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Intense Workouts: 17 full body routines for men. No Equipment required. Try these sessions at your home. Get ready to sweat! Get details here.


17 Intense Workouts For Men

No Equipment Needed

In this article, I will share with you 17 intense full body workouts that can be done anywhere you like. All of the workouts's duration is 15-25 minutes. All of your routines are circuit training workouts so you will never get bored with your sessions. 

Without losing more of your valuable time, let's jump straight to your training videos! 

15 Minute Intense 

Workout For Men

Workout Details

Intense Workout 1

Do 5 rounds of the following exercises: 

1. The hopping speed burpee - 10 repetitions 

2. Side lunge to jump squat - 10 total repetitions (count only the side lunges)

3. Controlled sit out - 12 repetitions

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds 

7 Minute Workout 

The Ultimate Cardio Routine

Workout Details

Intense Workout 2

Do 2 big rounds of the following exercises: 

1 set is 20 high knee sprints, 1 speed burpee to tuck jump and 20 explosive straight punches. 

You have to do 10 consecutive sets in order to finish the first round. On each 2 sets, rest for 15-20 seconds to take your breath back and continue until you finish the 10th set.

One rounds is 10 sets. 

Once you finish the 10 sets (1 round) rest for 60-75 seconds and do 1 more big round (10 more sets). 

14 Minutes Outdoor 

Crazy Workout

Workout Details

Intense Workout 3

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

1. 5 reps of - 2 push up + sit through + jump squat between. 

2. Low jumping lunge - 20 repetitions. 

3. 1-2 step - 20 total repetitions

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds. 

3 No Equipment Full Body

Intense Workouts For Men

Workout Details

Intense Workout 4

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. High knee sprint in place - 40 repetitions

2. 3 way push up - 9 repetitions

3. High knee sprint in place - 40 repetitions

4. 3 way push up - 9 repetitions

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Intense Workout 5

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Drop split squat - 14 alternating repetitions (7 per leg)

2. Low lunge rotation - 14 alternating repetitions (7 per leg) 

3. Explosive push up - 10 repetitions 

4. Jump squat with 3 seconds isometric hold - 10 repetitions 

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Intense Workout 6

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Jumping lunge with 3 seconds isometric hold - 14 total repetitions (7 per leg) 

2. Hindu push up - 10 repetitions 

3. Circle mountain climber - 50 repetitions 

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

4 Quick Bodyweight

Intense Workouts For Men

Workout Details

Intense Workout 7

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Half squat 4 seconds iso hold to reverse lunge - 14 totale repetitions. & reps per leg. Alternate both working legs. 

2. Hand Released Push Ups - 10 repetitions. 

3. Arm Reach Plank - 10 total repetitions. 5 reps per arm. Alternate both working arms. 

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds 120 seconds

Intense Workout 8

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. The Grounding lunge - 20 total repetitions. 10 reps per leg. Alternate both legs.

2. Hand Released Push Ups - 10 repetitions. 

3. Skater jumps - 20 repetitions 

4. Bear crawl to crab crawl position switch - 30-45 seconds work

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Intense Workout 9

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Speed Burpee - 10 repetitions

2. 1,5 Jumping Lunge - 14 total repetitions (7 per leg). 

3. 1,2 Step Push Up - 10 repetitions 

4. Tuck Jumps - 10 repetitions

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Intense Workout 10

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Hindu Push Up - 10 repetitions

2. Tripod Extension - 10 repetitions (5 per side) 

3. The Breaker Push Up - 10 repetitions

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

20 Minute At Home
Workout For Men

Workout Details

Intense Workout 11

Do 5 rounds of the following exercise:

1. Side shuffle to speed burpee - 8 lengths of 3-4 side shuffle steps per side with 1 speed burpee between each length. To be easier for you, count the speed burpees. Once you hit 8 reps, you're done.

2. Crab crawl to tripod extension - 8 small crab steps to 2 tripod extensions. Do 4 full lengths. 2 forward and 2 backward.

3. Hindu push up - 10 repetitions.

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds 

18 Minute Routine
No Equipment

Workout Details

Intense Workout 12

Do 5 rounds of the following exercise:

1. Walking lunge with switch - 2 lengths, 6-8 steps per length (count only the steps not the switch)

2. Bear crawl to jump squat - you aim to hit 10 jump squats. That will make 10 bear crawls, forward and backward of 5-6 steps per length with 1 jumping squat at the end.

3. Crab toe taps - 20 total repetitions.

No rest between exercises.  

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds

3 Bodyweight Circuit 

Workouts For Fat Loss

Workout Details

Intense Workout 13

Do 3 rounds of the following exercises: :

1. Cross body jumping jack - 50 repetitions

2. Tripod Extension - 20 repetitions

3. Cross body jumping jack - 50 repetitions

4. Lunge runner (count the arm movement) - Left leg - 50 repetitions

5. Lunge runner right leg - 50 repetitions

6. Cross body jumping jack - 50 repetitions

No rest between movements

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds


Intense Workout 14

Do 4 rounds of the following exercises:

1. Predator jump jack - 10 repetitions

2. Wounded bear crawl - left leg - 4 lengths 3 steps per length

3. Wounded bear crawl - right leg - 4 lengths 3 steps per length

4. Predator jump jack - 10 repetitions

5. Sprinter step - 16 repetitions (8 reps per leg)

6. 3 way push up - 15 repetitions

7. Predator jump jack - 10 repetitions

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Intense Workout 15

Do 6 rounds of the following exerises:

1. Speed burpee - 10 repetitions

2. Side crawl - 3 steps to 3 push ups - 4 total lengths 3.

Tuck jump - 10 repetitions

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds


3 Intense Bodyweight

Routines For Men

Workout Details

Intense Workout 16

Do 5 rounds of the following exercises:

1. Speed burpee to jumping lunges (1 rep for for both legs) - 10 times 

2. Switch explosive push up - 20 repetitions

No rest between movements.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

 Intense Workout 17

Do 3 rounds of:

1. High knees - 10 repetitions 

2. Speed burpee - 1 repetition 

3. Straight punches - 10 repetitions 

4. Speed burpee - 1 repetition 

This is one set. You have to move through 10 sets to close 1 round of your workout. The whole sessions is 3 full rounds. 

No rest between exercises

Rest between rounds: 3 minutes

Intense Workout 18

Do 5 rounds of the following exercises:

1. High knee run - 30 repetitions 

2. Spiderman push up - 10 repetitions 

3. High knee run - 30 repetitions 

4. Jumping lunges - 20 repetitions (10 per leg) 

5. High knee run - 30 repetitions 

6. Crab toe tap - 20 repetitions 

7. High knee run - 30 repetitions  

No rest between movements

Rest between rounds: 3 minutes

What Makes These Workouts
So Effective?
Intense Workouts 2

All of the workouts above are specifically designed for people short on time to workout. You will hit your whole body in 20-25 minutes or less. Which as obvious will be highly beneficial for extremely busy guys who doesn't want to visit the gym nor train besides other people. 

Additionally, most of the routines are circuit training workouts. Otherwise said, you'll have to move through 3-4-5 exercises, one after each other without any rest between. That training frame will challenge not just your body, muscles and physique but your brain/mentality as well. 

I will not lie, these are fun and will help your body burn tons of calories not just while you workout but hours after your sessions are done. Your body will experience the "after-burn" effect which is kinda cool because you'll be able to melt body weight even without changing your diet. 

DIsclaimer: by saying my last words, I mean that you'll be able to treat yourself. But we both know that if you eat 5 burgers per day, the fat loss will remain a myth for you. Make sure to eat more real foods such as meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, veggies, rice, sweet potatoes, fruits and veggies. You cannot go wrong with these.

What Is The 
High Intense Training?
Intense Workouts

Let's be clear first before we delve into more "spicy details" about these workouts. 

High-Intensity Training is mainly used as a training method in strength and fitness sports.

Especially all among people who are short on time might want to give this training system a shot. Basically, the idea is to keep the workout (relatively) short but highly intense to achieve maximum results in an efficient manner.

In HIT, the muscles are loaded with high weight to provoke exhaustion.

This results in fast and effective muscle growth while activating the cardiovascular system tremendously. As a result, this demands more energy and leads to higher calorie consumption.

Due to the fact, that I preach more bodyweight workouts, the statement that these are High Intense is not 100% corerct. We can label these 19 workouts above as High-Effort workouts.

However, I will continue to use the term "High Intense Workouts" in this article simply because the nature of the routines above is somewhere between moderate and high intensity. And taking that into consideration, we can take these under the "high intense" label. 

But for your information, you need to know that the real term High Intense Training is used mainly for lifting weights above 85% of your 1 REP MAX. 

What Are The Benefits 

Of These 17 High Intense Workouts?

Intense Workouts

I will not waste your time here and will jump straight-forward to your benefits:

1. Fat Loss - due to the dynamic nature of these exercises, your body will burn lots of calories. Additionally, your body will trigger the "after-burn effect" due to the intensity of the movements. Your body will burn additional calories hours after the workout is done. Aditionally, when you push the pedal with that intensity, your body will create more anabolic hormones that are crucial for muscle build and fat loss as well. 

2. Enhance Your Cardio and Conditioning - doing multiple exercises in an alternating manner will elevate your heart rate and you'll have to work through fatigue (very often). But the results will worth it. 

3. Improve your strength endurance and overall body's explosive strength - In my personal opinion, being fairly endured is a great skill that will serve you in life. If you enhance your overall body's endurance, your daily activities will be easier. The easier they "feel" for your body, the more you'll be able to do. On a daily basis. 

4. Having Fun - moving through multiple exercises without resting between will challenge your brain to constantly think and analyze your exercise technique, what movement you have to do next, what tempo should you follow in order to endure the whole round etc. As obvious, this way to workout is way more engaging compared to do 1 exercise with long rests between.

5. Better Mobility - moving your body in more unconventional ways will activate muscles that you've never targeted before. As result, your core will become stronger, your posture will improve and generally, your whole body's mobility will improve. That will lead to eventually, less existing pains in your body and fixing any muscle imbalances.

6. Increasing Your Anabolic Hormones and Sex Drive - following high effort workouts will push your body to secrete more of the "good" hormones. Your testosterone and growth hormone will raise and that will lead to faster muscle gain, fat loss and sex drive as well. As men, what else do we need?

7. Saving Time - we live in a hectic, highly-stressful world where all of us have a mojor deficiency in one thing: free time. The time investment in something like training is always a difficult task to be achieved. That's the reason I believe that these 17 intense workouts will highly benefit to you, if you're pressed on time to workout. Everyone can invest 20 minutes of training right next to the bed or in front of the TV. It's a metter of priorities. 

8. Better Overall Health - when we get into consideration all of the benefits presented above, we can make a bold statement that your overall health will certainly improve. Better strength endurance, mobility, core strength, anabolic hormones and losing fat are certainly benefits that cannot be skipped. 

Are These Workouts 

Too Intense For You?

Here's What To Do

Intense Workouts

Are you a beginner or out of shape?

Here's how to build your workouts and make these easier for you: 

1. Decrease the number of repetitions by 30% - this is the most obvious, if the workout video recommends you to complete 10 repetitions of a certain exercise, try to do 7 reps. If that's too much as well, begin with 5 and increase with time. 

2. Decrease the working rounds - if the video recommendation is to finish 4 rounds, begin with 3 rounds. If that's too much again, 2 rounds is fine as well. The idea is to find "the sweet spot" where you'll avoid over-training and be able to maintain good exercise technique at the same time. If ever you feel too much fatigue, and that your form is a crappy one, end your session immediately. It's way better to do 1 quality round instead to finish 3 rounds with a crappy form. 

3. Include extra rest between your exercises - as you will observe from these intense workouts above, I do not recommend rest between the exercises. However, if you're out of shape, my advice to you is to include a 10-15 seconds rest between each of your movements. Once you're done with the working round, get the longer rest between the rounds. 

Coaching Advice: 

Make sure to use only one scale of the mentioned 3 above. Do not decrease the 3 scales at the same time. First try to decrease the repetitions while keeping the other 2 scales the same as the video recommends. Otherwise, your workout might become too low-intense and you'll never meet the benefits that I have shared with you in the previous chapter. 

Too Easy For You?

Here's How To Upgrade 

Your Routines

Intense Workouts

If your training level is an intermediate or advanced, then you can use the same system as I recommend in the chapter above.

Increase your repetitions, working rounds or decrease your rests between the working rounds. Again, follow my advice to never change these 3 scales at the same time. Try the first one, then include the second one etc. 

How Many Workouts 
Per Week?
Intense Workouts

This is a solid question that needs to be answered for you. Keep in mind that I will provide all of the ideas below strictly adapted for the busy person. I want to provide you with practical advice only, that works while saving time for you. So let's jump straight into it:

1. 5-6 workouts x week - if you follow this workout frame, I would suggest you to make sure your workouts will be somewhere around 15 minutes. No more than that. Push the pedal in these 15 mins. 

2. 4 sessions x week - here you can invest slightly more time in order to achieve satisfactory results. Routines that will take you around 30 minutes would be a great approach here. 

3. 3 sessions x week - if you can manage to follow just 3 routines per week, then the workout time should be 40-50 minutes time. 

The easiest way to understand how much time a certain circuit workout will cost you, simply follow the video advice from above, do 1 full round (perform all of the shown exercices) and use a stopwatch in order to count the time of your round. Once you're done, add the time of your rest between rounds. That way, you will understand the full time of one round. 

When you finish that, you'll be aware how much time each of your workouts will take. Once you have the full round time, multiply by the number of rounds you have to perform and the end number will be the end duration of your workouts. This is easy and will not take you any additional effort. I promise you that. 

Are These Intense Workouts
The Right Choice For You?
Intense Workouts

You already know what are the benefits of these workouts. I will not repeat myself again but will try to narrow your focus in order to make your decision easier of should you try these workouts or not.  

In a nutshell, the main focus of these workouts is strength endurance, cardio and weight loss. If you want to become big and muscular, then I have to dissapoint you, these routines are not the optimal choice for you. 

However, if you manage to apply some of these workouts into a whole full body training program, then I can guarantee that you can gain muscle. It won't be the same as lifting weights nor isolating your muscles with cables, resistance bands or dumbbells. 

So let's make this simple and make a deal right here: 

1. You want to lose weight, skyrocket your energy, cardio and conditioning - you will give a try to some of these intense bodyweight workouts. 

2. You want to build muscle, become powerful, jacked and the "alpha" male - you simply skip this article because I cannot promise you optimal and fast muscle building results. 

Get a 100% 


Training Plan

Hey, I can build a custom training plan if you need? Hit the live chat button and let's talk about your goals.

Intense Workouts

Here's What You Get: 

  • A 100% customized training plan based on your goals, lifestyle and needs. 
  • Your individual training plan can be adapted for a home, outdoor or travelling application - bodyweight workouts, jump rope and resistance band mobile workouts as well. You'll be able to perform your workouts all around the world. 
  • High-intense, complex bodyweight exercises that will get you fit, help you lose more body fat and skyrocket your energy levels, stamina and endurance. 
  • Functional training plan that will fit your needs - you pick the duration and frequency of your workouts - your customized training plan can be build for 3,4,5 6 even 7 workouts per week. In addition, your program can be created based on your available time to workout - it can be from 12-15 minutes to 45-60 minute workouts.
  • 100% Access to Your Coach - Yepp, that's me. I will provide you with the support that you have never experienced before. Whatsapp, email or live chat support through my website. You'll never feel alone in this journey. I guarantee that. 
  • If you're looking for effective workout routines that will deliver sustainable results, then click the button below or simply hit the LIVE CHAT BUTTON so we can have a nice and friendly chat about your training goals and how precisely I will help you achieving them. And don't worry, I will never push you to buy. I'm not a fan of the hard-sales. 🙂 
  • Your Guarantee? - Unlimited revisions of your customized training plan. If at any circumstences you need some tweaks or changes with your training program, I will deliver in 24 hours or less. 

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Intense Workouts

If you have read the whole article up until that very moment, I thank you for your time to be here with me and read my coaching advice! 

Now you have 17 full body intense workouts that you can try at the comfort of your home, outdoor, while being on a vacation, on the beach or at the mountain. 

I will not accept your excuse anymore that you don't have time to workout. You're lying not just me (your coach here) but yourself too!

You can always find 15-20 minutes to workout and there's nothing you can do to convince me otherwise. Now make a choice, pick any of the 17 workouts above and start to workout more intense, push the pedal and get the results that you and your body deserve. 

Which one from the 17 intense workouts in this article you will try? 

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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