Full Body HIIT Workout Without Weights

9 minute full body HIIT workout without weights. Try this routine at home or outdoor. 7 no-equipment exercises, let's work out together!


9 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout Without Weights

Quick HIIT Workout at Home Without Equipment

To complete this high intense interval training workout you don't need any equipment at hand. You will perform 7 different bodyweight exercises while following 30:10 seconds of work/rest protocol. 

This is a quick, full body HIIT session that you can perform anywhere you like. It can be done by beginners and intermediate trainees as well.

How Do You Do HIIT Workout At Home Without Equipment?

To perform efficient HIIT bodyweight workouts at home, you need to follow these 3 steps: 

1. Pick the right exercises for your training level (with or without equipment). Your choice.

2. Pick the work/rest timing protocol. Here are a few examples: Beginners - 20/20, 20/15, 30/20, 30/25 , 30/30 seconds of work/rest for each exercise. Intermadiate training level - 20/10, 20/15, 30/15, 40/20, 40/30 and 40/40 seconds of work/rest. 

3. Calculate how many rounds you will do - one round is when you complete 1 set for each of the exercises that you have chosen. 

4. Pick your between rounds rest - when you complete one full round, while moving through each of your movements, you have to get a good rest in order to get your breath back and prepare your body for the upcoming round. Pick somewhere between 60 seconds and 3 minutes rest between each of your working rounds. 

When you clear all of the 4 steps above, you are ready to complete an efficient HIIT workout at home without equipment.

Beginner tip: pick up to 3 exercises for each round as this would be easier for you to remember the moves and not get confused. Normally, this is a very low amount of movements to perform for a complete session. To avoid this, perform 2-3 mini-circuits to get a full workout. 1 mini circuit is when you perform your 2-3 exercises, for X number of rounds. Once done, pick another 3 moves and proceed accordingly. 

Is HIIT A Full Body Workout?

In most cases yes, the HIITs are full body routines. However, you can build up sessions separately as upper and lower body HIITs as well. To dig deeper, you can perform HIIT routines by doing just 1 exercise at a time which makes it very easy to target your upper, lower or full body too. 

Is HIIT Better Than Cardio?

HIIT is the combination of resistance work and cardio demanding exercises while cardio itself, is an activity where the impact and intensity both are significantly lower and can be performed for longer periods of time. 

With HIIT you get the benefits from both worlds - resistance work while improving your cardio reserves. With cardio sessions, you will build your cardiovascular system, endurance, lung capacity and energy production. 

But which one is better? 

Both have their places! Do not limit yourself by picking and staying only with the one type of training. Combine both. My advice is to focus on the HIITs more as these are more time efficient and the resistance work is mandatory when it comes to building your body composition (which will determine how your body looks in the mirror). 

Use the cardio sessions alone as recovery during weekends (for example). Here are a couple of activities that can be done: walking, hiking, jogging, jumping rope, riding a bicycle, rowing, Yoga sessions, longer sex marathons (do not get too intense here, otherwise it will be a HIIT). These are just to name a few of the multiple cardio options that you have when it comes to performing a stand alone cardio workout.

Is It Okay To Do HIIT Everyday?

No it is not. If you have a high intensity training protocol, then 3-4 times weekly will be enough. Doing more of this will lead to constant muscle pains, lack of energy, hormonal disbalances, uncontrolled appetite etc. 

All of this above is not worthy to be experienced. Your life will suffer and the meaning of training is way more different than that. Training should do only one thing - improve the quality of your lifestyle and existance.

If you are in constant pains, just because you NEED these abs, what is the point of crashing your body just because your EGO is too big and uncontrolled?

How we feel is the upmost important manner. Not how we look. Not what others thing about ourselves. It's how do we feel, perform and operate on a daily basis and if working out is not improving that, then you are either doing it wrond, either you will have to seek for different workout methodologies that will work for yourself. 

What Is The Best HIIT Workout To Burn Fat?

To burn more fat with HIIT workouts - you must burn more calories. This will happen only with full body routines. You will have to perform slightly longer sessions between 30-45 minutes while making a small step back with the intensity of the sessions. You will still be in the HIIT zone, but you will not be sprinting or pushing at your max. 

Let me explain for a moment. 

Burning fat and body weight will occur only if you are in a slight, moderate or even extreme caloric deficit. If you are eating more than your body needs, then you will still be in shape thanks to the high intensity training BUT burning body fat will be a bit tricky for you. 


Let that sink in. PLEASE. 

Every activity can be considered as fat or weight loss. If you are burning calories - then you are performing a fat loss workout which is basically every activity that you can imagine. 

So next time you see the best fat loss workout or such BS title, please skip this immediately. This is just wrong and the trainer who is preaching it will not serve you well. 


In today's 9 minute full body HIIT workout without weights, I have selected 7 bodyweight exercises that have to be done in a 30/10 seconds of wor/rest timing protocol. 

Perfom this session as a stand alone routine or include as a finisher after lifting/resistance workouts (in case you are visiting the fitness gym). 

If somehow these 9 mintues are too short of a time to workout for you, then simple double or even triple this up! Once you finish your workout video, rest for 2-3 minutes, hit the replay button and repat the session. 

Let me know what you think for HIIT workouts and that particular session. 

Are you going to try it? Let me know in the comments. I will engage with you there. 

Thanks for reading, 


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