Most People Have the Wrong Idea About Keeping FIT 
and Building Energy Resources!

I know I did until I started to play basketball and and got coached by professional trainers.

I used to hit the gym, do hundreds of reps with weights, and believed the nonsense about,

“If it doesn’t hurt you’re not doing enough.”

All I ended up getting, was exhausted with sore muscles and joints.

I now know different, because of my experience as a basketball player, and being trained and certified as a professional coach.

Are you interested in being fit and flexible, with more energy than you had 10 years ago?

If so. I have for you, 3 intense workout videos, that can be done anywhere, anytime, no heavy weights or equipment needed.

Only one session each day is needed to build and maintain...

Your Fitness and Agility.

This is one exemplery workout that I would love to share with you. 🙂

Play the video below.


Intense Workouts! 

These sessions worked for all of my clients, including me. We all get results.

So there's a big chance these workouts to work great for you as well.

Patrik Vilhelmsson 

Business Owner, Traveller and Father of a 6 year old girl.

"Worth the investment."

" Usually, my life is a mess. Constant stress, lot of business trips and responsibilities. Vladimir helped me shift the mindset from bodybuilding to the functional, practical training like he calls it. Now I can workout all around the world without going to the gym or losing much time. All I need is a 2-3, lightweight tools in my backpack and I'm ready to go. "

Petar Petrov

Brand Ambassador of Campari & Aperol Spritz, Muay Thai Amateur Fighter and Father of a 7 Year old Boy.

"Vlad helped me find the balance"

" At age of 46, training hard and being consistent is a difficult task. Working with Vlad have opened my mind about the practical training and how to be consistent - easily. I'm not overtraining anymore, no more joint pains, lack of energy and chronic fatigue. I can sleep better and his nutrition advice is so simple that even a child can do it. "

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