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4 easy workouts for beginners. No equipment required. Try these sessions athome, outdoor or while you travel. Free Training Plan Included! 


4 Easy Workouts 

That Will Help You 

Lose Body Weight

Your Easy Workouts Instructions

Beginner Circuit Workout 1

Do 4-6 Rounds of The Following Exercises:  

1. 1,5 Bodyweight Squat - 14 repetitions  

2. Push Ups - 10 repetitions

3. Reverse Lunge - 16 repetitions (8 per leg) 

4. High Knee Run - 50 repetitions 

5. Mountain Climbers - 30 repetitions 

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds 120 seconds


Beginner Circuit Workout 2

Do 4-6 Rounds of The Following Exercise:  

1. Bodyweight 1,5 split squat - 16 repetitions (8 per leg) 

2. Push ups - 10 repetitions 

3. Lunges - 20 repetitions (10 per leg) 

4. Plank to Push Up - 10 repetitions (5 per arm)

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds


Beginner Circuit Workout 3

Do 4-6 Rounds of The Following Exercise:  

1. Alternating Push Up with Rotation - 10 repetitions (5 per side) 

2.  Jumping Lunge with a Hope - 20 repetitions (10 per leg) 

3. Plank to Arm Raise - 10 repetitions (5 per arm) 

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Beginner Circuit Workout 4

Do 4-6 Rounds of The Following Exercise:  

1. Speed Burpee - 10 repetitions 

2. Push Up to Shoulder Tap - 10 repetitions 

3. Side Shuffle with Ground Touch - 8 Lengths (3-4 steps per side) 

4. Circle Bear Crawl - 4 circles

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Why These Easy Workouts Work?

Easy Workouts 1

Let's be honest. Being a beginner kinda sucks. You know you have to start working out more often. Make a change. But watching all of these highly intense and complex bodyweight exercises shown by the influential Instagram or YouTube performance athletes and coaches might be killing your motivation. And I get it. 

That's the simple reason I've created these 4 easy workouts. To help you get some options to begin from somewhere, put the work done, get sweat and basically get into a better shape - FAST. 

Your 4 sessions are designed in a classical circutit fashion. Otherwise said - these are 4 circuit training workouts. 

In each of these easy workouts, you have two lower body exercises, one push up set/variation and one for your core/abs. 

All workouts are with a recommended volume of 4-6 rounds. And like already mentioned, you have 4-5 exercises in each session. The simple reason why these easy workouts work so well is that you'll hit all of your muscles. These are a whole body workouts. 

Additionally, when you do these circuit training workouts, you'll burn more calories because as you'll see from the video, there's no rest between your exercises. 

More repetitions done in less time.

That way, you'll work on both your anaerobic and aerobic capacity. Win-win approach for you. Besides that, expect to get into a better shape fast. And I will show you how (later in this article). 

What About If These Workouts Are Not That Easy For You?

Easy workouts 2

Don't worry. I got your back. 

If some of the exercise repetitions are too much to be endured by your body, simply decrease them. If 10 push ups are too much, do 6, 7, 8. The most important is to do your best to hit the numbers that I recommend (at some point). 

What about if 4-6 rounds are too much as well for your training level? 

Begin with 3 rounds for each of these workouts as a start.

And what about if these easy workouts are too easy for you? 

Increase the repetitions with 30% as a start, if that's too soft for you, increase the working rounds to 8 even 10 if you want. 

Your FREE 4 Weeks Training Plan 
No Equipment Routines

Now not just that you have 4 workouts to try for free, but I've decided to help you even further and outline for you a whole 4 weeks training plan! 

Let's jump straight into it. 

Here are 2 weekly frames to pick first: 

Training Schedule Option A 

Monday - Workout 1

Tuesday - Workout 2 

Wednesday - Rest day 

Thursday - Workout 3 

Friday - Rest Day 

Saturday - Workout 4 

Sunday - Rest Day 

Training Schedule Option B (this one is recommended for people who are too stressed out during the week)

Monday - Rest Day

Tuesday - Workout 1 

Wednesday - Rest day 

Thursday - Workout 2 

Friday - Rest Day 

Saturday - Workout 3

Sunday - Workout 4

Pick one of the two templates above first and let's move into more spicy details in the next chapter! 

Rounds, Repetitions and Rest
Easy Workouts 4

You have already chosen the workout schedule - that's cool! 

Now we have to clear out how to scale your sessions from week 1 to week 4. Every training plan should increase in one way or another. Otherwise you'll never progress. 

Here are the details. 

Begin by picking 3, 4, 5 or 6 rounds you'll perform. Pick that number for all of the workouts. Keep in mind that you'll keep that number of rounds until the end of the 4 week free training plan. 

If you're working out 1-2 times per week, then I recommend to pick 5 rounds for each workout. 

If you're training 2-3 times per week but you're not pleased by the results, then pick 6 rounds. 

If you're totally out of shape and not working out at all then - 4 rounds will do the work for you. Begin your very first week with 3 rounds and then from week 2 increase to 4 and stay there until the end (this is only for the very beginners). 

Repetitions will remain the same for all of these easy workouts. For the whole 4 weeks period. 

The only thing that we will change on a weekly basis is your rest time between rounds. As outlined in the video, you have 120 seconds rest between rounds. Follow that for the first week. 

Week 1 - Rest between rounds - 120 seconds

Week 2 - Decrease the rest between rounds from 120 seconds to 90 seconds. 

Week 3 - Decrease your rest to 75 seconds. 

Wee 4 - Decrease the rest to 60 seconds between rounds. 

Use the stopwatch on your phone to make sure that you follow strictly the resting periods.

That's it! 

Extra Coaching Tips About Your

Free Training Plan

Easy Workouts 5

To avoid any kind of confusion, write everything from above on a list. That way, you'll know where you're moving and what comes next. 

Every time before you have to work out, make sure to watch your workout video at least 2-3 times so you can be sure that you'll remember what exercises are included and what's the sequence of the exercises. 

I'm a strong believer that if you're beginner and you give a try to this program, the outcome will be great.

4 whole workouts per week with increasing intensity on a weekly basis. Workouts combined in a circuit fashion. No equipment required. Fairly short duration of the workouts - 15-20 minutes. What a classic! 

Skip that opportunity if you don't need enhanced fat-loss, more energy, strength endurance, stamina and being more fit. 

Get a 100% Customized

Training Plan

Just in case you need an individual training program with exceptional support provided by your coach 🙂

individual training plan

Here's What You Get: 

  • A 100% customized training plan based on your goals, lifestyle and needs. Whatever you need, I will cover that for you.
  • Your individual training plan can be adapted for a home, outdoor or travelling application.
  • High-intense, complex bodyweight exercises that will get you fit, help you lose more body fat and skyrocket your energy levels, stamina and endurance. 
  • Functional training plan that will fit your needs - you pick the duration and frequency of your workouts - your customized training plan can be build for 3,4,5 6 even 7 workouts per week. In addition, your program can be created based on your available time to workout - it can be from 12-15 minute to 45-60 minute workouts.
  • If you're looking for effective workout routines that will deliver sustainable results, then click the button below or simply hit the LIVE CHAT BUTTON so we can have a nice and friendly chat about your training goals and how precisely I will help you achieving them. And don't worry, I will never push you to buy. I'm not a fan of the hard-sales and the main goal in our chat will be to help you get the best decision for yourself. 


Mastering your own body by performing more bodyweight exercises is in my opinion - the ultimate way to be fit and stay fit - for a whole year round. 

As a beginner, you need to first learn the basics. And the best way to do that is to perform more circuit training workouts. 

In the article workout video (top of the page) I've shown you 4 easy workouts for beginners that can be done anywhere for 15-20 minutes time. No equipment required.

And if you kind of liked the idea of the circuit workouts, then Check Out The Ultimate Circuit Training Guide For 2019.   

In addition to your 4 easy workouts, you have a whole 4 weeks free training program! The only thing you have to do is to motivate yourself, trust my expertise and give it a shot. I promise you, I'll not let you down.

And last, what is your opinion about the bodyweight workouts?

Comment below! :)) 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

PS: Here is the master of movement Ido Portal! http://www.idoportal.com/



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