Intense Abs Workout

Intense Abs Workout For Men (20 Minute Killer Routine)

Intense abs workout for men. Try this 20-minute core routine to strengthen every single muscle in your mid-section. Let's get it! Join me. 


Intense Abs Workout For Men (20 Minute Killer Routine)

Set the interval timer to 20/10 seconds work/rest. 

Do 4 full rounds of the following abs bodyweight exercises: 

1. Low Jumping Mountain Climber

2. Cross Body Mountain Climber 

3. 1-2 Side Step 

4. Plank to Push up To Around The World Kick 

5. One Arm Plank Reach 

6. Bent Knee Rotations 

7. 21's 

20 seconds work for each exercises, 10 seconds rest between. Once you move through all of your 7 exercises, make sure to get a sufficient rest before you jump into the next round. 

90 seconds rest between rounds.

Total workout time: 20 minutes.

Workout training level: Intermediate

What Are The Most Effective Abs Exercises?

As the great Jeff Cavaliere shares with us, the most effective abs exercises are the ones that you execute properly and make sure that your abs muscles contract and actually - do the work. 

So it's not just about the crunches, this ideology can be applied for most of your sessions.

And trust me, this "abs activation" tip is not shared only by Jeff. I have seen many influential coaches (authorities in the fitness industry) to preach the same advice. 

It's not about the number, it's about the contraction and TUT (Time Under Tension) that you apply on your core muscles. And here comes the big opportunity, the HIIT or interval timer frame to step up into the game. 

But more on that later.

What Is The Best Exercise For Abs at Home?

Intense Abs Workout

There are literally hundreds of abs and core exercises that you can do at home. You can easily find these on YouTube. 

Over the years, I have tried hundreds of these and similar abs exercises. And to be honest, one exercise impressed me most. 

The hollow body hold. 

This is a gymnastic drill that if being mastered, can develop your core strength to the next level. 

Here's the exercise demonstration:

Mastering the hollow body is a key gymnastics position. 

The hollow body hold is an exercise that can easily be practiced anywhere, and is an excellent way to build up core strength.

Here, the "activation tip", presented by Jeff Cavaliere is essential. 

2 keypoints that you need to remember while doing the hollow body hold. 

1. Low-back is ALWAYS flat to the ground. It has to be there so your core can activate properly. This is key here. 

2. Try to self-cotract your abs. When being in that position, tense your abs, so you can create the tension necessary for the muscles to get activated and do the work.

If the full hollow body hold is too intense, follow these 2 progressions. 

Here's what to do, if you're a beginner or your core/abs are weak. 

1. Pick one of the two hollow body progressions above. 

2. Set the interval timer to 30/30 seconds work/rest. 

3. Rotate 6 full rounds. This is your workout. 

Workout duration: 6 minutes. 

Sweet, huh. Your abs have to be sore after these 6 minutes, otherwise, you didn't create the right tension in the muscles (your technique sucked).

How Can I Get Super Toned Abs?

Intense Abs Workout

By toned abs, I do understand your abs/core to be efficient and help your body move more funcional in many dynamic ways while being able to react. 

In my opinion, to get super toned abs, you have to implement more full body movements/exercises that will require your core activation to jump on the next level. 

To do so, you have to be closer to the ground. Here are a couple of abs exercises that will definitely help you build an effective ab routines which you can do in front of the TV. 

In addition, every muscle in your body will have to work. The pump rate will jump too. So these 3 exercises below will help your overall body get stronger, your core strength to increase and overall, your cardio to improve.

Crab Crawl

Leopard Crawl

Side to Side Crawl

Trust me, you will be surprised how difficult the crawling actually is. 

You don't have to perform that much step per direction like I do in the vedeos above. 3-4 steps per directions are great. This way, you will manage to try these abs exercises in a smaller room. 

Try each of the crawlings above for 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest. 

Do 1 set crab crawl, then leopard and finish with side to side crawl. This is one full round (3 minutes).

Do 5 full rounds of crawling in your room and your abs will be literally on fire. I will not even mention the full body activation and how many calories you will burn.

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How Many Abs Exercises To Include In Your Workouts?

Intense Abs Workout

It depends on multiple factors such as your training level, is today a core/ab workout only or you'll finish your training session with abs exercises, the intensity of the abs exercises etc. 

There are many, many answers to this question. However, I will share with you a few options to consider: 

2-3 abs exercises - Include these as workout finishers. Combine 2-3 abs exercises and alternate them one after the other without any rest between. Do 4-5 circuits and you're done. Rest between circuit: 60 seconds. 

Abs Routine - 6-10 abs exercises. To make your workout even more fun, combine all of these into a big circuit, same as the video at the top of this page. 

1 ab movement - here I would suggest you to give a try to either one of the hollow body progressions that you can see above, or the full hollow body hold. 

Set an interval timer to 30 / 30 seconds work/rest and simply do 6 sets. You will be totally done after these 6 minutes. Use this method at the end of your workouts. As finisher.  

How Often Should You Train Your Abs?

Intense Abs Workout

The core musculature is like any other, it needs stimulation and it needs rest in order to recovery and get stronger. Simple thing. However, you can make sprinting (30 days of abs exercises) where you'll have to do abs every day. But keep in mind that this is not sustainable and you'll quit soon. 

Instead, stimulate/train your core/abs 3-4 times per week. This is optimal and you will manage to stick with it for a long time ahead without getting overwhelmed.

Key is in the balance and consistency. 

Is HIIT Good For Abs?

Intense Abs Workout

The HIIT workouts are good for your abs because these routines will push your body to burn extra calories due to the high intense nature of these sessions. 

However, to achieve more serious results, you will have to apply "direct abs work". 

A great workout frame you can follow here is: 

Include 1 or two abs exercises at the end of your full body HIIT workout rounds. This way, you will not just train each muscle of your body but will target the core at the end of the round and respectfully, get stronger abs.

HIIT + Abs Exercises
A Win - Win Combo For You

As you can see, in this Ab Routine presented in the video, there are multiple abs exercises that we can split into a couple of categories: 

Dynamic abs exercises 

Core strengthening exercises

Rectus Abdominis (the front part of your core) abs exercise

Rotation Core Exercise

Today's routine has it all. As result, you'll get a complete core workout in 20 minutes. 

In addition, these abs exercises are "stacked" into a HIIT workout frame. 20/10 seconds work/rest for each exercise. 

This way you will not just work your abs, but get a solid cardio/conditioning workout. A win-win session to get you fitter and with stronger abs.

Beginner Ab Workout Customization
Intense Abs Workout

If you're a beginner, here's what you need to do. 

Make sure to adjust the timing frame of this workout. Instead to follow 20/10 seconds work/rest timing protocol, switch to 20/20 even 20/30 seconds work/rest frame. 

This way, the intensity will drop and you will manage to endure the full 5 rounds.

Too Easy? Try This...
Intense Abs Workout

If this intense ab routine is too easy for you, then again, you have to adjust the time frame. 

Option 1 - change the time frame to 30/10 seconds work/rest. 

Option 2 - change the time frame to 45/15 seconds work/rest.

Option 3 - change the time frame to 50/10 secodns work/rest.

Begin from option 1 and move gradually once you progress. While you're moving through option 1 to option 3, your workout's intensity is increasing gradually.

Is It Worth To Have Abs?
Intense Abs Workout

Having ABS is great. And it requires so much. 

But is it really worth it? 

I don't think so. I have been in the extremities where having a lean 6-pack was the fix ideology of my life and trust me, it's not healthy. It's not mentally healthy. 

Honestly, having a lean 6 pack all-year round is simply - not healthy for your body and hormones as well. 

Accept that even being with small thin layer of fat (above your abs) it's all right! it's all good as long as your core is strong enough, activated and help your body be more balanced and stable. 

In addition, having strong core will eliminate any lower-back pains (if you experience these). It's again, a win-win approach for you. 

Do your ab sessions more often, 3-4 times per week and everything will be good. 

To get ripped 6 pack abs, you will have to become a soldier for a while. Sleeping should be on check, diet must be religious for you and you have to finish your workouts at any cost. 

The whole fat-loss process essentially is energy-draining, stressful and highly exhausting. Being in a caloric deficit for a longer time will not help you get functional body, with optimal performance while being happy and enjoying your life. 

Instead, develop stronger core, eat balanced food (mostly real, natural foods), sleep 7-8 hours per night by going to bed at 22:00pm and everything will be on point for you. 

Do not pursue the abs, aim for the core strength. The abs visibility will come eventually over time, if the sleeping and dieting steps are fulfilled.

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Last Words
full body exercises without weights

Today I have prepared for you a 20 minute ab session that will challenge your full core. No equipment is required for this workout. To get your video, please refer to the top of this page. 

So what happens next? 

Test this core session and let me know what you think! 

I would love to connect! 

Which ab exercise did you like most from today's workout video? 

Comment Below.

Coach Vlad

Here's another ab session that you can try: Check it out here. 

Thanks For Reading!

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