12 Minute Full Body Workout Routine at Home

12 minute full body bodyweight routine. Perform this session when you are pressed on time to workout and you want to target all of your muscles and burn extra calories. Let's work!


12 Minute Full Body Bodyweight Routine (5 HIIT Exercises)

In today's bodyweight workout, there are 5 HIIT exercises included. This session is beginner friendly. However, some strength will be necessary for a few of the exercises. 

You have to work for 30 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest. For the whole session, there are no big rests allowed.

A total of 3 rounds have to be performed, and you will continuously operate within the 30/20 work/rest interval frame until round 3 of your workout is completed.

Here is your HIIT exercise list: 

1. 3 jumping lunges to knee kick. 

2. Walk out push up

3. Beginner (low impact) burpee. 

4. Tucked plank to push up. 

5. Low bird dog plank.

Can You Get A Good Full Body Workout In Just 12 Minutes?

Is 12 Minutes Of Workout Enough For A Full Body Routine

12 minutes for a full body session might not be accepted seriously from a hardcore training person. However, if you use this time properly, 12 minutes can be more than enough in order to target the whole body. Moreover, because the exercises are with more dynamic and high intensity nature, you will work on improving your cardio, conditioning and strength endurance. That higher intensity demand will also burn extra calories which will accelerate your weight loss.

Here Is How To Modify This Workout:

Full Body Bodyweight Workout For Beginners

There are 3 scenarios that should be looked closer:

1. You are a complete beginner and this session is too intense. 

2. You are beginner to intermediate level and this workout fits you well.

3. You are a hardcore and more advanced trainee and 12 minutes of working out doesn't sound serious for you. 

Fair enough. Now let's update this workout based on the 3 groups above: 

Complete beginner workout modifications - set the timer to 20/20 seconds of work/rest instead 30/20 like it is in the video (top of page). 

If you cannot do the jumping lunge (first exercise), simply perform reverse lunges to knee kick (exclude the explosive/jumping part of the move). 

Exercise 2 - walk out push ups - if push ups are too intense for you, perform only short walk outs (without the push up). 

Exercise 3 - not much to be changed here as this is a low impact and beginner move. 

Exercise 4 - if the tucked plank is too difficult, just perform a regular plank to push up. Or just - plank (for the very beginners). 

Exercise 5 - instead the low bird dog plank, perform only high bird dog plank.  

Advanced trainee modifications - The easiest way to make this full body bodyweight workout more intense is to double or even triple it's training volume. Here is how to proceed: 

Once the session is over, rest for 5 full minutes and repeat the whole workout for a second time. Not enough? Perform it 3 times with 5 minutes rest between. I can guarantee that the effort will be a serious one if you proceed this way. Even if you are a one strong person.

Can You Build Muscle With Bodyweight Exercises?

Can you build muscle with calisthenics

To build muscle faster and more efficiently with bodyweight exercises, follow these steps: 

1. Focus on improving TUT (Time Under Tension) applied to your muscles. That can be achieved by implementing pauses, controlling the tempo in the concentric and eccentric portion of the exercises. The better your mind muscle connection is, the higher recruiting of your muscle fibers will be. This will result in more quality reps, more strength gained and your muscle building process will be enhanced. 

2. Follow the 100 exercise repetition method - it's no lie that making 100 repetition from any exercise is always both: a muscular and mindset challenge. Here is what you can try: pick 3 exercises, 1 for upper body, 1 for lower body and 1 for core. Perform 100 repetitions as fast as possible for exercise 1. Then rest 3-5 minutes and move on to the next one. Begin with the upper body move, then lower body and finally - the core exercise. 

3. Switch the angles, grips and positions of your arms and legs - by doing that, you will create a whole new demand for the body. It will be felt like a completely new exercise. This will result in more adaptation and respectfully - results. The bodyweight training can provide you with countless of exercise variations and you should try getting the max out of it. 

4. High consistency - as a natural training guy (not a steroid user), if building muscle is your goal, then you want to stress your muscles more often in order to create the right muscular stimulus to grow and get build. Try to perform at least 3-4 bodyweight workouts weekly to meet that criteria. If you lift weights, then twice weekly calisthenics will work great as well. 

How Many Days Per Week To Do Full Body Bodyweight Workouts?

How often to do full body bodyweight workouts

3-4 full body workouts per week is enough training volume to help you progress with your fitness, without overtraining and feeling crappy during the process.Here are 3 full body workout frames that you can follow: 

4 total body HIIT workouts per week: 

1. Monday - workout 

2. Tuesday - workout

3. Wednesday - rest day

4. Thursday - workout 

5. Friday -  rest day

6. Saturday - workout

7. Sunday - rest day

3 full body workouts per week: 

Option 1: workout days - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Rest days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Option 2: workout days - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Rest days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 

Is It Okay To Do Full Body Workouts Everyday?

Is it okay to do full body bodyweight workouts everyday

Doing full body workouts everyday will not accelerate significantly your weight loss nor muscle building process. Your body needs the right stimulus (your workouts) and a proper recovery (rest days). With that in mind, 3-4 full body bodyweight workouts weekly will be sufficient training volume for your body in order to progress with your Fitness and fell better.

Training everyday in a high intensity manner will drain you, put your body in constant pains, suffering and miserable existing. If you are not a professional athlete then crushing your body this way is not recommended. This is not healthy. 

However, if you want to move your body everyday, here is what you can do: 

1. Perform full body workouts 3-4 times per week. 

2. In the rest days, you can do mobility exercises, yoga or stretching. Foam rolling is also a good way to speed up your recovery from the intense workouts. 

3. Do low intensity cardio activities such as - biking, walking, hiking, easy jogging and easy (not high intense) sex with your spouse. All of these will improve your recovery as your body will move and flush out the accumulated lactic acid in the muscles and this will be a good thing for your performance in the upcoming sessions. 

3 Bonus Full Body Bodyweight Routines

3 full body bodyweight workouts you can do at home

9 minute full body HIIT workout without weights.

For this session, you will perform each of the 7 exercises included for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds.

Here are the HIIT exercises list: 

1. Squat isometric jump outs to jum squat. 

2. Bear to crab crawl. 

3. Forward moving speed burpee with foot work. 

4. Broad jump to back crawl. 

5. Side crawl step push up. 

6. Crawling with jump outs. 

7. Around the world burpee tuck jump. 

This workout consists of 2 big rounds. 1 round is finished when you perform each of the 7 exercises provided above by following 30/10 seconds work/rest interval timer. Once finishing the first round, there are no big rests allowed and you will continue with round 2 - straight away. 

10 minute low impact home cardio workout.

This beginner workout consists of only 3 exercises:

1. Side shuffle, to side crawl to side high knees. 

2. Squat jumping twists. 

3. Slow negative push up. 

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Through the whole routine, the only allowed rest is 10 seconds between each of your moves. This makes the routine highly intense and challenging.  

7 minute bodyweight HIIT workout for beginners.

There are a total of 11 different bodyweight exercises included. For the whole session, you will work with 30 / 10 seconds of work / rest timer protocol. 

Here is the HIIT exercise list of this workout: 

1. Beginner (low-impact) speed burpee. 

2. Short walk outs. 

3. Feet on fire to drop lunge. 

4. Rhytmic high knee switch. 

5. Bear walk to sit out. 

6. Knee to elbow plank step. 

7. Bouncing and rotating drop lunge. 

8. Crab crawl to bottom ups. 

9. Marching squat isometric hold.

10. High knee to mountain climber. 

11. Plank supported jump outs. 

Try These 24 Beginner HIIT Exercises At Home

Beginning with HIIT might be sometimes difficult or confusing. To avoid that, you can check these 24 beginner HIIT exercises article that I have created for you.

There are multiple options of how to structure your HIIT workouts at the comfort of your home. Again, all exercises are bodyweight and no equipment will be required. 


The full body HIIT workouts are a fantastic fitness alternative for everyone who is pressed on time to workout and who wants to move in a more dynamic nature, burn extra calories and have some fun along the way. 

The full body bodyweight routines will help you improve your fitness while performing less workouts on a weekly basis. To avoid overtraining, crush your body and feel constantly fatigues, make sure to perform 3-4 full body workouts per week. This will be an optimal and adequate workout volume to progress and get results. 

Do you like the full body bodyweight routines? 

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