15 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout For Beginners

In this full body circuit workout for beginners, there are 6 bodyweight exercises included. High intensity, dynamic workout that will challenge you. Let's work!


15 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

Full Body Circuit Workout At Home

To complete this circuit training workout, you have to warm up and once you are done, simply play the workout video and replicate all exercises that I am showing you. The session is a 100% follow along which means that you don't have to think about anything. This way it's going to be easier for you to avoid getting confused and mess up your workout. 

There are 6 bodyweight exercises included, the interval timer used is 30/20 seconds of work/rest. 

3 total rounds should be performed. No big resting periods between. 

Here is the circuit exercise list: 

1. Burpee around the world. 

2. Squat to drop lunge combo. 

3. Beginner push up (Eccentric focus only). 

4. Leopard to crab crawl. 

5. Plank forward reach. 

6. Plank twists. 

How To Modify This Circuit Routine?

This session is suitable for the fitness beginner, however, there are 2 scenarios that we might want to review: 

1. You are a beginner but this session is too intense for you - in this case, perform 2 total rounds instead of 3. This way, the workout duration will be 10 minutes and will be easier.

2. This workout is too easy for you - in this case, once you finish with the 15 minute video, rest for 5 complete minutes and do the whole session again (repeat the video). This way you will double the workout volume and this will increase the intensity. 

How Often To Do This Session?

Doing the same workout more than 2 times per week is boring and will not be effective for you. With that in mind, stick to performing it once or twice weekly. At the end of this article, I will give you 3 additional HIIT and circuit workouts that you can try and implement into your weekly training plan. These options will give you more circuit training ideas and that itself will help you explore new exercises, level up your fitness and stay motivated.  

Is Full Body Workout Good For The Fitness Beginner?

Is Full Body Workout Good For The Fitness Beginner

Full body training is a great way to get in shape as a beginner, without training too many days per week. Such routines will also help you burn more calories which is highly beneficial for weight loss purposes. In addition, the full body routines fit perfectly to people who don't like doing leg workouts as a stand alone sessions. This will help you stay more consistent with your Fitness and progress faster. 

How Can A Beginner Start Working Out At Home?

How Can A Beginner Start Working Out At Home

To start efficiently with your fitness training at home, it is highly recommended to build the workout habit first. This can be achieved if you perform short routines that will not take much of your time while still providing you with great results.

Also, when you start working out, it is mandatory to understand that training everyday will not give you fast results nor it will help you lose weight fast. With that in mind, make sure to follow 3-4 full body workouts weekly in order to get a sufficient volume of work while resting for a few days in order to recover optimally and avoid any overtraining and negatives that come around it.   

How Many Exercises Should Be In A Circuit?

How Many Exercises Should Be In A Circuit

At least 3 exercises should be combined in a circuit. You will often meet with workout videos that include 4-5-6 and even more exercises. However, as a training beginner, you should follow these 2 steps in order to get effective circuit workouts: 

1. Perform and replicate only 100% follow-along workout videos. This is the absolute easiest and most effective way for each beginner to do circuit workouts. 

2. If you build the circuit routines by yourself, stick to 3 exercises per circuit (this is called a mini circuit). This way, you will never get confused for the right order of exercises, hence, your sessions will be more productive.

Is Circuit Training Good For Fat Loss?

Is Circuit Training Good For Fat Loss

Circuit training is a fantastic training style for the beginner and for weight loss as well. Due to the fact that the intensity of such routines is high, you will burn additional calories and will also experience the EPOC effect that will burn even more calories once the session is over.

In addition, once you progress with the circuit training, you will start experimenting with multiple exercises, timing or repetition protocols and different workout structures. All of this will enhance the intensity of your workouts which is a guaranteed way for you to progress with your overall fitness and weight loss as well. 

Bear in mind that the fastest way to lose weight and fat is to combine the right amounts of working out, sleep/recovery and proper nutrition. Without the perfect balance of these being met, you will most probably meet with hard times of losing weight efficiently and in sustainable way. 

Can You Do Full Body Workouts Everyday As A Beginner?

Can You Do Full Body Workouts Everyday As A Beginner

Doing full-body workouts as a beginner everyday will completely exhaust your body and leave you without any energy, focus, productivity and motivation. Avoid this at any cost. If you are seeking optimal fitness results, aim for 3 to 4 full-body workouts per week in order to avoid overtraining, injuries, or putting your body at any health risks. Training hard everyday will not accelerate your fitness progress nor muscle build or weight loss. Find the right balance for yourself and you will enjoy training like never before.   

3 Circuit Training Ideas That You Can Try At Home (Beginner Friendly)

As a fitness beginner, the more workout options you have, the better. With that in mind, below you will find 3 HIIT and circuit training routines that each beginner can handle. No equipment needed, only your motivation to move more and feel better. These sessions are perfect for at home implementation and will serve you well when you're pressed on time for training. 

12 Minute Beginner Bodyweight HIIT Workout (Total Body)

For this beginner bodyweight HIIT workout, there are a total of 5 exercises included. The timer intervals used in this routine are 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. 

Once you move through each exercises - it is 1 round completed. The whole session should be performed for 3 total rounds. 

Here is the HIIT exercise list: 

1. Jumping lunge to knee kick. 

2. T push up with row. 

3. Side to side pulsing squat. 

4. Alternating stationary monkey walk. 

5. Low bird dog plank. 

15 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout (For Beginners)

In this 15 minute bodyweight HIIT workout, there are a total of 6 dynamic exercises included in this workout. 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. 3 total rounds should be done.

Here is the bodyweight exercise list:

1. Low impact speed burpee.

2. Short walk outs.

3. Footwork to drop lunge.

4. 8 high knees to 4 sit outs.

5. Shoulder tap to knee tap combo.

6. Jump outs.

12 Minute Calisthenics Core Workout For Beginners (HIIT Session)

To complete this calisthenics core workout for beginners, you will have to perform a total of 5 calisthenics core exercises by working 30 seconds for each followed by 20 seconds of rest between.

A total of 3 rounds should be done. There are no big resting periods allowed which means that you will work and rest continuesly for 30/20 seconds during the whole workout. 

Here is your bodyweight core exercise list: 

1. Shoulder taps to knee and ankle taps. 

2. Cross body step to knee tap. 

3. 3 Way mountain climbers. 

4. Short side crawl to shoulder tap. 

5. Leg and arm raise (bird dog) 2 level plank. 


Circuit training is a remarkable training style for the fitness beginner. The simple reason is that with the circuit routines, you will perform lots of work in a tight time frame. This will push yourself to be as focused and as productive as possible in your workouts. In addition, because of this fact, you will burn lots of calories which if being combined with the right diet and you sleep well, the weight loss will appear. 

In this article, we have discussed a 15 minute circuit workout for beginners as the main topic. Additionally, we have reviewed multiple topics around the beginner circuit training. And last, I have given you 3 more HIIT and circuit workouts for beginners that you can try at home without equipment. 

What is your favorite beginner full body circuit workout? 

Comment below! 

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