16 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout For Men (at Home Routine)

Full Body HIIT Workout For Men. No Equipment Required. Try This Bodyweight Routine at The Comfort of Your Home. Accelerate Your Weight Loss, Feel Great!


16 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout For Men (No Equipment)

Set the interval timer to 30 seconds work / 15 seconds rest.

Do 6 rounds of the following exercises:

1. 3 skater jumps to tuck jump combo

2. Broad jump to backward crawl 

3. Side crawl to sit out 

4. Low lunge rotation 

5. Crab toe touches (bottom ups)

Workout duration: 16 minutes. 

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds

Training Level: Intermediate 

What Is a Full Body HIIT Workout?

Full Body HIIT Workout

If you're wondering how to get in shape fast without investing too much of your valuable time, then the High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) is the right choice for you. 

Nothing cannot beats the efficiency of the HIIT workouts in terms of maximal calories burnt for a minimum required time. 

The HIIT workout system states for a max intensity performance of different exercises, combined into a circuit fashion and within an interval timer frame. This is a max effort training system. 

In other words, to perform an efficient HIIT workouts, you have to move through 2-3-4-5 etc. exercises one after each other, while working for a specific time interval, and rest for a following interval until you move into the next exercise. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Full Body HIIT Workout?

full body hiit workout

Without being too crazy about the benefits of the full body hiit workout, let's jump straight to the obvious and not so obvious "goodies" that you will gain if you trust this training system. 

1. Time Efficient - we're all busy, let's face this. Once you begin performing more hiit full body workouts, you will realize the real meaning of "workout time". Sometimes 20 minutes can be felt like 2 hours. You will learn how to push the pedal, and challenge yourself not just physically but mentally as well. 

2. You Get Benefits From Both Worlds - in short, you'll develop anaerobic and aerobic capacity at the same time. In translation, your strength endurance will increase, you will build some muscle (don't expect miracles here) and your cardio will hit the roof. 

3. Equipment Wise - by following your full body hiit workouts, you can basically execute your sessions without any equipment at all. Of course, this is not a necessity here but this makes it soo convenient for people lacking time to physically visit the gym and use the equipment there. In addition, smart equipment options here are: a kettlebell, pair of dumbbells, pull up or dip bar, gymnastic rings, sandbags and resistance bands.

4. Lots Of Calories Burn - due to the fact that you'll engage your whole body and will not work on a specific muscle separately, you'll have to work more focused on your "whole engine". As a result, more calories burnt, and if your diet and sleep are both on check, more weight and fat loss will be achieved. 

5. Working Out Can Be Fun! - That's right, alternating multiple exercises will engage your brain to the next level. As a result, you will never get bored again by your workouts. The more FUN you get, the more consistent you will be. Consistency = Results. Surprise! 

Too Busy To Workout Consistently?

full body hiit workout

If you're still here, then you might be interested in two things. 

1. How to workout on a tight schedule?

2. How to shred body weight in a convenient way? 

The biggest benefit that you will gain by following more full body hiit workouts is the fact that you can achieve outstanding results with just 3-4 workouts per week. 

And if we count the warm-ups, the sessions could be normally between 25 and 30 minutes time (warm ups included). 

In short, the full body hiit workouts will allow you to workout more infrequently (less times per week) and help you achieve great results. 

How Many Times Per Week Should You Do HIIT Workouts?

full body hiit workout

Let's look up closer into a couple of workout scenarios that you can follow. 

2 full body hiit workouts per week - use more complex/full body exercises. Sessions time: 60 minutes. Pick 12-15 exercises, spread these into 3 circuits and do 3-5 rounds of each circuit. Rest 3-5 minutes between your circuits. 

3 workouts per week - same as above but sessions could be around 40-45 minutes. Pick 8-10 exercises. Spread these into 2 circuits (4-5 exercises for each), and proceed like the template above. 

4 workouts per week - 25-30 minute workouts (4-6 exercises included) 

5 workouts per week - 20-25 minute sessions (3-5 exercises) 

6 workouts per week - 15-20 minute routines (3-4 exercises)

Warm ups: at least 10-15 minutes dynamic/mobility warm up routine. 

The ideas above are just to provide you with time-efficient full body hiit workout options - so you can build your weekly program. 

These are not a "must". Pick something, give it a test drive and then test something else until you hit the sweet spot. Once you're there, stick around and increase the intensity of your sessions. 

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What Are The Best Full Body HIIT Exercises?

full body hiit workout

When it comes to exercise selection for your full body hiit workouts, you have two great options to test for yourself. 

1. Pick 2 upper + 2 lower exercises and finish with a core movement. Let me eplain. To get a complete full body workout, it's obvious that you have to target every muscle in your body. To do so, while maintaining a sufficient exercise performance, you have to alternate upper and lower body exercise. In that case, your routine should looks like this: 

 - Upper body exercise 

 - Lower body exercise 

 - Upper body exercise 

 - Lower body exercise 

 - Core/Abs exercise. 

This is it. That's how to combine 5 exercises and to create an effective full body hiit workout. 

2. Full/Complex full body exercises - pick 2-3 full body movements. No more than that. 3 is optimal. 

Beginner In HIIT Training?
full body hiit workout

Let's look closer into the scenario if you're a beginner and this workout looks a bit more intense for your training level. 

Don't worry, it's okay. There are lots of beginners out there who are facing this problem frequently. 

This workout is an intermediate level. 

However, to fit this session for a beginner, you might want to customize the timing interval frame.

If the recommended timing interval for this workout is 30 seconds work / 15 seconds rest for the intermediate level, then for a beginner, you can use: 

15/15 seconds work/rest. 

20/20 seconds work/rest. 

15/20 seconds work/rest. 

15/25  seconds work/rest. 

15/30 seconds work/rest. 

15/15 timing protocol is the most intense one. When you move down into the options, the intensity falls down. So if you're totally out of shape, I do recommend you to begin with 15/30 seconds work/rest and then move up the scale once you adapt. 

Is This Full Body HIIT Workout Too Easy For You?

full body hiit workout

If 30/15 seconds work/rest is too easy time protocol for you, then here are a couple of ideas you might wanna try: 

30/10 seconds work/rest. 

40/20 seconds work/rest. 

45/15 seconds work rest. 

These three modifications will certainly do the work for you. However, if even this is not sufficient for you, then jump straight to the devastating 50/10 or even 60/15 seconds work/rest. 

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full body exercises without weights

This 16 minute full body hiit workout presented in today's article is a great option for busy folks with limited time for lifting weights, visiting the gym and investing hours into their training process. 

To get a complete and effective full body hiit workout (15-18 minute duration), you need to combine 3-5 exercises and stack these into timing intervals. 

Expect to be physically and mentally challenged while having tons of fun with this session. 

No equipment required, follow your routine at home, outdoor, at the hotel or while you travel (anywhere). 

What else? 

Give this a try!

Don't delay this one. I guarantee that the challenge is real here.

You have the options, now the action is on you.  

Did you like this full body hiit workout?

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love,

Coach Vlad

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