Full Body Bodyweight Workout1

Full Body Bodyweight Workout (High Effort)

Try this full body bodyweight workout at the park, in the mountain or at the beach. Only 2 bodyweight exercises included. 20 Minutes time. Get Details Here.


Full Body Bodyweight Workout

Full Body Routine

Full Body Bodyweight Outdoor Workout

Often times, there are workouts and exercise combinations that looks simple but they're certainly - NOT. 

Like this full body bodyweight workouts for example. 

Here are your workout details: 

Do 10 rounds of: 

1. 10 speed burpees

2. 50 meter sprint run 

Your rest is the time of walking slowly backward until reaching the start position. 

The end volume of your workout is 100 speed burpees and 10 sprints of 50 meters distance. 

A sufficient full body bodyweight workout volume that will target your whole body, help you work on your cardio, conditioning and fat loss as well. 

Why to Include The Sprint Running into Your Full Body Bodyweight Workouts?

full body bodyweight workout

I have grown up while running - a lot. Being a professional basketball athlete for 12 consecutive years shaped me as a sprint lover. 

However, once I've stopped playing a professional basketball, for the next 8-9 years of my life, I didn't want to hear about running nor sprinting. 

I was overwhelmed. And it's normal. 

When you grow up while running, for a whole year round, year after year, you get anxious. You over-do it, over-consume it. So it makes a total sense why I didn't want to run for a lot of years after ending my career. 

But that summer, I have rediscovered the running again! Sprinting in particular. 

And let me tell you something. There's nothing, I mean - absolutely nothing similar compared with sprinting nor hill sprinting as well. 

First, your conditioning will skyrocket for literally 1-2 sprinting sessions per week. In addition, you'll notice how your body lose weight and fats.

Your legs will be on fire, your hamstrings will grow and your core/abs will work so hard that if you're relatively lean, you'll see your shy abs coming out on the surface of your core. 

and that's the simple reason I include once or twice per week the sprint run into my full body bodyweight workouts. 

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Why Speed Burpees 

Instead of Full Burpees?

full body bodyweight workout

Speed Burpees are much safer exercise compared with full - regular chest to ground burpees. Safer for your shoulder joints. See, if you're a beginner even intermediate level trainee, the regular burpee can cause joint pains and discomforts in your shoulders. 

Instead, implement the speed burpees into your routine and do any kind of explosive push ups for the upper body horizontal push pattern movement. 

Learn How to Build Your Own Cardio Circuit Workouts In The Future
full body bodyweight workout

Hey, I've created a highly detailed article about everything you need to know about the circuit training workouts and how to build a similar cardio circuit full body workouts on your own.

If the circuit cardio training workouts are from an interest to you, then check out the ultimate circuit training guide for 2019 here.

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full body bodyweight workout

By combining speed burpees and running sprints, you will skyrocket your strength endurance, cardio, conditioning and fat loss. 

In addition, the running sprints will increase your anabolic hormones and environment in your body. That will lead to a great hormonal environment for you to build lean muscle and lose more body fat.

Try this full body bodyweight workout next time you're on a vacation (like I am in this video), in the mountains or in the park. Do you like sprinting or running?

Do you like sprinting or running?

Comment below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

PS: Here are 2 websites for you: 

1. Ross Enamait - http://rosstraining.com/blog/   I have learned a lot about sprinting and hill sprinting from Ross.

2. Funk Roberts - http://funkmma.com/site/    Funk opened my eyes for many speed burpee variations that I can use into my training program designs

In addition, by following his youtube channel, you can get so many full body bodyweight workouts as well:https://www.youtube.com/user/marcroops

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