Full Body Workout at Home Without Equipment

22 Minute Full Body Workout at Home Without Equipment

Try this full body workout at home without equipment. It's 22 minutes session of 2 complex bodyweight exercises. It's fun, dynamic and challenging workout.


22 Minute Intense 

Full Body Workout at Home 

Without Equipment​

Workout Details

Full body workout at home without equipment

Here are your workout details:

Do 8 Rounds of the following exercises:

1. Skater jump - left and right - 1 repetition per side
2. Side Shuttle - 3-4 steps per side
(Rotate these 2 exercises for 5 total times).

3. Bear crawl to pushup (forward and backward) - 10 repetitions. You have to do 10 total push ups. That will include 10 bear crawls (3 steps per length) as well.

This is one full round.

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds. 

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What Makes That Full Body Workout at Home Without Equipment So Effective?

Full body workout at home without equipment

Skater Jumps are great for developing plyometric strength and learn your body to move in a lateral direction. Often times, we forget to do lateral exercises. And this is wrong because regularly, we have to do lots of lateral movement in our daily movements.

Side Shuffle - another bodyweight exercise that will deliver. As an ex-basketball athlete, we had to do a tons of side shuffles (otherwise said, basketball defence movement). I can tell that without working out specifically my legs that much, I had big, mobile and athletic legs. And the side shuffles played a big role with this one. 

Bear Crawl to PushUp - by combining both crawling and pushups, you'll operate out of the box. Crawling will work your whole body, your back, core, hips, shoulders and arms. And by adding some horizontal push pattern (what actually is the pushup), we have a complex bodyweight exercise that will work on your strenght endurance, cardio, balance and posture. 

What Are The Benefits of This Full Body at Home Workout?

Full body workout at home without equipment

You'll work on your lateral body movement by combining the skater jumps and side shuffles. 

Additionally, the crawling will activate your whole body, engage your core, whole upper back, legs, hips and arms. Expect to meet the "burning sensation" with this bodyweight exercise. And by adding few pushups into the whole equation, you get a full body movement that will burn lots of calories. It's certainly an intense one. 

These great bodyweight exercises are combined into a circuit training workout. That way, you'll spare some time, and hit sufficient volume of repetitions. 

Otherwise said - an effective session in a tight time frame. 

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Full body workout at home without equipment

In this article, I have shared with you a 22 minute full body workout at home without equipment. 

You have 8 total rounds of alternating 2 supersets that include 2 exercises for each. 

1. Skater jumps to side shuffles 

2. Bear crawl to push up. 

(Refer to the video on the top of the page if you haven't seen it yet). 

In my personal opinion, this bodyweight workout rocks. It's simple, straightforward and will require lots of efforts from your side. 

You only have to try. 

Do you linclude the circuit training workouts into your training?

Comment below.

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

PS: Here is an outstanding article about the bodyweight training: https://www.onnit.com/academy/basic-to-beast-complete-bodyweight-workout-program/


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