Daily workout idea: 8 minute jump rope + bodyweight intense tabata fat burner. Try this workout today. Read more..


Daily Workout Idea!

8 Minute Bodyweight 

Tabata Workout

All you need is a jump rope and 8 minutes of your time. Enjoy your video workout below.

8 Minutes Daily Workout Idea

To Get You Challenged

As you might already know, the tabata timer - 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest is a solid and intense way to throw a big volume of work in a tight time cap. 

You don't need much. Simply pick 2 or 3 exercises, set your interval timer app and boom - you have a great tabata workout. 

Normally, the tabata workouts are with workout duration of 4 minutes. That makes the today's daily workout a double tabata workout. 

The training level of this session is an intermediate one. So if you're a beginner, I would suggest you to start with 20 seconds work / 20 seconds rest protocol. That would be a smarter approach here so you can be sure that you'll endure the whole workout. 

What about if you cannot do properly the run in place style? Then simply do a regular 2 bounce feet jumps with the jumping rope. Easy as that! 

Your Daily Workout Details:

Daily workout

Set the interval timer app on your phone for 20/10 seconds work/rest if you are an intermediate trainee or 20/20 seconds work/rest if you're a beginner. 

Set the timer for 16 rounds. That would be 8 minutes workout duration for the intermediate training level and a bit more for the beginner one. 

Go back to back by doing the following two exercises: 

1. Jump rope fast run in place style 

2. Speed burpee 

That's it! Continue until your daily workout is over and the time interval beeps for the end of your session. 

Cannot Endure The Whole 

Daily Workout at Once?

Daily workout

Don't worry, there's an easy solution how to modify your daily tabata workout so you can endure the whole session and keep your optimal performance/proper exercise technique. 

Split this daily workout into 2 smaller routines. 

Instead of doing a full 8 minutes without a bigger rest, do 4 minutes once, rest 3-4 minutes to recover fully and go for a second 4 minute round. 

Here you go. Now you have an option how to proceed even if you're not in a good cardio/conditioning shape. 

Why to Combine Jumping Rope
and Bodyweight Exercises 
in Your Daily Workouts?
Daily workout

I can tell that mixing jump rope with bodyweight exercises is the most fun and dynamic way to get fit, stay fit and build your outdoor, home and travel circuit training workouts!

You will never get bored with these kind of circuit workouts. 

Simply pick 1 or 2 jumping styles, 1-2-3 bodyweight exercises and alternate all of them into a bigger circuit training workout. 

If the circuit training workout is from an interest to you, then check out the ultimate circuit training guide for 2019 here.

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Daily workout

This daily tabata workout is fun, dynamic and highly intense. Give it a try today and let me know what you think and how it was for you. 

Combining jumping rope and bodyweight exercises into a circuit training workouts is a smart and effective approach towards fat loss, skyrocketing your energy levels, stamina, endurance and happiness in life! 

Because once you become more fit and functional, your life will get easier. And that's exactly what working out is all about - to help improving your life in a better, more meaningful way.

What do you thing about the circuit training workouts? 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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