HIIT Workout Routine

26 Minute HIIT Workout Routine (Full Bodyweight Killer)

HIIT Workout Routine For Men. Try This 26 Minute HIIT Session at Home, Outdoor or While You Travel. Get Ready to Sweat! Try Today.


26 Minute HIIT Workout Routine (Full Bodyweight Killer)

Set the interval timer to 30/15 seconds work/rest. 

Do 4 full rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

1. 1,5 jumping lunge 

2. 1-2 step push up 

3. Speed burpee 

4. Side alternating lunge with a hop 

5. 5 kick outs to bottom up 

6. High knee sprint in place (if 30 seconds are too much, do the sprint for about 8-12 seconds and try to maintain a high tempo until the end of the interval). 

30 seconds work for each exercises, 15 seconds rest between. Once you move through all of your 6 exercises, following this time frame, make sure to get a sufficient rest before you jump into the next round. 

150 seconds rest between rounds (2 minutes and a half). 

Total workout time: 26 Minutes. 

Workout training level: Intermediate

What Is HIIT Workout Routine?

HIIT Workout Routine

The HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) workout routines states for short training routines, performed in a timing frame where you have to work intensively for a certain period of time (work interval), followed by a rest interval. 

This is a highly convenient training approach for the "busy folks" with limited time for fitness attending or with insufficient or lack of weights "underhand". 

Your HIIT workout routines can be performed without any equipment at all: bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, sprinting/running or swimming. 

Besides that, you can always build a hiit workout routine with any available weights that you have access to: jumping rope, resistance bands, dumbbells or one dumbbell, kettlebell, sandbag, bulgarian bag even a light barbell. 

When it comes to following an effective hiit workout routine, what will make the difference for you is the proper exercise intensity selection (based on your goal and training level) and how you will build the timing frame.

What Are The Benefits Of A HIIT Workout?

HIIT Workout Routine

Here's what you can gain by following more hiit workout routines: 

1. Better cardio & conditioning.

2. Improved strength endurance and stamina. 

3. More energy and brain sharpness.

4. Increased calories burnt not just during your workout but hours afterwads. 

5. If you don't like visiting the gym, you can follow only bodyweight (no equipment) hiit workout routines at a place of your convenience (literally anywhere). 

6. Time efficient - there's nothing else so practical that you can do compared to the hiit routines. Workouts such this, will challenge your whole body and mindset as well. You will get a killer routine in 15-20 minutes or less. 

7. Improved anabolic hormones - due to the high intensity of the hiit workouts, your anabolic hormones will increase (if you're not overtraining), which will lead to more lean physique, more lean muscle, less body fats and improved self-confidence which is critical for taking the most important decisions in life.

Are HIIT Routines Good For Losing Weight?

HIIT Workout Routine

Does HIIT burn belly fat? This is a difficul question, yet it needs to be answered. 

The hiit workout routines will help your body burn extra calories (due to the "post-after burn effect" caused by the higher intensity of your workouts). In a nutshell, your body will burn additional calories hours after your hiit workout routine is done. 

Fair enough. 

But if your goal is to shred weight, then a few more things need to be met in order to achieve quick results and mental satisfaction. 

1. You need to sleep well. 

2. Your diet needs to be tracked, balanced or at least, you have to be in a caloric deficit. Otherwise, you will get in shape, you will get fitter (kind of), but your fats will not melt with the speed that you desire. So as you can imagine, if you do hiit workout routines, and eat whole day long like a complete as*hole, then don't expect miracles to happen.

What Are The Best HIIT Exercises?

HIIT Workout Routine

This is another important question that needs attention. 

In my personal opinion, the best hiit workout routine exercises that you can select are the ones that will allow your body to perform at a highest intensity (effort), for slightly longer periods of time (30-45 seconds), without hitting the wall. 

In other words, the bodyweight exercises are an excellent way to hit a solid hiit workout routine. Besides that, doing running sprints, air dune bike or regular bike sprints are great as well. Rowing is great too. 

What about weight exercises? 

I would stick with lighter weights here. The idea is to focus on quality performance, lots of repetition done and focusing on strength endurance, stamina, speed, agility and a bit of explosive strength. You can work on other skills such as balance, mobility and core strength development too. 

DISCLAIMER: do not expect the hiit workout routines to help you get jacked. Because it won't. This is not the purpose of the hiit sessions. Instead, you will develop your whole engine, your energy levels will hit the roof and in a nutshell, you will get fitter. But if you want big chest, shoulder, back or legs, then you need to look after another, more efficient muscle-building training approach.

How Many Times Per Week Should You Do HIIT?

HIIT Workout Routine

Honestly, 2-4 hiit workout routines per week will be more than enough for you to help your weigh loss and get results. 

You're risking to lose lots of muscle if you jump into the 5-6 hiit workout routines per week. Not that it's bad (but your body will get into the "flight or flight" state), which will push your body to store more fat in order to "survive". As results, you will meet hard times to see your six pack abs pop-up. 

I'm a firm believer in the balance. So the most convenient scenario (in my opinion) is to follow 2 full body resistance/strength workouts + 2-3 hiit workouts routines per week. 

That way, you will maintain a good muscle build work, while skyrocketing your cardio, conditioning, fat-loss and endurance while avoiding the constant "fight or flight" response of your body.

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Can You Do HIIT Workouts Every Day?

HIIT Workout Routine

You can follow interval workouts almost every day. However, following hiit workout routines 6-7 times per week will be very difficult and if you think that you can perform hiit sessions that frequently, you're thinking it wrong. 

The main purpose of the hiit workouts is to push the pedal hard, like really hard. And we both know that sprinting every single day won't be sufficient for your body, you will over-train, your nervous system will be fried and your life will begin to suck due to crappy hormones and multiple health issues that your body will be facing with. 

However, if you have a desire to follow interval routines every day, yes - it's possible. 

Here's a smart and balanced approach of how to workout every day, without over-train: 

Do 3-4 interval training workouts - that would be to set an interval timer and do 3-5 exercises in an alternating fashion. The difference between interval training and hiit workout routines would be the interval timer (the hiit working timer should be less) and the intensity of your exercise performance (the hiit exercises should be performed faster and with higher tempo).

Do 2-3 hiit workouts per week - can you notice the difference? The more high intense you go with your workouts, the less you have to do in order to recover properly and maintain a sufficient workout performance. 

In a nutshell, if your desire is to workout every day, do 3 interval workouts per week and 3 hiit workout routines as well. That will make 6 total sessions weekly. More than enough to achieve great results. Please, spare 1 day of your week to recover properly. 

One short addition here, make sure that your workouts will stick somewhere around the 20 minute duration mark. And also, make sure that your interval workouts are less intense compared with the hiit routines.

Is This HIIT Workout Routine Too Intense For You?
HIIT Workout Routine

There's always a possibility, this 26 minute routine to be too intense/hard for you. This is due to the fact that all of my workouts are build for the intermediate trainee. 

To decrease the intensity of this hiit workout routine, make sure to adjust your timer frame. 

Instead of following 30/15 minutes work/rest, do 20/20 seconds work/rest as a start. Once you progress, adjust the frame slowly by adding 5 seconds of your work timer, and decrease 5 seconds of your resting timer. But make sure to adjust only one of these two. Not at the same time, otherwise, the intensity will jump too quickly and you will most probably not be able to endure the whole session.

Too Easy? Try This...

If this workout is too easy for you, then again, you have to adjust the time frame. 

Option 1 - change the time frame to 30/10 seconds work/rest. 

Option 2 - change the time frame to 45/15 seconds work/rest.

Option 3 - change the time frame to 50/10 secodns work/rest.

Begin from option 1 and move gradually once you progress. While you're moving through option 1 to option 3, your workout's intensity is increasing gradually.

Can You Build Muscle With HIIT?

HIIT Workout Routine

The HIIT workout routines will help you shred body weight (if your sleep and diet are both on check). In addition, your energy will skyrocket, focus and brain productivity too, better strength endurance, stamina and weight loss will be just a few of the benefits that you could gain. 

But if your goal is to gain muscle and look "Jacked", this is not the right training system for you. The HIIT workouts are not optimal for muscle build. 

With that spoken, if you're looking for a balanced training approach, begin with 2 full body strength workouts. Here you can use weights or proceed with bodyweight exercises only. But instead to work in a circuit fashion, make sure to perform 1 exercise and go for regular sets (5-8-10 repetitions depending on the intensity of the movement). 

In addition to your 2 full body resistance workouts, include 2 hiit workout routines per week in order to improve your cardio and conditioning as well. 

Balance is key and going into the extremities such as doing 6-7 hiit workouts per week, will only do more harm than good to your body.

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full body exercises without weights

Today I have intoduced yourself to a 26 minute full body hiit workout routine without equipment. 

You can complete your session at the comfort of your home, outdoor, at the hotel room or anywhere you go.  

We have talked about the benefits of the hiit workouts, how these routines will help you regarding your weight loss goals and what to do if you want to workout 6-7 times per week. 

In addition, you have been introduced into two different weekly workout frames. First scenario is when you want to train 6 times per week (3 interval workouts + 3 hiit workout routines).

And the second one is if you want to approach this in a balanced manner where my recommendation to you si to follow 2 resistance and 2 hiit workouts per week. 

If you're too busy to visit the gym, if you're looking for short and highly effective fitness sessions (without the fitness part), then the hiit workout routines will cover your needs. 

Don't delay this one. If you're out of shape, I have provided you with a beginner time interval frame of how to approach this session. 

No more excuses my man.

Give this one a test drive and let me know how it was for you. 

I would love to connect! 

Which bodyweight exercise of this 26 minute full body hiit workout routine did you like most? 

Comment Below.

Coach Vlad

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