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18 Minute HIT Training Workout For Men (Full Body Session)

HIT Training Workout For Men. 18 Minute Full Body No Equipment Intense Routine That Will Challenge Your Full Body. Try It. It's FREE.


18 Minute HIT Training Workout For Men (Full Body Session)

DISCLAIMER: this article will be focused on high intensity bodyweight training. Lifting will not be included. 

Do 4 rounds of the following exercises:

Bear crawl to jump squat

Push up to ankle tap

Low jumping lunge

Jack push up

Knee to elbow plank

30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for all of the bodyweight exercises above.

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds

Total workout time: 20 minutes.

Workout training level: Intermediate

What Does High Intensity HIT Training Mean?

HIT Training

HIT training can be specified as a training method where you have to perform a set until complete muscle failure, or somewhere around that (more than 90% of your max effort). 

From the other hand, the HIIT workouts are a bit more cardio, conditioning and endurance orientated. The most accurate claim for Intense Training is related mostly for lifting workouts and gaining size + strength.

HIT Training vs HIIT Training What's The Difference?

HIT Training

HIT training workouts are normally sessions, where the trainee will perform exercises by using weights more than 85-90% of his 1 rep max. So these are max effort sets where you're near or even hit the  complete failure. And this terminology (HIT Training) is mostly used in the lifting world. 

However, the HIT workouts can be bodyweight sessions too. If you manage to work close to failure, there you go, you have a HIT training routine. Sure, here the stimulus will be slightly different, because you will be focused more on the strength endurance instead to size and strength.

However, you will hit the failure point, and this is where you will be challenged. Not just physically but mentally too. Push the pedal in these moments and throw a few extra reps.

These will be your "growth" repetitions. Near failure. This is high intensity. You have to feel like you'll die. There's no other way for you to claim that you've done a high intensity workout. That's the truth. 

HIIT (High Intense Interval Training workouts states for sessons where you have to stack/combine a few exercises into timing frames (periods of work and respectfully rest). The exercises included in the HIIT workouts are more dynamic, cardio, endurance and explosively orientated compared with the HIT training. 

In today's 18 Minute HIT Workout Video (Top of This Page), I have combined the HIT and HIIT training at the same time. We have longer working sets, which will put your body into a complete exhaustion. And we have an interval timer frame + cardio/dynamic exercises.

30 seconds of work is a lot of time to perform explosive and high effort bodyweight movements. I can guarantee you, if you manage to survive this workout, you will definitely work in the zone (more than 85-90% of your max effort) and a real HIT training will be achieved.  

HIT Training 

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How Do You Start a HIT Training Bodyweight Workout?

HIT Training

With dynamic warm up. You need that. Your body needs that. Don't neglect your warmup.

Here are 3 crawling variations to use in your warm ups. 

Do the 3 exercises below, by doing them one after each other (in a circuit). 

Set the interval timer app on 20-25 seconds work, 20 seconds rest. 

Do 3 full rounds of this and you're ready to go.  

Crab Crawl

Leopard Crawl

Side to Side Crawl

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How Often Should You Do HIT Workouts?

HIT Training

It depends on multiple factors such as your training level, the complexity of the bodyweight exercises that you do, your workout volume, diet, recovery etc. 

Normally, 2-3 HIT training max effort workouts per week will be enough. I will not advice you to do more than that because the HIT training workouts are highly difficult, exhausting and will "fry" your nervous system. 

You don't want to over-fry your nervous system. That will lead to over-training and you'll do more bad than good to your body. 

The simple reason you might want to avoid the over-training or doing too many HIT training workouts per week is your Hormones. The more you're "crashed" and tired by your sessions, the more cortisol your body will secrete. 

The more cortisol, the more estrogen your body will produce. 

The more estrogen, the less testosterone. 

This is the simple reason you want to play it "safe" here and push the pedal 2-3 times per week. No more than that. 

Make sure to do 2-3 HIT workouts per week and 1-3 (depending on your goals) routines with a lower workout intensity and volume. 

Is It Okay to Do HIT Training EveryDay?

Intense Abs Workout

Even if you manage to survive anyhow a HIT training routine applied 6-7 days per week, your body will be constantly into "survival" mode. The more intensity, not always equals sufficient fat loss and muscle building results. Keep that in mind. 

Doing real HIT workouts everyday will lead to overtraining, crappy hormones, less testosterone, more anxiety, constant tiredness, low motivation, lack of focus, increased appetite for junk food etc. 

As you can see above, doing HIT training everyday will be most probably a bad decision for you. 

Seek for the balance into your weekly training program. Push the pedal when you feel that way, and allow your body to recover when needed with complete rest or a lower intensity workouts. 

Yes, hard training is important but how you manage to recover from these sessions is even more crucial. Be smart, and not over-do this process.

Is This HIT Training Workout Too Intense For You?
HIT Training

If you're a complete beginner, I will not really recommend this HIT training workout to you. 

But if you're "an advanced beginner" or intermediate trainee, then this session is a great choice. 

However, there's always the possibility, this session to be a bit too intense for you. I will not recommend to change the interval timer too much because then, you will not really do HIT workout. 

The maximum that you can do is to decrease the working round and respectfully, increase the resting intervals. 

Here's how this goes: 

1. Instead to follow a full 30 seconds of work, stop on the 25th second of the performed exercise, and leave the rest how it is for now. 

This way, you will change the timing frame from 30/10 seconds work/rest into 25/15 seconds work/rest. 

There you go, now you can proceed more smoothly with your session and manage to endure it all.

Before You Go, Check These Workouts Too!

full body exercises without weights

In this article, I have prepared for you 18 minute HIT training workout without weights. 

Normally, the HIT workouts are most often stated for lifting sessions that will involve lifts with 85-90% of your 1 rep max intensity. 

However, if we think logically, you can get a HIT training session with bodyweight exercises too. You only have to work near failure and be able to push a few extra reps. Right there, when you're completely exhausted. 

In this 18 minute workout video (refer to top of the page), I have combined a longer working sets (30 seconds) with a bit more dynamic bodyweight exercises that if being performed properly will exhaust your body to 100%. 

This is a hybrid session between HIT training and HIIT training because the movements are "stacked" into an interval timing frame. 

We have discussed important things such as: what's HIT training, HIT vs HIIT, how often to do HIT training workouts etc. 

So what happens next? 

Give this HIT training workout a try (if you're an intermediate trainee).

Let me know what you think. Be honest. 

I would love to connect! 

Which bodyweight exercise did you like most from this workout video?  

Comment Below.

Coach Vlad

Thanks For Reading!

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