15 Minute HIIT Core Workout For Beginners (No Weights)

In this 15 minute HIIT core workout for beginners without weights, there are 9 core exercises included. High intensity, beginner core workout. Let's move!


15 Minute HIIT Core Workout For Beginners (No Weights)

Beginner Core HIIT Workout 

This is a 15 minute core workout without equipment. 2 total rounds of 9 core & abs exercises for each should be performed.

The work/rest is 30/20 seconds. 1 working round is considered after you finish 1 set for each of these 9 movements. Once done, you will rest for 2 minutes and repeat again. 

This is a follow along workout video and you only have to replicate and follow the instructions.

Here is your HIIT core exercise list:

1. High to low bird dog plank. 

2. Plank ankle taps. 

3. Jump outs. 

4. Straddles. 

5. Short crab crawl to bottom ups (ankle taps). 

6. Alternating static monkey walk. 

7. Cross knee to elbow to bottom up. 

8. Mountain climber to plank twists (8 to 4 repetitions). 

9. Sprinter sit up. 

What Is HIIT Core Workout?

What is HIIT core workout

HIIT core workout is considered as a routine where two or more exercises are combined in rounds or circuits and performed by certain periods of time followed by periods of rest. The HIIT core workout will equally help you build ab muscle while improving your cardio and endurance as well. You will get the best of both worlds, burn extra calories and lose weight if you are consistent enough and your diet is in a caloric deficit. 

What is a good beginner HIIT core workout?

The core HIIT workouts can be created in the following way: 

1. Combination of cardio and aerobic exercises with core and strength-focused moves such as planks and similar isometric moves. 

2. Combination of dynamic core strength-focused moves and ab exercises such as the routine presented today. 

What Are The Benefits of Core HIIT Training?

What are the benefits of HIIT core training for the fitness beginner

The benefits of core HIIT routines is that you will increase the ab muscle building process while burning lots of calories as you will work for certain periods of times where the intensity will be high. The HIIT and more dynamic nature of such sessions will improve your cardiovascular systems and this will result in better endurance and work capacity. In other words, this is a good training method to build a stronger core, ab muscle and endurance while slimming the waist and feel overall better and with higher energy. 

Why This Core HIIT Routine Is Effective?

To understand deeper why this core workout is good for you, we need to review the structure of your session and what makes it complete: 

1. All core exercises are chosen to fit a beginner fitness level trainee and be challenging enough to create a good stimulation of the core muscles.

2. 3 total plank variations are included (exercises 1, 2 and 7). This will focus the work on the strength and muscle build. 

3. Exercises 3,4,5,6 and 8 have a high dynamic and cardio nature where your core has to do a high amount of work in multiple different angles which will help with the muscle fiber recruitment and muscle building process. 

4. The work/rest protocol is good for the beginner as 30 seconds is not too much to endure under tension and followed by 20 seconds of rest after each exercise, it will be easier to endure the whole round of 9 movements. 

5. Between the 2 rounds that should be done, there is a 2 minute complete rest which will help you get the breath back and attack the upcoming second round. 

6. The core session is complete and follow along workout video that only has to be played and to replicate everything presented inside.

Core HIIT Exercise Showcase

As a fitness beginner, it is highly important to have clearance regarding the exercises you perform. With that in mind, now we will look in detail at all of these 9 moves included in today's HIIT core workout for beginners.

1. Beginner High to Low Bird Dog Plank

The beginner high to low bird dog plank is a fantastic core stabilizing exercise that will involve your arms and legs as well. Begin on a regular push up position and start lifting up one after the other your arms and legs. Once finishing with 1 repetition for each limb, you will move down, on the lower position which is the regular plank. From there you will repeat the raise of your limbs, then go up to the initial push up position and repeat all over again. 

2. Plank Ankle Taps

The plank ankle taps is a plank variation where you will tap your ankles with each opposite arm.

Begin on a regular plank, raise the right leg toward the chest and slightly rotate the knee outwards in order for the ankle to move further to the chest. Tap the ankle with the opposite arm, move back to the initial plank position and do the same with the opposite leg and arm.

This plank variation will somehow engage the full body as the tension on the arms will be higher as frequently, you will use only 1 arm for support. It is the same with the leg.

All of this will reflect in all other muscles in the body as they will act as stabilizers and will be engaged in one way or another. The dynamic aspect will increase your cardio and work on energy systems. 

3. Jump Out

The jump outs is a low impact, light plyometric core exercise that is great for building core strength, activate the upper body and challenge your cardio.

Begin on a push up position and start doing small outwards and inwards small jumps with the legs. The upper body will remain static (in an isometric position) and work as a stabilizer.

That itself will also improve the straight arm strength and multiple upper body muscles will be activated. The small bounce and jump of the lower body will engage the core and legs. It is not high intensity exercise but when done properly will surprise how effective it is. 

4. Straddles

As from exercises 4 to 6 (video top of this page), you will perform more dynamic and HIIT focused exercises.

The straddles is a core HIIT exercise that will engage the upper body, core and the cardio demand here will be high as you have to constantly move the whole body by performing small jumps in a triangle way.

Begin on a regular push up position (high plank), the arms remain stationary through the whole move, jump with tucked legs to the right shoulder direction, then jump back to starting position, then to the left shoulder, back to initial position and repeat all over again. The movement of the legs is imitating a triangle. 

The keypoint here is to focus on the frequency of the jumps, make sure to do lots of these and avoid doing big jumps as it is not the goal. Aim for consistency and high repetitions. 

5. Short Crab Crawl to Ankle Tap

Short crab crawl to bottom up ankle tap will activate the shoulders, upper back, chest, triceps, core and hip flexors. Begin on a sitting position, place the arms on the ground next to the body and start moving the whole body forward for a few steps while keeping the glutes above the ground. You will carry your whole body on the 4 limbs. It is like walking sitting but only with your butt above the ground. 

Once done with the necessary crab steps, which can be as low as 4-6 and up to however you need and have space to perform. 

You will lift the opposite leg, tap the ankle, then the other leg, again, you will tap the ankle and this time, you will do crab crawl backward for a few steps. There you will tap twice the ankles again and repat the flow again. 

6. Alternating Static Monkey Walk

The leg alternating static monkey walk is slightly similar to the straddle but can be considered as a lower impact core and HIIT exercise.

Begin on a tucked push up position, through the whole move, the upper body and arm position remains static and acts to stabilize.

The focus here would be on the lower body and core. Start with a small bounce enough to move your legs to the side. The inner leg is always landing on the middle line of your body while the outter leg will extand and reach outwards. You will constantly alternate this lower body flow until the end of the working set. 

7. Knee to Elbow to Bottom Up

The knee to cross elbow reach to bottom up is a great core exercise that will target the whole core and the tension will be high.

This is a highly efficient move that if being done regularly will help you get a stronger core and build more ab muscle. 

Start on a push up regular position. Reach with the knee to the opposite elbow and once done, lift the pelvic upward. Then go back and do the same with the other leg. 

The idea of this core exercise is to target the obliques and front side of the core - rectus abdominis or your abs.

The keypoint here is the bottom up move which will activate the core and you will feel the tension in the muscles. Do not aim for speed here, instead, the muscle contraction should be your goal. 

8. Mountain Climbers to Plank Twists

In this combination, you will combine 8 mountain climbers followed by 4 plank twists. The main idea of this combo is to target the front side of the core with the climbers and to work on the obliques with plank twists. Both combined will result in a complete core targeting. Also, the dynamic nature of both moves will work on your cardio too. 

9. Sprinter Sit Up

This beginner 15 minute HIIT core workout will end up with this classic and super effective ab only exercise which the sprinter sit up is.

Lye on the ground and start doing a sit up. Once lifting the upper body from the ground, you will also raise one leg with a knee pointing to the chest.

Once up, you will rotate the upper body which goal is to activate the obliques and target more muscles in the torso. Then you will return to starting position and repeat with the other leg.

How The Beginner Should Start With HIIT and Core Training?

As a fitness beginner, starting with HIIT workouts might be challenging for you. However, if you follow these steps below, you will have everything in place in order to get results and progress: 

1. Avoid performing 30+ minutes of HIIT sessions as these will over-stress your body, muscles and nervous system. Instead, focus more on 10, 15 or 20 minute HIIT routines (wam up time not included). 

2. Aim for consistency - as a fitness beginner, building the training habit is mandatory because it will reflect in the future and how committed you will be towards achieving good fitness results and improve the overall quality of life. 

3. Begin with bodyweight HIIT workouts only and experiment with different training objects and tools on later events. Keep it simple and avoid doing things too complicated. 

4. Perform only follow along workouts such as the one at the top of this page or visit HIIT groups and classes. The less you think about the structure of your sessions, the better. Your focus should be on the exercise technique mainly, the breathing and how to control the tempo in order to endure the routine. 

Can You Get a Good Core Workout In 15 Minutes?

Can you get a good core and abs workout in 15 minutes as a beginner

15 minutes is sufficient time to get a good core workout as a fitness beginner if you actually train hard during this period of time and push the pedal seriously. Aim for good exercise technique, focus on the mind-muscle connection and how your muscles contract and make sure that the tension applied on your core will be sufficient in order to create the necessary adaptation in order to progress, get stronger and be satisfied with the desired outcome and how your body looks from the outside. 

How Often To Do Core HIIT Workouts?

How Often To Do HIIT Core Workouts as a beginner

As a beginner, targeting your core specifically 2-3 times per week will be enough to produce satisfactory results and help you not just with losing weight, gaining strength and building ab muscle but to improve the overall strength of your whole body and your workout performance. Your core is the foundation of everything and if you manage to remain consistent over time with these routines, the results achieved will serve you well and optimize the lifestyle you have. 

2 Complete HIIT Core Workouts For Beginners (No Equipment)

As a beginner with the core HIIT workouts, the more options you have, the better you will become.

The muscles in general will react better every time if you stress them differently and with high varieties of exercise variations, angles, different tempo etc. 

You can find below 2 HIIT core workouts that can be done anywhere and without any equipment.

Both sessions are 100% follow along and there will be no necessity for you to think about the upcoming exercises, rest periods etc. 

The only thing you have to do is to play the videos and replicate all of the presented exercises. 

30 Minute Core Workout For Beginners

This 30 minute beginner core workout will challenge you big time. 7 core exercises included, 30/20 seconds work/rest protocol timer, 7 total rounds should be done. 

This is your core exercise list: 

1. Short sit out to jump out. 

2. Tucked shoulder tap to ankle tap combo. 

3. Low bird dog plank. 

4. Plank push up to sit out. 

5. V sit hold to ankle tap. 

6. Hollow body hold to crab reach. 

7. Plank twists. 

15 Minute Core Workout For Beginners (HIIT, No Weights)

For this 15 minute core workout for beginners, there are 6 exercises used. 30/20 seconds protocol used, 3 total rounds should be performed. 100% follow along workout. 

You can find below the core exercise list: 

1. Alternating stationary monkey walk. 

2. Cross body knee tap to jump out combo. 

3. Cross body step to knee tap. 

4. Plank ankle taps. 

5. Plank twist to knee elbow tap. 

6. Sprinter sit up. 

Summing It Up

Training the core as a beginner is mandatory if your goal is to progress with your overall fitness. Of course, the rest of the muscles in the body are important, but the core is the foundation and it will help you achieve everything else and all of your fitness goals more easily and in less time needed. 

By incorporating more HIIT core workouts as a beginner, you will equally stimulate the ab and core muscle building processes while improving the cardio, conditioning and endurance as well. 

You will get more energy, feel stronger with the other exercises performed for the rest of your body, the posture and breathing will improve and generally, your overall shape.

In this article, you can find 3 HIIT core workouts for beginners. The first one is at the top of the page and the rest will be right above this chapter.

All of these 3 routines are completely follow along workout videos that can be replicated by any beginner. 

Are you a fan of the HIIT core workouts or you prefer more ab focused routines? Comment below! 

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