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The Ultimate Interval Training Workouts For Men

Interval Training

Why Interval Training?

What is interval training?

The interval training states for a workout methodology that alternates high intensity bursts of performing different exercises following by periods of rest.

The best way to get a good interval workout is to "stack" a few exercises into an interval time frame and work for a certain amount of time followed by a rest period (another certain amount of time).

The great thing about Interval training is that your body will work equally on the two energy-producing systems: the aerobic and the anaerobic.

In a nutshell, you will get more endured while losing weight and shaping your muscles. Yes, this is a win-win solution for you to get FITter and with better cardio (if visiting the GYM is a difficult task for achievement, then you might need what I have prepared for you). Keep reading.

What Are Examples 

Of Interval Training?

To make things a bit more clear for you, I have prepared 3 different interval training workouts. You can try these at home, outdoor or while being on the road. Enjoy your interval trianing examples below. Play the videos. 

12 Minute 
HIIT Workout at Home 

15 Minute 
HIIT Workout For Men

20 Minute Full Body
HIIT Workout For Men

What Is a Good 

Interval Training Workout?

In the video below, you can refer to a full body HIIT workout. The session is a follow along one and consists of 8 different exercises that you will have to alternate under a certain time frame (20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest).

Simply warm up and follow along this session. Give this a try and let me know how it was! Will love to connect. 

Play the video now.


What Are The Benefits of

Interval Training?


Interval Training

You can exercise anywhere you like. The interval training can be done without any equipment at all. And this is what you will mostly observe here. A minimalistic and effective way to workout at home, outdoor or while you travel.


Interval Training

The interval training workouts can vary from 5 to 60 minutes. However, you can get a complete full body HIIT session in 20 minutes or less which obviously is a highly-efficient approach for the busy folk.


Interval Training

The Interval training is fun due to the fact that you constantly have to perform a certain movement, then rest, then perform another one. It's brain engaging and you will never get bored with this training style. Guaranteed.  

11 Health Benefits of

Interval Training 

Interval training

Above we have discussed the benefits of interval training for your lifestyle. But we cannot just skip the health benefits that this training ideology will deliver то your body. 

  • Your body will burn more fat and calories not just while you work out but hours after the session is done which obviously will help you with losing weight. 
  • Increased metabolism - the interval training workouts are elevating your Growth Hormone production with up to 450% and the GH has a tight correlation with the metabolism function. 
  • More Testosterone - again, the Growth Hormone increase will play a vital role in your body's Testosterone  production. 
  • Decreased appetite - interval training is shown to reduce the hormone  ghrelin, a hormone which causes you to feel hungry. Having less of an appetite translates into you eating less food, therefore minimizing your calorie intake and helping you to keep those love handles at bay.
  • Building muscle, muscle preservation and increased strength endurance. 
  • Skyrocketing your energy levels on a daily basis. 
  • Increased stamina and vitality.  
  • Enhanced brain sharpness - your focus and brain productivity will increase. 
  • Improved VO2 Max - your muscles need oxygen to perform well. The interval training method will help your cardio improve and endure more repetitions and workout volume. 
  • Heart health - due to the high intensity nature of your workouts, your heart will become stronger and your arteries will be healthier.
  •  Better sleep and stress tolerance

Disclaimer: the above-mentioned health benefits will only be achieved/experienced if you're not over-doing your interval trianing workouts.

Doing too much intensity without properly recovering your body from the workout "damage" will lead to not healthy consequences for your body. 

To avoid that, you need a profesionally, well-structured interval training program that will equally balance your training volume, intensity and frequency of your interval workouts.

 Is FIT with VLAD The Right 

Workout Place

For You?

Interval training

Yes! This is Your Place!

  • 20-45 years old men with limited time for visiting the gym.
  • You want to have options so you can workout anywhere you like. You need ideas of how to get healthier in a fun way without investing hours of your valuable time. 
  • Advanced beginner or intermediate training level required - you have to be at least familiar with your body in order to try my workouts (sorry to all complete beginners here).  
  • You have to be able to do at least 12-15 push ups and 20-25 bodyweight squats at once. 
  • Men who need change and want to be more energized, focused and vital in life.
  • People who get bored by lifting weights and long-hour workouts at the GYM.
  • Men who need bodyweight training challenge to release the stress and feel overall - better. 

How Many Times a Week 

Should You Do Interval Training?

Interval training

ThIs really depends on your training level and goals. However, if you mainly want to focus on the interval training then 3-4 full body sessions per week would be a great start. Don't overdo this because you will most likely overtrain and stop the process. Plus, you can harm your body. Avoid that. 

If you prefer to stay more focused on the strength and hypertrophy type of workouts, then you can use the interval training workouts as finishers to your strength routines. 

This way, you'll accelerate the fat loss, endurance, cardio and recovery as well. 

The only thing you need is knowledge and how to structure your sessions.

Meet Your 
Interval Training Coach

Hey, I'm Coach Vlad and I want to thank you for being here. My 10+ years of testing countless of conditioning workouts, HIIT workouts and circuit training routines will help you get fitter, feel better and improve the overall quality of your life.

Let's jump straight to the point.

If visiting the GYM is a difficult option for you, then you will love what I've prepared for you. My training ideology is simple, you need intensity, consistency and variety in order to get FITter.

Without these being met, your success will be difficult. 

Here on my BLOG you will find multiple FREE interval training workouts, circuit workouts and many exercise combinations and compilations.

You don't need any equipment at all. Just your motivation to give a try to what I have build for you (more on that in a minute).   

What Can 
Science Say
 About Interval Training?
Interval training

Sometimes it's great to rely and listen to what science says. I am not really the biggest nerd out there. However,
here's a research that you can refer to regarding interval training.

What Else You Will Get Here?

HIIT Workouts
circuit training workouts

High Intense Interval Training Workouts. Training under time intervals is the most simple and straight-forward way to get results without over-thinking what you have to do. The only thing you need is to remember 4-5 exercises and go for it. Simple, high-effort training ideology that will help you lose weight, without investing much of your valuable time. It worths the try.

Circuit Training Workouts

circuit training workouts

By doing a couple of exercises one after each other in a circuit fashion without any rest between, how you will pick and structure the exercises will be key to survive the session. I am here to show you the right way to build your circuit workouts, so you can get maximal results without making annoying mistakes that can ruin your routines. 

Conditioning Workouts
circuit training workouts

Being FIT and well conditioned is not really about just the muscles and how your body looks. It's the ENGINE that matter most. With the optimized engine, your productivity in life will increase. This is an unavoidable part of being a high cardio maniac. The highly energized person that anyone asks "how do you get so much energy??". This is what being conditioned will do for you. Will help you become a highly efficient individual.  

It's Time 

For Your Decision Now

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Interval Training Challenge For Men

Bodyweight Workouts 13
  • 5 HIIT workouts that will challenge you for real 
  • 3 full body interval workouts 
  • 2 abs and core HIIT cardio sessions 
  • 2 warm up videos included
  • Follow along videos with timers and all cool stuff
  • 15-20 minute routines 
  •  Training level of the challenge: intermediate. You have to at least be able to do 12-15 push ups and 20-25 bodyweight squats to survive this challenge. Not for beginners.
Interval Training For Men

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