to the high intensity nature of these workouts, you will save a huge amount of time with your training process. 

2. You will never get bored - another benefit that you will enjoy. The circuit and interval workouts are highly brain engaging due to their dynamic nature. You have to constantly think about the proper technique, what exercise comes next, how to control your breathing etc. These things will always help your session be fun and super engaging which will lead to more consistency and results as well. 

3. Anabolic hormone production - the circuit and interval training workouts are with high intensity. This will push your body to produce more Growth Hormone which is crucial for multiple things such as testosterone production, positive mindset, better sleep, enhanced muscle building process, and fat loss too. 

Cannot Endure This Workout at Once?

At Home Daily Workout

Don't worry, there's an easy solution how to modify this routine so you can endure the whole session and keep your optimal performance/proper exercise technique. 

Split this daily workout into 2 smaller routines. 

Instead of doing a full 8 minutes without a bigger rest, do 4 minutes once, rest 3-4 minutes to recover fully and go for a second 4 minute round. 

Here you go. Now you have an option how to proceed even if you're not in a good cardio/conditioning shape. 

Why to Combine Jumping Rope and Bodyweight Exercises in Your Daily Workouts?

At Home Daily Workout

I can tell that mixing jump rope with bodyweight exercises is the most fun and dynamic way to get fit, stay fit and build your outdoor, home and travel circuit training workouts!

You will never get bored with these kind of circuit workouts. 

Simply pick 1 or 2 jumping styles, 1-2-3 bodyweight exercises and alternate all of them into a bigger circuit training workout. 

If the circuit training workout is from an interest to you, then check out the ultimate circuit training guide for 2019 here.


full body exercises without weights

This at home daily workout tabata is fun, dynamic and highly intense. Give it a try today and let me know what you think and how it was for you. 

Combining jumping rope and bodyweight exercises into a circuit training workouts is a smart and effective approach for fat loss, skyrocketing your energy levels, stamina, endurance and happiness in life! 

Because once you become more fit and functional, your life will get easier. And that's exactly what working out is all about - to help improving your life in a better, more meaningful way.

What do you thing about the circuit training workouts? 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

PS: love jumping rope? Then this blog is the right choice for you as well: http://rosstraining.com/blog/   (and you can get so many more at home daily workouts!). 

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