Circuit Workout Full Body

15 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout (High Intensity!)

15 minute Full body circuit workout you can try at home (no equipment). Let's get it! 


15 Minute High Intense 

Full Body Circuit Workout

(Try At Home!)

Full Body Circuit Workout At Home Your Instructions

Circuit workout full body

Do 5-6 rounds of the following exercises:

1. The sprinter step - 20total reps / 10 per leg

2. Push up hold + knee to elbow raises - 8 reps / 4 raises per leg

3. Side to Side Sprint in Place Style - 50 total reps (every step counts)

4. Triangle mountain climber - 15 total repetitions


Rest between rounds - 120 seconds

What Is Full Body Circuit Workout?

The full body circuit workout is a routine that combines multiple exercises which have to be performed one after each other with small or without any rest between. 

In addition, to get a complete full body circuit workout, you can combine lower body + upper body exercises, you can use full body movements only or you can combine all of these in order to make things challenging fun and effective.

What Is The Best 

Full Body Circuit Workout?

The best full body circuit workout is the one that will target every muscle in your body, help you burn extra of calories and create the proper stimulus in your muscles and energy systems as well. 

In addition, the best circuit workout is the one that you can stick with. In other words, there is no such thing as best workout because consistency is he most crucial part in the training process and as such, if you don't switch your workouts all the time, be able to stick into one circuit workout routine for a longer period of time, then you can absolutely consider this as the best circuit workout.

Before that, make sure to find which full body routine is working for you, once you're confident there, stick with it and make sure to be consistent. This is how to get results and constantly progress. 

Total Body Workout 

For Beginners 

(A Few Tips)

To perform an effective full body circuit workouts as a beginner, you have to be sure that you will include only exercises that you're 100% confident that can be performed with the right technique and that you can perform at least 10-12-15 repetitions. Here I am targeting mostly the bodyweight circuit workouts. 

The most frequent mistake that the beginners are doing with their full body circuit workouts is to include high-complexity movements that are way above their training level. This leads to crappy form and risks of injuries and low-back pain. 

Remember, when you combine multiple exercises into a circuit, your repetitions will drop down compared if you use the same movements as stand-alone exercises with regular sets and reps.

This is very important to be remembered because if you're going to prepare the workout for yourself, there's a big chance to over-complicate the session, include more repetitions than you can actually perform and these things will elad to workout failure.

This is not mentally satisfactory and you will be highly disappointed and angry to yourself afterward. 

I have done these mistakes as a beginner hundreds of times and I want you to avoid this. You need this so make sure to follow this advice. 

In addition, another thing that every beginner should be adviced is to keep things simple. Like, really simple. This is another case where the beginner might fail. By picking 5-6+ exercises for the circuit workouts, most often, it's confusing and once you enter "the zone", then you will start forgetting the order of the exercises. 

To avoid that, pick a lower number of exercises for your circuit training. Once you progress, then increase this gradually. 

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Circuit Workouts 

Without Weights 

When you perform 100% bodyweight full body circuit workouts, then here are 2 exact templates that you can follow right away:

1. Include 2-4 full bodyweight exercises (no more than that). 

2. Alternate upper body followed by lower body exercise. Here you can include between 4 and 8 movements. Keep in mind that if you're a beginner, make sure to stick to the lower number. Once you go into the intermediate level, then you can increase the exercise number over time.

The simple reason behind this advice is the complexity of your session. If you're a beginner and include 8 movements for example, it's guaranteed that you will get confused and forget the right order of the exercises. 

Pick 1 of the 2 steps above, build your full body circuit workout and go for it. 

Why to Use

 Full Body Circuit Workouts?

Circuit workout full body

The full body circuit workouts are a great choice for people pressed on time to workout or visit the GYM. 

In addition, implementing the full body circuit workouts into your training routine will save time for you and in this case, taking the fact that you don't need any equipment at all, you'll be able to perform your workout wherever you decide. 

A freedom to workout anywhere without losing much time.

What's better than that? 

What Are The Benefits Of

The Full Body Circuit Workouts?

Circuit workout full body

The biggest benefit that I've already mentioned of performing full body circuit workouts is that you'll save time. 

In addition, because of the fact that these circuit workouts will target your full body (every muscle in your body), you will get results by doing only 3-4 circuit workouts per week. 

Expect benefits such as enhanced fat loss, energy improvement, muscle build (it's not the same as lifting weights or doing lifting workouts) however - you will notice some muscle gainz. 

Another expected benefits - improved strength endurance, stamina, focus, brain productivity, positive moods in your days, better sleep and anabolic hormones stimulation (that in particular will help lose fat, build muscle and skyrocket your sex drive). 

Worth the try, isn't it?

Are Circuit Workouts Effective?

Yes. The circuit workouts are a highly effective training methodology that will spare time for you, allow your body to equally develop your anaerobic and aerobic systems as well.

In addition, due to the high intensity of these workouts, you will burn extra calories and if your sleep + diet are on check, then it's guaranteed that you will lose weight.

However, you should be familiar with the fact that circuit training is not the optimal approach for muscle building and getting you jacked. Keep that in mind. You will not get highly muscular by following only circuit workouts. Instead, you will have to follow a completely different training ideology (if muscle gain is your ultimate goal).

On the other hand, if you want to shed weight, get more shredded, more endured with higher stamina, focus, brain productivity and energy levels, then I would highly advise you to trust the full body circuit workouts.

Does Circuit Training 
Tone Up Your Body?

Absolutely. The circuit training will not just tone up your body and muscles but will skyrocket your energy levels, help you get more focused, vital, resilient to stress and more endured in your daily activities.

Due to the high cardio demand of these circuit workouts, expect your cardio capacity to dramatically enhance which will lead to a better, more fulfilled life because you will manage to endure way more daily tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. This is a huge benefit to consider.

How Long 

Circuit Workouts Should Be?

The circuit workouts should be somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes. Anything above the 30minute mark will not be considered as high-intensity. 

To get outstanding results, you should stick within these numbers in order to avoid overtraining and to push the pedal at its maximum.

Bonus Full Body 

Circuit Workouts For You

I value your participation here so I would love to share with you a few more circuit workout ideas. Refer to this article.


Circuit workout full body

The full body circuit workouts are a remarkable way to save time and decrease the frequency of your workouts so you can gain great results without investing hours and hours in the training process. 

In addition, by doing only bodyweight full body circuit workouts will help you avoid any injuries, perform your workouts all around the world (anywhere you like) and get really fit and in shape. 

Plus, your strength endurance will improve dramatically, which in my personal coaching opinion is the ultimate training skill that you can develop so you can actually help improving your life. For real. 

Are you a fan of the full body circuit bodyweight workouts? Or you prefer to lift more weights and visit the gym?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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