The Ultimate Full Body Workout For Beginners (HIIt Routine)

This full body  workout for beginners includes 10 bodyweight exercises! A HIIT routine that will blast your cardio and help you burn lots of calories. Let's Work!


The Ultimate Full Body Workout For Beginners (HIIT Routine)

Full Body Workout For Beginners At Home

In this 16 minute total body HIIT workout for beginners, there are 10 bodyweight exercises included. 

The interval timer frame used for the whole session is 30 seconds of work, followed by 20 seconds of work. 

2 total rounds should be performed. 1 round completed is when you move through all 10 movements. There is no longer rest between rounds allowed. Hence, you will work 16 minutes in 30/20 seconds work/rest flow. 

This HIIT workout video is 100% follow along which means that you don't have to do anything else but to replicate these exercises just the way I am performing them. 

Do not aim to follow my tempo. Take your time and the slower - the better as a start. The key point is to endure the session and try to maintain the right exercise technique. 

Your Full Body Exercise List

1. Feet on fire to 3 jumping lunges. 

2. Walk out push up to sit out. 

3. Bear crawl to crab crawl. 

4. Alternating stationary monkey walk to jump combo. 

5. Plank push up to back jump. 

6. Beginner speed burpee. 

7. High knees to mountain climber. 

8. Jump out to jump in. 

9. Plank forward reach. 

10. Sprinter sit up. 

10 Beginner HIIT Exercises That Can Be Done Anywhere

Just having the list with your bodyweight exercises, wouldn't be enough. Let's delve deeper into each of the exercises included. You will understand what muscle groups will be targeted and what benefits each movement will provide to you. 

1. Feet On Fire to 3 Jumping Lunges

This good combination will improve your feet quickness, agility and will stimulate mainly the quads and glutes. But due to the dynamic nature of this exercise, your hamstrings will take action as well. 

2. Walk Out Push Up to Sit Out

The walk out push up to sit out is a complex bodyweight movement that combines the following exercises: 

  1. Bodyweight walk out. 
  2. Push up. 
  3. Sit out 

This combination will ligh up your shoulders, arms, back and core. Begin in tucked position and start walking forward while only hands will move. Your legs should be stationary. Once you reach a push up position, do 1 repetition and walk back until meet the starting tucked position. Now you will do 2 sit outs (1 per side) and will start walking out again. 

3. Bear Crawl to Crab Crawl 

Crawling will help you get in shape fast. This is a basic exercise that will provide multiple benefits to your body. Crawling will improve your posture, core strength, build ab muscle, shoulder and arm strength, you will improve your conditioning and strength endurance too. If your life is a stationary one, then this combination of a bear to crab crawl will work wonders for you. 

If the space in your room/apartment is tight and small, then you can perform shorter lengths compared to mine (as shown in the video above). 

Crawling can be implemented anywhere and as a HIIT Beginner, it is a great addition to your bodyweight workouts. 

4. Alternating Stationary Monkey Walk to Jump Combo 

The alternating stationary monkey exercise is with high intense nature. It will elevate your breathing as it's dynamic and will recruit multiple muscles in the body. Moreover, by including a jump in between, the flow becomes more complex and you will develop a more explosive lower body. 

This exercise will target the legs, core, shoulders, back and arms. In addition, this is an unconventional move that will enhance your lower body mobility. 

5. Plank Push Up to Back Jump 

Plank push up is a staple exercise in HIIT workouts. However, this variation has 2 advantages over the regular plank to push up exercise: 

1. The tucked plank is harder than the regular one. 

2. The back and forth small leg jump element will recruit the core in more effective way. 

To perform these exercises, begin in a tucked push up position. Perform one rep plank to push up with the left arm. Then do 1 back jump and do 1 rep plank to push up with the right, followed by another back jump.

This is a core focused movement and with a slide HIIT aspect to it.

6. Beginner Speed Burpee

This is a low impact burpee variation that will spare your shoulders from injuries. It's the safe burpee, perfect for the beginner. 

Begin in stand up position, slightly squat and lean forward so you can touch the ground with both hands (you should not fall down, control this aspect of the movement). Once touching the ground, you will jump back with the legs until reaching a push up position. Once you are there, you will turn back and stand up so you can get to a standing position. 

The speed low impact beginner burpee is great for the whole body. The demand will be more tailored to the lower body and core but due to the supporting role of the arms, your upper back and shoulders will be targeted as well. A great cardio bodyweight exercise that any beginner could use in their workout plan. 

7. High Knees to Mountain Climbers

The high knee to mountain climber combo is one of the most dynamic HIIT exercises that you can perform. Highly intense cardio blaster. For this demonstration, I have used 8 high knees followed by 8 mountain climbers.

This move will elevate your conditioning, leg quickness, stamina, cardio, and lower body endurance.  

The small hand walk out will additionally engage the shoulders and upper back.

8. Jump Out to Jump In

This exercise will target the core mainly, shoulders and upper back as these have to act as support and stabilizers when moving the lower body. Begin on a push up position, and alternate 1 repetition of jump out followed by 1 repetition of jump in. 

9. Plank Forward Reach (Alternating)

The plank forward reach is a solid plank variation as it will activate more the obliques and stabilizing deep core muscles. Start on a regular plank position and you will alternate touching the ground in front of you with your arms. Looks simple but once performing a couple of sets, you will notice how better this plank is compared to the regular one.

10. Sprinter Sit Up

The sprinter sit up is an explosive ab exercise that is a variation of the regular sit up. The benefit here is that your obliques will be targeted as well and also, there is a cardio aspect and will improve your coordination as you have to build up the timing of doing sit up with slide rotation + raising the knee to the chest at the same time.

Start in a lying position and perform a regular sit up. Once you lift the upper body from the ground, you will aim to touch the opposite elbow with the opposite knee. You will constantly alternate both so we get an ab HIIT movement that will not just target your abs and obliques but will enhance your heart rate as well. 

6 Reasons Why To Try This Full Body Workout For Beginners

1. The routine is just 16 minutes and can be done anywhere. 

2. The perfect beginner HIIT timer is used: 30 seconds of work, followed by 20 seconds of rest. This will allow you to do lots of work throughout the whole workout without exhaust yourself early and not be able to finish it. 

3. 10 Beginner HIIT Exercises Used - as a fitness beginner, the higher your movement variety, the better. With these 10 exercises, you will target every muscle in your body while working on improving your cardio and conditioning too. 

4. A 100% Follow Along HIIT Workout Video - you don't have to think about anything. Just play your workout video and replicate all exercises. 

5. High Intensity Dynamic Bodyweight Workout - once finishing this session, you will feel highly energized and hyped caused by the highly dynamic nature of this routine. These post-workout effects will result in higher energy output in your daily activities, better focus and improved daily mood. 

6. Your legs and core will be highly targeted - this will lead to more calories burnt and a more effective full body workout.

How To Modify This Full Body Session?

How to modify this full body HIIT workout for beginners at home

If this workout is too intense for you, follow this: 

  • Option 1 - decrease the volume in half - perform 1 full round, instead of 2. This way your workout will be just 8 minutes, instead of 16. This way, you will still throw in some HIIT work while enduring for a full 8 minutes time. 
  • Option 2 - Once the first round is completed, pause the video and rest for 2-3 minutes. Once done, play the video again and perform the second round. This way, you will manage to recover and to endure your workout. 

Pick one of the 2 options above if you want to make this workout easier. 

What about if this session is too easy for you? 

Perform the whole workout twice. Once finishing with the video, rest for 5 full minutes in order to take your breath back, replay the video and repeat the workout for a second time. By doubling the workout volume, the intensity will increase, hence, the session will be tougher. 

Is HIIT A Good Start For The Fitness Beginner?

Is HIIT good for the beginners

HIIT is a great form of training that will help you as a beginner to level up your fitness and feel great. HIIT will help you improve your muscular endurance, cardio, conditioning and will tone up your whole body. You will equally get a stronger body with increased stamina that will serve you well in daily activities and life as well.

Also, the HIIT workouts are short on time and that will benefit you build the workout habit as it will not overwhelm you with long-hours investment in training. The more consistent you are as starting with fitness, the more likely you will stick with it in the future and progress accordingly. 

Is Full Body Workout Good For The Beginner?

Is Full Body Workout Good For Beginners

Yes, full body training is an excellent choice for beginners. The most vital benefit of doing more full body workouts is the fact that such routines don't require to be done more than 3-4 times per week. This is another thing that might help you consider to start working out because 3-4x 15-30 minutes weekly is not much of a time to invest in working out. We are all busy, hence the full body workouts are a great choice to stay consistent and while stimulating your muscles and energy systems frequent enough in order to adapt and progress.

How Often To Do Full Body Workouts As a Beginner?

How many HIIT workouts to do as a Beginner

How many HIIT workouts to do as a Beginner? 3-4 full body HIIT routines per week are more than sufficient workout volume in order to create the necessary muscular stimulus. Such a training frame will allow your body to adapt and recover in order for your performance to be effective enough so the desired outcome can be met. 

The higher quality your workouts are, the faster you will progress. But this will not happen if you do HIIT everyday. Such an approach will do more harm than good to your body and as result, you can get injured, crappy hormones, constant appetite, mood swings, anxiety and bad sleep. Avoid this at any cost and stick to the recommendations given above.

Can You Lose Weight With Full Body HIIT?

Can you lose weight with HIIT training

Losing weight with HIIT will occur if you choose the right exercises and perform them in the accurate interval timing frame. Weight loss will be a fact if you also be in a caloric deficit (eat less than you need) and while you sleep well. If these three factors are equally balanced, you will enjoy fast and noticeable weight loss results. In addition to that, do not neglect the high importance of what type of HIIT workout plan are you following as this can help you or interfere with your fitness goals.

3 Full Body Workouts For Beginners At Home (HIIT Routines)

Having only 1 good and complete full body workout under your hand is not sufficient. In order to diversify your bodyweight training, I have prepared for you 3 additional full body workouts for beginners without equipment. All are 100% follow along workout videos so you can only watch and replicate. In addition, in all sessions, the same interval timer frame has been used: 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. Enjoy.

15 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout (For Beginners)

In this 15 Minute Bodyweight HIIt Workout , there are 6 bodyweight exercises included. The session is full body and a total of 3 total rounds should be done. 

Here is your HIIT exercise list: 

1. Low impact speed burpee.

2. Short walk outs.

3. Footwork to drop lunge.

4. 8 high knees to 4 sit outs.

5. Shoulder tap to knee tap combo.

6. Jump outs.

15 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

For this full body circuit workout for beginners, you will have to move through 6 different bodyweight exercise variations. 3 rounds should be performed. 

Here is the HIIT exercise list: 

1. Burpee around the world. 

2. Squat to drop lunge combo. 

3. Beginner push up (Eccentric focus only). 

4. Leopard to crab crawl. 

5. Plank forward reach. 

6. Plank twists. 

12 Minute Beginner Bodyweight HIIT Workout (Total Body)

Another great and short beginner bodyweight HIIT workout that can be done anywhere. 5 exercises included, 3 total rounds should be performed. 

Here is the bodyweight exercise list: 

1. Jumping lunge to knee kick. 

2. T push up with row. 

3. Side to side pulsing squat. 

4. Alternating stationary monkey walk. 

5. Low bird dog plank. 

FREE 4 Week Full Body Workout Plan For Beginners (No Equipment)

Free 4 Week Full Body Workout Plan For Beginners At Home

Because you have come so far in this article, I will make a surprise for you by providing you with a free full body workout plan for beginners that you can do at home or anywhere you like. 

We will use these 4 full body workouts from this article and build a 4 week (28 days) complete HIIT workout plan. 

First, we will define the workout structure. 

A good weekly full body HIIT workout plan will look like this: 

1. Monday - Workout 1

2. Tuesday - Workout 2

3. Wednesday - Rest day

4. Thursday - Workout 3

5. Friday - Rest day

6. Saturday - Workout 4

7. Sunday - Rest day


Workout 1 - The Ultimate Full Body HIIT Workout For Beginners (10 Moves)

Workout 2 - 15 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout (For Beginners)

Workout 3 - 15 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

Workout 4 - 12 Minute Beginner Bodyweight HIIT Workout (Total Body)

To review each of your HIIT workout videos, simply refer to the videos above in this article. Workout 1 is the main one (top of this page), and the other 3 workouts are right above this paragraph.

Summing It Up

Bodyweight workouts 10

Doing HIIT full body workouts as a beginner will help you get more muscularly endured, with higher cardio reserves, conditioning and stamina. The energy levels will spike and you will feel overall - great. 

HIIT will also not take much of your time and when it's convenient, you will manage to build the workout habit and progress with your fitness. 

Today we have looked in-depth at the Ultimate Full Body Workout For Beginners. Each exercise was shown as well, in a separate video so you can get more familiar with the movements included in your session.

In addition, you can find 3full body workouts that can be done anywhere and without equipment. 

All beginner HIIT workout videos are follow along and the only thing you have to do is to replicate the exercises. 

Which one of these 4 beginner full body workouts did you like most? 

Comment below! 

To your FIT-ter self,


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