HIIT Cardio For Beginners - 5 Quick Workouts

HIIT for beginners - 5 bodyweight workouts that will help you get started with HIIT, target your full body, core, abs, cardio and weight loss. Let's work!


HIIT Cardio For Beginners (5 Quick Full Body Workouts)

In this article, you will find 5 beginner HIIT cardio workouts for beginners that you can try at home. All of the 5 routines are full body sessions. The only difference is with the last one which is more focused on the core and abs. 

However, there are movements included which will target more muscle groups than just your core so we can include this routine to the full body sessions group.

All beginner workouts are 100% follow along videos. You don't have to think about anything. Simply review your workout video first, then you can perform 1 set for a few repetitions of each of exercise included. This will help you get familirize with the movement and be more proficient in your working sets. Once done, proceed with the main workouts which you can find below: 

7 Minute HIIT Cardio Beginner Workout (11 Exercises Included)

For this 7 minute beginner HIIT workout - no equipment, there are a total of 11 different bodyweight exercises included. For the whole session, you will work with 30 / 10 seconds of work / rest timer protocol. 

Here is the HIIT exercise list of this workout: 

1. Beginner (low-impact) speed burpee. 

2. Short walk outs. 

3. Feet on fire to drop lunge. 

4. Rhytmic high knee switch. 

5. Bear walk to sit out. 

6. Knee to elbow plank step. 

7. Bouncing and rotating drop lunge. 

8. Crab crawl to bottom ups. 

9. Marching squat isometric hold.

10. High knee to mountain climber. 

11. Plank supported jump outs. 

10 Minute Beginner HIIT Full Body Workout

This beginner workout consists of only 3 exercises:

1. Side shuffle, to side crawl to side high knees. 

2. Squat jumping twists. 

3. Slow negative push up. 

Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Through the whole routine, the only allowed rest is 10 seconds between each of your moves. This makes the routine highly intense and challenging. 

10 Minute Low Impact Workout

This beginner workout is including the whooping 13 bodyweight moves! Here the work / rest interval timer protocol is 30 / 20 seconds.

And here is the HIIT exercise list: 

1. Push up with twist. 

2. Squat with knee to elbow. 

3. Plank to push up with jump outs. 

4. Lateral short lunges with grount taps. 

5. Scorpion plank (reverse steps). 

6. Squat to curtsy lunges. 

7. Push up isometric hold to jump out. 

8. Jump in to jump out. 

9. Spiderman push up with backward leg raise. 

10. Cross step plank. 

11. Side to side plank. 

12. Side cross step to forward lunge. 

13. Hollow body hold to crab reach. 

9 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout

For this session, you will again perform each of the 7 exercises included for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds.

Here are the HIIT exercises list: 

1. Squat isometric jump outs to jum squat. 

2. Bear to crab crawl. 

3. Forward moving speed burpee with foot work. 

4. Broad jump to back crawl. 

5. Side crawl step push up. 

6. Crawling with jump outs. 

7. Around the world burpee tuck jump. 

The whole workout consists of 2 big rounds. 1 round is finished when you move through each of the 7 exercises provided above by following 30/10 seconds work/rest interval timer. Once finishing the first round, there are no big rests allowed and you will continue with round 2 - straight away. 

7 Minute HIIT Cardio Abs & Core Workout (Bodyweight Routine)

For this session, you will again perform each exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds.

Here are the movements: 

1. Bear crawl to sit out. 

2. Crab crawl to crab reach. 

3. Plank to push up with step ins and jump outs combo. 

4. Crab crawl to side push up. 

5. Ground tap reaching plank. 

6. Side crawl to side plank crawl. 

The whole workout is build up of 2 big rounds. 1 round is finished when you move through each of the 6 core exercises provided above by following 30/10 seconds work/rest interval timer.

30 Days HIIT Cardio Workout Plan For Beginners

FREE HIIT Workout Plan For Beginners
I value your participation here. And this is a small surprise for you. 

Follow this workout structure below. I have built a 30 day beginner HIIT workout plan for you.

So we already have 5 HIIT workouts. Why don't we use these and "insert" them into a frame that will work for each fitness beginner and serve well for 30 days period or even more?  

Find below your training plan: 

Day 1: 7 Minute Beginner HIIT Cardio Workout

Day 2: Rest day

Day 3: 10 Minute Beginner HIIT Full Body Workout

Day 4: Rest Day

Day 5: 10 Minute Low Impact Workout

Day 6: Rest day

Day 7: 9 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout

Day 8: Rest day

Day 10: 7 Minute HIIT Cardio Abs & Core Workout

Day 11: Rest day

Day 12: Repeat the whole cycle again by starting from Day 1. 

Once day 10 is finished, you have moved through each one of these 5 beginner workouts.So 2 more left until the program is over. I will not continue the list until day 30 because it will take too much space here. Once you finish with day 10, simply start all over (like from day 1), so you can move 2 more times through each of these sessions. 

If these workouts are too easy for you, perform the session, then rest for 5 full minutes and repeat for one more time. This will guarantee you twice the workout volume and will enhance the intensity of your routines. 

If you have hard times with this structure and need customized coaching help, you can always get a personalized HIIT Workout Plan.


Is HIIT Good For Beginners?

Is HIIT good for beginners
HIIT is a remarkable way for each beginner to get in better shape with higher energy, stamina and productivity. HIIT will help your body get FIT-ter and in overall better health with good Fitness. You will build some muscle and lose body weight if your bodyweight training program is structured in the right way, your diet is balanced and you recover well. 

Can You Get FIT-ter Body With HIIT?

Can you get FIT-ter body with HIIT
Bodyweight training and HIIT can provide multiple varieties of exercises that will challenge your body in ways that weights will never do. Targeting different angles, dynamic movements, crawling and other moves will build your nervous system to adapt in different, stressful conditions which will make you more proficient mover and respectfully - you will get FIT-ter because of it. You cannot go wrong with HIIT workouts because they will improve your overall Fitness and will serve you well in days where visiting the gym will not be an option for you. 

What Not To Expect From HIIT

HIIT will not do this for you
HIIT is not the magical weight loss workout method. Yes, you will get the best from both worlds: aerobic and resistance work at the same time while burning additional calories due to the high intensity demand that it will creates.

But if your bodyweight training program is not structured well enough, your diet is bad and your sleep is not optimized, then you might have hard times with losing body fat and reaching your fitness goals. 

Having good health means to have a good balance between sleep/recovery, diet and movement. So if changing your diet is a bit challenging for you, then at least focus on improving your Sleep first, and then being consistent with your training. This is mandatory for each HIIT beginner.


Can You Build Muscle With HIIT?

Can you build muscle with HIIT training workouts
HIIT is not the best and optimal muscle building method. However, it is not a lie that you can build muscle along the way. If you progress enough to the point where you will perform workouts with hundreds of bodyweight repetitions, this would be sufficient tension for your muscles to get the proper stimulus and grow. And by growth, I don't mean in massive, bodybuilding and pumped way. I am focusing here on building elastic, explosive and more dynamic type of muscle which will serve you well in daily activities and movement in general.

But if muscle building is your main fitness goal and you want to get the jacked dude, I would definitely recommend a different, more strength orientated bodyweight training method. 

HIIT Everyday - Avoid At Any Cost

Can you do HIIT workouts everyday
You will not lose weight faster by doing HIIT workouts everyday. The only things that you will cause to your body are: constant fatigue, hormone issues, disrupted sleep, lack of appetite, elevated cortisol and low levels of testosterone, increase chances of anxiety, nervous system break downs and others. 

If losing weight and body fats is your goal, then make sure to [erform 3-4 HIIT workouts weekly (full body sessions), eat a balanced diet and sleep more so you can rest properly and increase your exercise performance in the upcoming sessions.

If you have hard times with your HIIT workouts and need a customized HIIT workout plan, you can always reach out for help. I will love to assist you.

Do Not Miss - 24 Beginner HIIT Exercises (Bodyweight Cardio Moves!)

If you are a beginner and somehow, you have a desire to start with HIIT or bodyweight training, then I recommend you checking out the video below or read more about these 24 Beginner HIIT Exercises. 


Beginners can dramatically improve their overall fitness with HIIT workouts. The massive believe that you have to workout more in order to lose body weight faster is simply wrong. If you start HIIT because you need to shed a few pounds, then perform 3-4 full body high intensity routines weekly and also, focus on what you eat and how you sleep. Manage the stress and results will come. 

Training is additional stress not just to your muscles but to your nervous system as well. If you over-do this process by doing HIIT workouts everyday, your daily activities, job/business and life in general will begin to suffer. You will be constantly fatigued, with mood swings, tired and with lack of focus.

Working out should always enhance the quality of our lives. We are not professional athletes and we will not be. As such, training for health and good looking body should not happen overnight nor be too extreme.

Take your time, build these good habits of regular movement, eating real foods and being extremely selfish with your sleep. By doing these 3 without overstressing the whole process, you will improve your fitness and health. 

Do you like HIIT training workouts? Why?

Comment below. 

Thanks for reading, 


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