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At Home Chest Muscle Build Workout With Bands (Crazy Pump!)

At Home Chest Muscle Build Workout. Grow your chest without benching. Let me show you how. It works and it's brutal. Join me, let's workout!


At Home Chest Muscle Build Workout With Bands (Crazy Pump!)

To perform this chest routine, you need a light-weight circle resistance band. 

Here's a link where you can purchase one. The band needs to be between 10 and 35lbs. You can get this circle, strength type of resistance band in any sports shop.

Trust me, this is a great training tool and investment in your health. Get one either from the link above, either from your own source. 

Warm Up: 

Do 3 sets:

Resistance Band Pull Apart - 30 repetitions 

Rest between sets: 75 seconds 

Once you're done, rest 2 minites and begin to your main routine which is: 

Do 4 sets for each of the following exercises: 

1. Explosive push up with slow negative - 5-8 repetitions

2. Resistance band push up + BW finisher - do as many repetitions with the band, when you cannot do more, throw the band away and do as many push ups as you can. 

3. 3 way push up - 12-16 repetitions 

4. Negative only push up - 12-16 repetitions - to absolutely destroy your chest. 

Rest between sets: 75-90 seconds 

Rest between exercises: 2-3 minutes! Make sure to rest enough between the different exercises so you can be sure that your performance will be optimal. 

ATTENTION: if you cannot perform Explosive push up with slow negative, simply perform regular push up with slow negative.

How Can I Train My Chest at Home?

Home Workout For Chest

You can train your chest at home in various ways. Bodyweight exercises (all push up variations), you can use resistance bands, push up handles, dumbbells, if you have a pull up bar installed, you can easily attach suspension straps (such as TRX) an gymnastic rings as well. 

In addition, you can get parellets and do lots of push ups and dips there. 

As you can see, there are multiple ways of how you can build your chest at home. The only thing that matters is how consistent you are with your home chest workouts

Of course, having multiple options of how to workout your chest at home is an absolute bonus for you in order to keep things fresh, fun and challenging all the time.  

How Can I Build My Chest Without Weights?

Home workout for chest

To build your chest without weights, you have to focus on your push ups (horizontal push pattern). Here are a few ways how to enhance the efficiency of your home workouts for chest: 

1. 100 repetition workouts - simply get 1 push up variation and do 100 repetitions as fast as possible. 

2. Rest-Pause method - try this. Get into a push up position. Move into the middle of the movement so you're parallel to the floor and contracted. This is the mid-range of the push up. Now stay there for 30 seconds. Once done, do as many push ups as possible. Now if you can, at the end do 30 seconds more.

3. Enhanced negatives - the slower you go down, the more painful it is. Make sure at least to control your eccentrics (lowering portion of the exercise). This way, you will activate your muscles even more, build more muscle and get stronger - fast.

4. AMRAP - as many rounds as possible in a certain time. For example, your round is 20 jump squats and 10 push ups in 10 minute AMRAP workout. Push the pedal and do as many rounds as you can in 10 mins.

5. EMOM - pick 1 push up exercise and at the beginning of each minute do X repetitions. Rest until the end of the same minute and repeat. For example, if I have a 10 minute clap push up EMOM (10 repetitions on each minute), this means that I have to perform 100 clap push ups in total by doing 10 repetitions at the beginning of each minute.

How Can I Grow My Chest Fast?

Home Workout For Chest

To grow your chest fast you can choose between 2-3 workouts per week, or 4-6 sessions a week. This will be determined by the home chest workout volume that you follow. If your home workouts for chest include lots of repetitions, then it's obvious that you have to perform this workout less frequently. 

On the other hand, if you like to do more HIIT bodyweight workouts, more often by performing shorter workouts, then you can do a push up variation literally 4-6 times per week. 

Which one is better for chest muscle gain? The first scenario where you have to perform 2-3 upper body/chest sessions per week. 

But what really matters? Consistency. This means that you have to love what you're doing. Otherwise you will not follow it strictly and no results will be met.

How Many Days a Week Should I Do Home Workouts For Chest?

Home Workout For Chest

At least 2 home workouts for chest per week for optimal results. If you're more fan to the full body, HIIT workouts, then you can easily do any push up variation 4-6 times per week. 

In addition, if building your chest is specifically your goal, then you have to perform at least 2 chest focused home workouts a week. 

If you don't like the longer workouts, then I will advice you to perform shorter workouts, more frequently. By doing so, you can stimulate your chest muscles more often and respectfully, make faster gains. 

What Is The Best Home Workout For Chest?

Home Workout For Chest

The best home chest workout is the one that you can stick with. You have to love what you're doing, otherwise you will never be consistent! No consistency, no results. Period. 

So the best chest sroutine might be considered as the session that will essentially target your pecs and help them get stronger and grow. 

Let's look closer into the two optional scenarios and how to proceed: 

2-3 home chest workouts per week - at least 150-200 repetitions per workout. If you manage to do more, it would be great. But this will depends on your training level and chest exercise intensity. 

4-6 home workouts for chest per week - stick around 50-75 chest repetitions a day. This way you will not over-train and manage to repeat the same session tomorrow or simply not be too tired to be frequent with this process.

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What Are The Best Bodyweight Exercises For Chest I Can Do At Home?

Home Workout For Chest

The best bodyweight exercises to include in your home workouts for chest are push ups. And all of it's variations that you can imagine. Become more proficient with your push ups and results will come. There's no other way! 

You will never see a man that's strong with his push ups and who has small pecs. Nah, it's not going to happen. 

Below you can find a video of mine with 25 different push up variations that you can include in your home workouts for chest - right away! 

Enjoy the video.

What Is The Best Warm Up to Follow Before Your Chest Workouts?
Home Workout For Chest

Pick 1 of the following 2 light resistance band exercises. 

1. Band pull apart (refer to the video - top of this page). 

2. Face pull with resistance band:

Here's your optimal warm up to follow before your home workouts for chest: 

3 sets x 30 repetitions of Band Pull Apart or RB Face Pull. 

Rest between sets: 75 seconds 

This is it. Simple as that. 

Now you might be wondering, why am I pulling as warm up instead to warm up with push pattern exercise? 

Simple. Your posterior chain and upper back are way stronger compared to your front delts and pecs (your anterior chain). By activating your posterior chain first, you will get stronger, and feel more dense your upper body pushing exercises. 

You can even use this warm up before overhead pushing exercises with dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands as well. 

Give this a try, I guarantee that your strength will increase with at least 20% plus, these 2 band exercises will help with shoulder health which makes these a no brainer to try. 

Don't have a place where to attach your resistance band but you still want to try the face pull warm up variation? I got your back.

Follow This

Here's what to do. 

Follow this chest routine two days per week. Pick 2 days of the week that suits your schedule:

Monday & Thursday

Tuesday & Friday 

Wednesday & Saturday 

Thursday & Sunday 

I promise you results after 2 short weeks. But keep that for 3-4 weeks at least and let me know how this process went for you. 

Take photo of yourself at the beginning of this chest training challenge and at the end too, so we can compare the results that you have gained.

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Today's chest workout includes a warm up with light resistance band + 4 push up variations. This is a high volume workout that will deliver crazy pump not just to your chest but whole upper body. 

We have discussed interesting topics such as how can you workout your chest at home, how often to do your chest workouts, what's the optimal warm up for you and made a guarantee that in 2 short weeks you'll get results by following this workout twice per week. 

Now what happens next? 

Try this session and let me know what you think! 

I will LOVE to Connect! 

Which exercise from this chest routine did you like most? What's your favorite chest workout at home?

Comment Below.

Coach Vlad

Thanks For Reading! 

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