7 Beginner HIIT Workouts To Do At Home (Follow Along!)

7 HIIT workouts to do at home. Improve your fitness and skyrocket your energy. Full body, follow along workout videos that you can do anywhere, anytime!


7 Beginner HIIT Workouts To Do At Home (Follow Along!)

In the following article, you will reveal 7 follow along beginner HIIT workouts to do at home. These routines are created without using any training equipment which makes these highly convenient for every beginner trainee, to perform at home, outdoor or while being on the road. 

Before we dive into each of the sessions, we have to review a few important things regarding HIIT and your at home workouts. 

How To Start HIIT Training at Home?

You can start your HIIT journey with beginner bodyweight workouts. It is not necessary to use weights in order to get a good HIIT routine. A good approach would be to replicate follow along workout videos or to visit a HIIT class and be under the super-vision of a coach in person. Make sure to properly warm up before each session, sleep well, at least 7 hours and optimize your nutrition to recover optimally and get maximal results with your training. 

Can HIIT Help You Get In Shape?

If you remain consistent enough and focus on 3-4 full body HIIT routines per week, you will get in good shape, feel better, with more energy, focus and stamina. Not just that, but due to the high repetition workouts, you will build muscle and improve cardio. Of course, do not expect high muscle build results by HIIT as this is no the most optimal approach for the purpose.

Is HIIT Good For Losing Belly Fat?

Losing weight with HIIT will appear if your diet is in a caloric deficit and you sleep/recover well (or you manage the stress in your life fairly well). If any of these 3 is neglected, losing weight might be difficult for you. While training is extremely important for developing a healthy body, and fairly good body fat percentage, you still need to revise what you eat and how you recover. Having low body fat percentage is a complex process, thus, it should be tackled as it is, through multiple angles in order to get to your goal - less weight and less fats in the body. 

How Long Until You See Results With HIIT?

In the very first weeks of training HIIT, you will spot multiple changes. Your energy levels will improve, you will feel more vital and in much better shape. Normally, to achieve good results with HIIT, you will need between 8-12 weeks at least. Your body will require some time in order to adapt to the newly applied stress, the performance to improve and results to come. You will achieve great results with HIIT if the focus is aimed at long-term achievements instead of short sprints and quick results. Remember, if you are in bad shape, this did not happen in 4 weeks. Hence, it will take some time to work well for you. 

How Often To Do HIIT Routines?

To get optimal fitness results with the interval workouts, you have to focus to perform at least 3-4 full body HIIT routines per week, if this is going to be the only type of training applied to your program. If the focus of the workout program followed includes more strength and resistance focused exercises, then 2 HIIT workouts per week will be sufficient in order to benefit your strength workouts and to improve the overall cardio and endurance as well. 

Disadvantages Of HIIT

After discussing the benefits of HIIT, it would be fair to look into the downsides. Doing too much HIIT can disrupt your hormones and losing weight and getting into good shape will remain a difficult task for achievement.

Also, if you overdo the HIIT routines, you will lose too much muscle and this will result in decreased strength, a higher fat percentage in the body due to the high stress hormones released. 

If HIIT will be used as the main training method, then 3-4 full body sessions weekly will work well. If you apply resistance workouts, then 2 HIIT sessions used as finishers post-strength workouts will work great enough.

7 Beginner HIIT Workouts To Do at Home (Full Body)

In the following chapters, you will discover 7 follow along HIIT workouts that you can do at home. These routines are adapted and created with the focus and idea of each fitness beginner to be able to perform and get a good outcome by these routines. 

The structure that will be followed below is as it follows: 

1. Your title and a follow along HIIT workout video. 

2. A link to the relevant article related to the very same HIIT routine. 

3. A short explanation of each session and your exercise list presented below. 

If you have more interested to understand more deeply regarding each of these workouts, just follow the link below the video. The same video will be included in the article as well. 

What Makes These 7 HIIT Workouts Effective?

The following beginner HIIT routines are well designed to target your full body and to develop energy systems. You will equally work on muscular strength endurance while developing the cardio and energy systems too. 

If your goal is to get more energized, in better shape and to perform workouts that can be done anywhere, then these follow along workout videos will absolutely work wonders for your body. 

The main reason why these 7 HIIT workouts will work for you are: 

1. Complete and Follow Along Workout Videos - you don't have to think about anything, simply warm up, play the video and replicate everything presented inside. 

2. Interval Timer Used - when it comes to HIIT and interval timers, it's crucial what timers will be used. With that in mind, all of these 7 routines are designed in 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol which can be endured by any fitness beginner. 

3. Full Body HIIT Workouts - in order to get effective interval routines, the more muscles involved in a session, the better. In addition, these intense full body routines will lead to more calories burnt which is always a benefit in getting you in better shape and in weight loss periods too. 

4. Unique bodyweight exercises - there are multiple exercises used which combine more than 1 movement. This will help you get more job done in less time required. Also, you will avoid the monotonous, straight-forward repetition based exercises where the focus is mainly on one single move. 

Dynamic Warm Up for HIIT Workouts

Warming up your body in a dynamic way is crucial for performing an efficient HIIT workout. By doing a dynamic warm up before high intensity workouts, you will increase the core temperature and wake up the nervous system. By doing that, you will have a better, more coordinated and focused control over your muscles and exercises performed. Also, your joints and ligaments will be stretched and if you are experiencing any tightness in body areas, this will be loosened and the range of motion of your arms and legs will be improved. That itself will lead to better performance, exercise technique and quality of the performed workout.

12 Minute Beginner Bodyweight HIIT Workout

In the following beginner bodyweight HIIT workout, 5 exercises are used, the time intervals that you respectfully have to work and rest for are: 30/20 seconds. 3 total rounds should be completed. 1 round is considered when you finish 1 set for each of the 5 movements. 

Here is the HIIT exercise list: 

1. Jumping lunge to knee kick. 

2. T push up with row. 

3. Side to side pulsing squat. 

4. Alternating stationary monkey walk. 

5. Low bird dog plank. 

20 Minute HIIT Workout at Home For Beginners

In this 20 minute HIIT workout at home for beginners, you will have to perform 8 bodyweight exercises by working for 30 seconds and rest for 20. 3 rounds should be done and there are 60 seconds of rest between rounds applied. 

Here is your HIIT exercise list: 

1. Side to side high knees (short)

2. Squat to thoracic spine rotation

3. Superman pulldown

4. Feet on fire to 3 jumping lunges

5. Walk out push up to sit out

6. Speed burpee

7. Alternating static monkey

8. Plank push up to back jump

22 Minute Beginner Bodyweight Circuit Workout

Theis beginner bodyweight circuit workout is a HIIT routine that includes 8 exercises. 30/20 seconds of work/rest interval training protocol used. 3 total rounds should be completed. 2 minute rest between rounds. 

Here is the exercise list:

1. T push up with row

2. Squat to reverse lunge kick

3. Push up to knee-elbow tap

4. Squat to curtsy lunge

5. Tucked shoulder tap to ankle tap 

6. Side step jump squat

7. Straddle to sit out

8. V sit hold to heel tap

30 Minute HIIt Workout at Home For Beginners

This 30 minute HIIT workout at home consists of 8 bodyweight exercises. 30/20 seconds of work/rest interval timer protocol used. 2 minute rests between rounds. 4 total rounds should be completed. 

Here is your HIIT exercise list: 

1. 3 Way Jump Squat 

2. Push Up Iso Hold to Jump Outs 

3. Squat to Drop Lunge Exercise 

4. Ankle Tap Push Up to Jump In 

5. High Knee Run In Place to Drop Squat Hold 

6. Speed Burpee to Broad Jump 

7. High to Low Bird Dog Plank

8. One Arm Plank Twist

30 Minute Bodyweight Workout for Beginners

This 30 minute HIIT bodyweight workout contains 8 exercises. You will work for 30 seconds and rest for 20. 4 rounds should be performed. Rest between rounds: 2 minutes. 

Here is the HIIT exercise list: 

1. Broad jump to backward foot work. 

2. Supermans with pull down. 

3. Walk out push up to sit out. 

4. Ankle tap run in place. 

5. Plank to push up to back jump. 

6. Jump outs. 

7. Plank forward reach. 

8. Plank twists. 

30 Minute Circuit Workout For Beginners at Home

This 30 minute circuit workout for beginners includes the whooping 11 bodyweight exercises! 3 total rounds should be completed while working for 30 seconds and rest for 20. 2 minutes of rest between each working round. 

Your exercise list: 

1. Walk out to push up. 

2. Jumping lunge to knee kick. 

3. Push up to straddle. 

4. Rotational drop lunge. 

5. Push up row to side step. 

6. Standing jump out. 

7. High knee to sit out (8 knees to 4 sit outs). 

8. Jump out to jump in combo. 

9. Plank ankle taps (alternating). 

10. Alternating V sit up to V hold. 

11. Hollow body hold to crab reach. 

The Ultimate Full Body HIIT Workout For Beginners

This full body workout for beginners is build of combining 10 different bodyweight exercises. 2 total rounds should be completed while working for 30 and resting for 20 seconds between each move. 

No rest allowed between each working round.

Your Full Body Exercise List

1. Feet on fire to 3 jumping lunges. 

2. Walk out push up to sit out. 

3. Bear crawl to crab crawl. 

4. Alternating stationary monkey walk to jump combo. 

5. Plank push up to back jump. 

6. Beginner speed burpee. 

7. High knees to mountain climber. 

8. Jump out to jump in. 

9. Plank forward reach. 

10. Sprinter sit up. 

Free HIIT Workout Plan For Beginners

So far so good, you have 7 complete follow along HIIT workout videos that you can implement at the comfort of your home. But how to actually use these in a way and structure that will make sense to you and deliver results over time? No worries, below I will share with you a frame that you can follow in order to build a 4 week beginner HIIT workout plan.

As mentioned in a few chapters above, to get sufficient fitness results with the full body HIIT workouts, as a beginner, you might want to do full body HIIT workouts 3-4 times per week.

With that in mind, pick as a start 3-4 out of these 7 workouts. Once done, you will workout in the following days.

4 Day HIIT Workout Program Structure

1. Monday - work day. 

2. Tuesday - work day. 

3. Wednesday - rest day. 

4. Thursday - work day. 

5. Friday - rest day. 

6. Saturday - work day. 

7. Sunday - rest day.

3 Day HIIT Workout Program Structure

In case you might want to workout 3 days per week, instead of 4, here are 2 variations that can be used: 

3 Day HIIT Training Structure 1

1. Monday - work day. 

2. Tuesday - rest day. 

3. Wednesday - work day. 

4. Thursday - rest day. 

5. Friday - work day. 

6. Saturday - rest day. 

7. Sunday - rest day.

3 Day HIIT Training Structure 2

1. Monday - rest day. 

2. Tuesday - work day. 

3. Wednesday - rest day. 

4. Thursday - work day. 

5. Friday - rest day. 

6. Saturday - work day. 

7. Sunday - rest day.

Once you have picked: 

1. The 3 or 4 workouts that you want to perform. 

2. The weekly workout frame (3 or 4 sessions). 

What you should do is to simply apply the sessions over the template. Here is an example: 

4 days HIIT workout plan 

1. Monday - Work Day - Workout A - The Ultimate Full Body HIIT Workout For Beginners

2. Tuesday - Workout B

3. Wednesday - Rest Day

4. Thursday - Work Day - Workout C

5. Friday - Rest Day

6. Saturday - Work Day - Workout D

7. Sunday - Rest Day

The workouts a, b, c and d will be the chosen one by you. As mentioned, the sequence doesn't matter, just place the workouts over the days and it's done.

Follow this structure for 4-8 weeks and you will get sufficient results while working out at home. 

Summing It Up

These 7 HIIT workouts to do at home will target all of your muscles in the body while improving your strength endurance, stamina, weight loss and cardio reserves. 

Each of these workout videos is follow along so you don't have to think of anything while performing. 

All workouts are tailored to the fitness beginner. That would include the timing intervals applied, the exercise selection and whole structure of the routines. 

As a fitness beginner, you can start with your training journey by doing 3-4 full body HIIT workouts per week. This is a good starting point where your body will be challenged enough and has sufficient time to recover well. 

HIIT is great for equally developing your strength endurance, get FIT-ter, move well and improve the overall quality of life. It's no doubtedly a great decision if you don't like visiting the gym nor lifting weights. 

What's your favorite beginner HIIT workout? 

Comment below! 

To Your FIT-ter Self, 


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