Full Body Exercises

27 Full Body Exercises For Complete Workouts (No Equipment)

27 full body exercises without equipment. Build effective workouts, lose weight, skyrocket your energy and stamina in no time. Get your details here.


27 Full Body Exercises For Complete Workouts (No Equipment)

Why To Test These Full Body Exercises?

Full body exercises

Whether you're lifting weights or not, these 27 fat torching full body exercises will totally worth the try.

If your fitness goal is to generally get into a better shape fast, get fitter, lose body weight/fats, skyrocket your energy, strength endurance and stamina, then this article is for you. But if your goal is to get jacked and build more muscle, then this is certainly not the best option for you. 

Most of these movements are complex flows that include 2 or more bodyweight exercises inside. These are a high-demanding exercises that will challenge your whole body, mindset, balance, coordination, endurance, explosive strength and stamina as well. 

The training level for most of these full body exercises is between an intermediate and advanced level. If you're a complete beginner, I suggest you to be careful with your exercises and proceed accordingly to what you really can do instead of trying something cool that's out of your training level. 

The Benefits Of Full Body Exercises and Workouts

Full body exercises

I will not waste your time here and will jump straight-forward to your benefits that you can gain by giving a try to some of these full body exercises: 

1. Body Weight & Fat Loss - due to the dynamic nature of these exercises to engage all of the muscles in your body, you will burn lots of calories. Additionally, your body will trigger the "after-burn effect" due to the intensity of the movements. Your body will burn additional calories hours after the workout is done. 

2. Core Strength - in every single one of these 27 full body exercises, your core will be the MVP (Most Valuable Player). You will experience core engagement from another level. There are multiple ground exercises that will push your core and abs to stabilize your body in order to maintain its position while moving the limbs (arms and legs) in an unconventional ways. It's hard and you will feel it as well. 

3. Improve your strength endurance, cardio, conditioning and overall body's explosive strength. 

4. Improved posture, mobility and flexibility - Are you working while sitting on a chair? Or standing for prolonged hours at work? Thanks to these full body exercises, you'll be able to "fix" your body's posture and decrease or even eliminate an already existing pains caused by muscle imbalances in your body. 

5. Better overall health - this is serious, the intensity of these movements will push your body secrete more anabolic hormones. As you might know, the more anabolic you are, the better your health will be. You'll lose body weight, skyrocket your energy levels, brain sharpness, focus, productivity and will start moving your body with ease. 

How To Build Your Own Workouts By Using These Full Body Exercises?

Full body exercises

Due to the intense nature of these full body exercises, I recommend the following 3 ways to build your workouts: 

1. One full body exercise at a time (most recommended for beginners) - if you haven't try one or more of these movements, then I certainly recommend you to start "slow" and simply pick one exercise and perform it for a certain sets. LEt's say you pick the first exercise from the video (at the top of the page), do it for 3-5 sets with 75-90 seconds rest between. Once you're done, pick 2-3 more exercises and proceed the same way. 3-4 full body, intense exercises, done for 3-5 sets will be enough to challenge your whole body's muscles, cardio and energy systems.

2. Supersets (best for beginners and intermediate trainees) - in my opinion, this is the best way to combine two more complex bodyweight exercises. Due to their complexity, mixing only two movements will be a smart approach in order to avoid any confusing and losing your momentum during your workout. Pick 2 exercises, do 1 set from the first one and immediately, without any rest, do the second exercise. Only then, you can rest, not before that. To hit an optimal, full body workout, I recommend 3-4 supersets. 

3. Circuits (best for intermediate and advanced trainees) - pick 3-4 or 5 full body exercises from the video. Move through each one of the exercises, without any rest between. Only then, you can rest for 90-120 seconds. Keep in mind that I would be careful with this workout frame. Like already described above, these movements are complex exercises and including 3 or more into a circuit workout will require you to remember a lot of movements, exercise technique and details. I would proceed that way only when I'm 100% confident that I'm well rested, recovered and focused in order to avoid any confusing during my circuit training workout. 

How Often To Do Full Body Exercises and Workouts?

Full body exercises

I recommend 3-4 full body workouts per week. The simple reason is the full engagement of your body. More than 3-4 workouts x week will drain your body and will do more harm than good. All of the workouts will take you 15-25 minutes time, depending on your training level. 

Let's jump straight to the two different workout templates that I've build for you: 

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5 Full Body Workout Ideas To Use In Your Training
Full body exercises

You're already aware how to build your full body workouts. Now you need to implement this knowledge into a weekly frame. Here are 5 different templates that will suits perfectly into your training program: 

Template 1 - Training: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Rest: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 

Template 2 - Training: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Rest: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Pick the one that suits your lifestyle. 

What about if you want to follow a 3 days per week workout routine? Here's how to proceed: 

1. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

2. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 

3. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (the weekend template). 

Can These Full Body Workouts Help You Lose Weight?

Full body exercises

You have everything outlined for you now. You only have to pick certain exercises that you've liked from the video (top of the page), pick a workout frame that you'll follow (3 or 4 days), build 3 or 4 similar workouts and apply these into one of the five weekly training templates that I've provided right above this chapter. 

The main question is will you actually lose weight/fats by doing such full body exercises regularly? 

I will tell you with certainty - yes, you will lose weight, even without changing your diet. Yes, you read this right. These full body exercises will  build your whole engine, capacity and will push your body to operate on a whole another level.

Due to the fact that all of your muscles will be engaged, your body will be pushed to burn excessive calories, not just during your workouts but afterwards as well. You will experience the "after-burn effect" and that will result in a better ratio of your "calories in - calories out". 

Keep in mind that your appetite will spike, make sure to avoid throwing yourself to eat a bunch of burgers, pizzas and ice creams.

Focus more on real foods such as meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, rice, sweet potatoes, fruits and veggies. Your body and health will thank you for these choices. You will like the reflection in the mirror as well. 

Do You Lift Weights? Do This To Skyrocket Your Cardio

Full body exercises

Let's look up into the scenario where you're visiting the gym, you like lifting weights, using the machines or simply, you like to workout besides other people. That's cool. Now let's talk about how including one or a few of these full body exercises into your lifting sessions will help you enhance your fat loss and cardio process as well. 

Here are two simple templates that you can follow. In both cases, I would recommend to use these bodyweight exercises as workout finishers. 

1. Workout Finisher Template 1 - pick only 1 full body exercise from the video, do 4-6 sets by doing 10-15 repetitions. Rest between sets, as minimum as possible. 45-60 seconds rest periods would be sufficient. Push the pedal here and finish strong. 

2. Workout Finisher Template 2 - pick 2 exercises from the video, and do 3-5 supersets by going back to back with these 2 exercises without any rest between. Rest once you finish one set for both exercises. Again, 3-5 supersets with 60-75 seconds rest between will be enough for you to meet your fat-loss goals. 

And not last, if you try these bodyweight workout finishers, at the end of your lifting workouts, I guarantee you that your work capacity will increase. When you achieve that, you'll be able to do a longer, more dense lifting sets and more effective lifting workouts.

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full body exercises without weights

Now you have 27 full body exercises you can do anywhere. No GYM required, no equipment needed. 

I have shared with you in this article, the benefits of these 27 bodyweight exercises, 5 effective workout templates, how to structure your own workouts and how many workouts per week to perform for optimal results.

The only thing you need is to be creative, build your workouts and apply into the 5 weekly training templates that I've shared with you (pick 1 of these) If you decide to give these full body exercises a try, expect the excessive body weight to shred off, your energy to hit the roof and overall, your body to feel great and perform on a higher level throughout your days. 

Did you like these 27 full body exercises? 

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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