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15 Minute Home Workout Without Weights (Full Body Session)

15 Minute Home Workout Without Weights: complete routine. Get challenged, burn lots of calories. Join me. Let's workout!


15 Minute Home Workout Without Weights (Full Body Session)

In the following article, I will share with you a complete body, home workout with zero equipment needed.

The exercises involved in your bodyweight session are a bit more complex, dynamic and different compared to many other bodyweight routines that you will find on the net. 

In addition, I have combined movements from break dance coaches and athletic coaches as well. 

This routine will not just challenge your muscles but energy systems as well. The cardio/conditioning demand here is intense and you will feel this, guaranteed. 

The required training level is an beginner to intermediate. If these movements are too intense for you, make sure to perform them slower than me, and focus on quality repetitions intead to speed up the tempo with a crappy technique. 

Set the interval app to 30/10 seconds work/rest. 

Do 3 full rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

1. Walk around to hop 

2. Spiderman push up 

3. Sprinter step jump

4. Push up to ankle tap 

5. Sit Outs

30 seconds work for each exercises, 10 seconds rest between. Once you move through all of your 5 exercises, following this frame, make sure to get a sufficient rest before you jump into the next round. 

90 seconds rest between rounds.

Total workout duration: 15 minutes. 

Training level - beginner to intermediate. 

Can You Build Muscle 

With Home Workouts?

Home Workout Without Weights

Often asked question. Yes, you can build muscle and lose weight as well with the home workouts. The bodyweight training is a proven way to shape your body, get fitter, in a smaller body frame while having the freedom to move and workout anywhere in the world.

But before I promise you such results, we have to discuss a few things that might neglect or even make this process impossible for you. 

Here are the steps to follow if you want to build muscle without using equipment nor lifting:

1. Implement progressive overload - in other words, keep a training log, monitor each movement, respective sets and rest between. Insrease your working sets when progress to move your goals even further. 

2. Increase the applied TUT - compared with the progressive overload option (above), I believe this method is way more effective due to the less complexity of following a specific training program, write everything down and monitor your overall process. 

To have success here, you can implement a couple of training approaches that work with a charm. These are: increased negatives (eccentric portion of the movements), do pauses, 1,5 repetitions, pre-set isometric hold, post-set isometric hold, both pre and post iso hold etc. 

As you can see, by increasing the total work under tension, you will become stronger and with less body fats (if your sleep and diet are on check). This is an unavodable part of this process. 

3. Use EMOM workouts - this terminology states for every minute on the minute. In other words, pick 1 exercise, push up, pull up, jumping lunges etc. and perform a certain number of repetitions on the beginning of each minute. Your rest is the rest period until the end of that particular minute. Once you enter the second minute, again, repeat the necessary reps. 

Let me give you an example. 

You have 10 minute EMOM workout with 10 push ups on each minute. Start the interval APP, do 10 push ups (for example, this will take you 10 seconds), and your rest will be 50 seconds (the rest of the minute). Once this ends, and you get in the second minute, again, do 10 push ups and rest until the rest of the period. In a nutshell, you will do 100 push ups in 10 minutes. 

How Can I Workout at Home Without Equipment?

Home Workout Without Weights

You have literally hundeds of options to perform home workouts without any equipment.

I will scratch a few scenarios of how you can approach your home sessions. As obvious, we will mainly discuss the bodyweight workouts taking the fact that no equipment will be used. 

1. Find somewhere to pull up. Installing a doorway pull up bar is a must if you want to become proficient in your home sessions. If pull ups are still, a difficult even impossible movement to your training level, then use the pull up bar, attach a TRX or Gymnastic rings and you will have multiple options to do less-intense pull variations that will essentially eliminate any options to develop muscle inbalances in your upper body. 

Why am I scratching these equipments even if we are not considering them in the title here? Well, the biggest issue with the home workouts is the lack of pulling. If you rely mainly on push ups or handstands as well, your pulling muscles will be neglected and this will lead to bad posture, shoulder pain and risks of serious injuries. 

If a pull up bar or suspension trainers are not your thing, then you can at least invest in a strength, rounded resistance band, so you can pull it in various ways to build up your back. 

2. Perform total body, bodyweight workouts - here you have multiple options. Muscle building home workouts without equipment or HIIT (Interval), Circuit or Conditioning bodyweight routines. It depends what your main goal is and how much you can invest into your training. 

For muscle building, you can perform 3-4 sessions per week. This will be more than enough to develop a all-rounded physique. 

If your goal is to shred weight, then it would be a smart approach to follow 4-6, shorter duration, interval or circuit workouts per week. 

3. Use Upper - Lower Split - here's an example, Monday - Upper Body, Tuesday - Lower Body, Thursday - Upper Body, Saturday - Lower body. This training frame is very efficient and this works. 

What Is The Best

Home Workout

Without Equipment?

Home Workout Without Weights

The best home workout without equipment is the one or ones which you can stick with. There is not a magical nor ultimate workouts. Every individual responds differently to the various stress applied. 

For example, I have always hated to perform strength and hypertrophy workouts. Instead, my main focus is mainly on the conditioning part and less, to the muscle building process itself. 

This choice of mine is leading to consistency, having fun with the process and results! Yes, I get consistent results without getting bored or doing something that I literally, hate. 

Is 15 Minute Workout Enough?

Home Workout Without Weights

Something will always outperform nothing. If your 15 minute workouts are structured well in order to stimulate your muscles and energy systems, then yes, the 15 minute workouts worth the try. 

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Are at Home Workouts Effective?

The key behind an efficient 15 minute workout is to include as many total body movements as possible. This way, you will make your session harder to endure and with higher intensity too. 

By doing that, you will effectively "fulfill" the short duration of the session. 

And if you implement this workout frame, 4-6 sessions weekly, then I guarantee you that you will be amazed how well these sessions can serve your health and body. 

Is It Okay to Do Full Body Workouts Everyday?

Not necessary. If your goal is to lose body weight and fats as well, then 3-4 total body workouts per week will be more than enough. However, it depends on the duration of your sessions. If you can manage to follow 10-15 minute full body workouts, then you can enhance the frequency to 5-6 routines per week. 

Make sure to push the pedal and include more complex exercises. This way, your calorie burning will skyrocket and as result, you will lose weight faster. 

Plus, you will skyrocket your engine, energy systems and overall, your body will move more proficiently. As result of these improvements, your daily life will be much easier. 

Can 15 Minute Workouts Build Muscle?

You can build muscle with the 15 minute workouts. However, the results will be far compared to a dedicated muscle building (calisthenics) training program. 

To be honest, I would never use the 15 minute workouts for muscle building purposes. Instead, I will perform hundreds of bodyweight exercise repetitions and include a few exercises into a circuit or in an interval training frame. 

The simple reason behind this approach that I recommend is to get the max out of this short session, get seriously challenged and respectfully - gain results. 

So, if your main goal is to build muscle with calisthenics, then you will have to invest a bit more than 15 minutes per workout.

How Often to Do a 15 Minute Workout?

To get good results with the 15 minute workouts, you will have to do these at least 3-4 x week. If your routines are structured to hit your whole body, then this is the frequency you should follow. 

If you split your 15 minute workouts into upper-lower split, then you can easily even increase that number to 6 x 15 minute sessions per week. This way, you will hit your lower body and upper body as well - 3 x per week (for each). That approach will lead to fast results. 

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Summary of Today's
Workout Video

In today's workout, I have shared with you a complete body, 15 minute at home bodyweight workout. This is a HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) routine that you can try anywhere you like.

I hope you enjoyed this journey. Because I have certainly did! 

Now what happens next? 

Try this session and let me know what you think! 

I will LOVE to Connect! 

Which exercise from this 15 min routine did you like most?

Comment Below.

Coach Vlad

Thanks For Reading! 

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