Hey, I'm VLAD and here's a truth
that we cannot skip..

We All Know Those Hard-Core Workout Programs That Promise You To Get Shredded That Involves Counting Calories & Blasting Big Weights In Gym…

But deep down you know:

It will simply lead to a TON OF UNWANTED STRESS additionally to those high stress levels you have currently.

And you already know where it will lead: NOWHERE!


"Because you don't need additional stress in your life."

But for the sake of interest, let's play out the scenario when you are following high-intensity workouts with a personal trainer.

You went to the gym, did an intense session with the trainer you hired, went back home and passed out on your coach in the living room because you felt completely drained from the workout.

As usual, you come home and you have a ton of stuff still to do today: maybe you want to spend your evening playing with your kids or simply hang out with your lovely wife.

But you simply can't.

And simply because your work already exhausted you, not to mention being over-trained at the gym.

After some days or weeks of following such routine you understand:

You can't afford such schedule. You want to live your life, feel great and like yourself in the mirror. You want to have more energy at the end of the day and not have it drained by a killer workout.

Frankly, you are not 20 years old anymore and your recovery time is slower than the younger version of yourself had.

You become more aware and understand:

Having killer workouts like a professional athlete will not get you where you want to be... It is completely the opposite to what you are looking for.

Speaking of which, if you are a hard-working man, with family and a stressful job - the last thing you want is to over-train, crash the body and additionally stress your life.

"Your family and work are far more important to you."

The last thing you want to do is to expend too much of your energy into the gym. That’s not your priority. 

And I get it. So have thousands of other men.

But what then you DO need?

You need more practical, less time consuming and convenient training schedule that can be done anywhere: whether you are at home, somewhere outside in fresh air or being on a business trip/vacation. Maybe even at your office.

You want more flexibility because life is too unpredictable and sometimes - chaotic.

You are looking for a super simple way to train and eat right so you can be consistent, enjoy the process of becoming a better version of yourself and have fun while doing it.

In the end, you are looking for a method that will help you to free yourself from the daily stress you have at your work or in your personal way.

You want a way to restart and gain more energy for your family and hobbies.

You Have To Agree:

Every Man Needs To Excel In 
Three Major Aspects In His Life:

1. Taking Care of His Family

2. Being Sharp and Productive at Work

3.To Keep Constantly Investing In Yourself 

But let's face It. Exceling all of these 3 aspects 


And it can be seriously overwhelming.

To become the highly-energized man, you need a specific balance between sleep, nutrition and training.

Why specific?

Every human being is unique. And you are too. Might seem trivial but so many people overlook this super simple concept.

That's the reason you need an unique routine to help you reach your goals. 

You need a system that will not burn you out but actually WILL DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT OTHER SYSTEMS OFFER YOU:

Being calmer, less stressful & more energetic while getting in a great shape as your side effect to your TRUE DREAM RESULT!

Wait a Second. Who am I? ​

And Why I Can Help You To Finally Find 
The Real Training Program That Will Boost
Your Results In ALL Aspects Of Your Life?

Hi. I'm Vladimir, but you can call me Vlad. 

My Clients Call Me The Practical Coach.

I'm a certified personal trainer at NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers), an ex-basketball pro athlete, a national champion multiple times.

For the last 10 years, I've trained with countless of functional training objects, tested workout programs, protocols and ideologies.

Additionally, I have tested out some quite extreme diets during my professional career.

"Daily, I coach awesome men that are constantly on run, following a tight schedule."

Just like you.

Fathers and husbands. Business owners and entrepreneurs. Men, who need help.

Men who are tired of all those outdated, hardcore fitness programs and seek for an alternative, a more balanced approach.

And what I've found (by doing many critical mistakes along the way) - was ridiculous. That's right. Ridiculous.


  • Less training equipment, lower complexity, less time to workout, less of overtraining, less of extreme-soreness and less stress for your body.
  • Less stressful diets & extreme approaches. Only a really balanced way to eat so you get results without being hungry or get crazy with your diet.
  • Less STRESS and frustration.
  • check
    Less confusion and overwhelming feelings.
  • check
    Consistency is key. 20 minutes of training, 7 days per week will always outperform 3 heavy workouts at the gym. Why? You'll feel always feel good & energized, not crashed. Being consistent will always payoff. For that reason, you shouldn't over-do your training. Less is actually better: the complete opposite of what they say.

If your life is stressful, the last thing you need is training hard and dieting to the extreme. These simply are not your best moves.

"To get high energy - you need to find a balance.
Your Own, Unique Balance."

To be a high-performer in your life, you must sleep like a champ, eat in a balanced way and move frequently by not pushing yourself over the edge.

To put it simply: 

Castle is the Sleep, King is the Diet and Queen is the Movement. 

And because being sharp has always been my mission, 

I've build & developed


Coaching System

The Secret No-Time Fitness Weapon
For the Extremely Busy Man.


Targeted results, 

based on your personal life and daily routine. 

The Practical Coaching System is a 12 week (90 Days), 1-on-1 coaching program.

This is a system that is 100% individually created for every single individual. There are no templates, no golden ratio, no bullsh*ts.

We both know that almost NONE of those ready-to-go training programs and diet plans work.


"Everyone is an unique human being by itself. What will work for you will likely not work for anyone else. And what will work for someone will likely not work for you."

During your journey with The Practical Coaching System, we'll be focusing on the most vital aspects of your lifestyle. Otherwise said, we'll work on building the basics, the foundations that will provide you with the biggest outcome for you.

And here's what the Practical Coaching System includes:

The Practical Training System

12-week Training Program Suitable for 

Home, Outdoor or Travel Application. No Gym Required.

  What's in it for you? 

  • Initial assesment - here where we'll define how precisely to adapt the Practical Training System to your lifestyle.
  • 4 week training blocks (changes every 4 weeks). Exceptions will be done if you feel any pain or discomfort caused by any particular movement. 
  • Training equipment guidance and support - based on your goals and training experience, we'll pick the most effective training tools that'll cover your needs. 
  • Coaching calls - one per week for the first 45 days of the program and one on each 2 weeks until the end.  We'll have a nice, coaching call  to measure your progress, see how everything works and if necessary - to make adjustments.
  • Travel workout tips. Your program can be specifically created for a lifestyle that involves a lot of travelling.
  • I'll be there for you when things get rough - a constant email support. Normally, I respond in 24 hours (usually faster).
  • Last but not least, you can always chat with me (via Whatsapp) just like that - to share how great results you've gained so far. :)

Flexible Nutrition Program
Because Extreme Dieting Is
Too Stressful & Time Consuming.

And let's face it - besides your intense everyday life, the last thing you really need is to think about your food 24/7.

We both know you've tried to stick to a diet and be consistent multiple times before, but it never has worked out for you because it requires so much focus and energy.

You need something easier and more convenient so you can follow without losing much of your time to cook.

So why the Flexible Nutrition Program will deliver results? Simple. it's Ridiculously Easy to Follow.

You'll still have to cook but I've optimized it during the last 13 years to minimize the process of meal preparation so you don't lose much of your time & energy preparing them.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 4-Week Individual Nutrition Protocol (changes each 4 weeks of the program, if necessary). 
  • At first, you'll eat in a simple frame so you can build the habit to eat regularly, not skip meals and start eating more real foods.
  • We begin with a macronutrient type of frame. Why and when to eat Protein, Carbs and Fats. I will make it super simple for you. :) 
  • All foods will be chosen based on your tolerance. If you don't feel well from a certain food or a food group - you'll never be pushed to eat it.
  • The 80/20 principle applied. 80% of the time, you'll be strict. The rest 20% - you'll eat your favorite foods (pizza, burgers and ice-cream included here).And yes, you'll still lose fat while eating your top dishes. Cool, right? :)

Food Supplements
Guidance and Tips 

  • An individualized supplement strategy, created to enhance your overall health and help reaching your goals - F A S T. 
  •  24/7 Whatsapp Support.
  • Everything will be picked based on your goals and previous experience with supplements (if you have any of these).

Sleep Optimization System
Build the Castle - Manage the Stress

That's right. You must fix your sleep: It's one of the best ways you can actually manage your stress.

Your sleeping/recovery time is the most important factor if you want to lose-fat, build muscle, and get high energy & brain sharpness.

Your phone wouldn't perform at it's best with little to no battery, right?

Your body is the same. 

If you will sacrifice your sleep = you don't charge the batteries = your daily performance is getting lower & lower.

Here's what I'm going to teach you about optimizing your sleep:

  • Specifically Developed Sleep Habit Formation System - rituals & habits you implement a couple of hours before you jump in the bed. This is crucial. Without implementing that system, you'll never be able to sleep optimally and recover fast.
  • Each 4 weeks, I’ll provide you with one New Habit to follow. Process is a slow one but that's how you'll not get overwhelmed and be consistent. Small, baby-steps along the journey will provide the biggest outcome. As a result, you'll build sustainable habits that will last after working together.

Morning Routines 
For the 
Maximimum Productivity

Your sharpness and productivity begins the moment you wake up.

If you know how to start off your mornings, you'll never have a lazy & sluggish day again.

It's all about what signals your brain will receive (first thing in the morning), what should be your first meal, how to decrease the morning high cortisol levels, so you get fast energy and crash the day.

  • Each 4 weeks, I’ll provide you with one New Morning Routine so you start to build the habits one by one and get results.
  • The morning routines that are preached by the biggest coaches in the industry and most successful men in the world. I've tested these with myself and all of my clients. And guess what, these routines works - every time.

Psst, Here Are
Some Awesome Guys That Have 
Something toTell You!

Nikolay Penchev 

Owner of an arm-wrestling professional club, an app developer and father of a 2 years old boy.

"Vlad's coaching is a no-brainer"

He promised and delivered. Very practical, straight to the point type of coaching. He asks questions, understands the issue and tells you what to do. Easy to work with. And he's a great dude. Already, 5 months of our mutual work. and I still continue to get results with the system. 

Vladimir Nikolov

Massage Therapist and a Father of Twin Boys.

"Super easy to work with"

My profession as a massage therapist requires constant energy, focus and muscular strength endurance. By implementing Vladimir's advice, I was able to improve all of these aspects and the result? My working days became a real pleasure and now I have enough energy to play with my boys and be more valuable to my family. 

Patrik Vilhelmsson 

Business Owner, Traveller and Father of a 6 years old girl.

"Worth the investment. "

Usually, my life is a mess. Constant stress, lot of business trips and responsibilities. Vladimir helped me shift the mindset from bodybuilding to the functional, practical training like he call it. Now I can workout all around the world without going to the gym or losing much time. All I need is a 2-3, lightweight tools in my backpack and I'm ready to go.

Kiril Kirilov

Professional Barista, Brand Ambassador and Father of a 2 Years Old Girl.

"More energy than ever before! "

Working 13 hours a day, being a father and a husband is exhausting. Implementing Vlad's advice on my diet and sleep was a game-changer. I feel like I'm more useful at home and work at the same time. There's nothing more valuable to me than going back home from work and still have power to play with my daughter. Really pleased by results. 

Are you Ready To Start Your Own Journey To a Higher-Energy Life With Less Stress?

Let's Talk :) 

Want to achieve similar, if not better results

like the guys above? 

Then we must jump on a quick, to-the-point & friendly conversation so we find out what is the best way to get more out of your life while still juggling the same amount of responsibilities as now! Best part? It's completely FOR FREE!

Redefine Your Life. Book Your Free Coaching Call With Me By Clicking The Button Below.

I'll make a quick confession for you.

If you don't take action - nothing will ever change. Why would it if you keep doing the EXACT same things you have been doing your whole life?

To be honest, I've been so long in my comfort zone, lost time and opportunities because I didn't have someone to keep me accountable.

Hiring a coach is what makes the difference. Frankly, I also hire coaches myself.


It's quite simple:

You can't see the whole picture by yourself.

That's why you need an experienced person to analyze your lifestyle and tell you what's the best way to move forward.

Coaches also need coaches. Every person needs a coach.

And if you still reading this, I'll repeat that:

Nothing will ever change if you not take action. Book the call. Your results are waiting.

Not Sure Yet?
Check out what these Men Want to Tell You!

Alexander Oleynikov

Sous-chef de cuisine and a Fitness Addict. 

"Vlad - The GIANT "

For me, consistency was never a problem. Following a diet and sleeping bothered me a lot. Good thing is I found Vladimir and this dude literally blowed my mind. I've lost fat, gained muscle and I'm more productive. Man, if you want to learn how to keep your stress controlled and eat right - Vladimir is the guy! 

Iskren Spirov

Economic Consultant and an Adventurist

"Vladimir's travel workouts are fun & Insane"

Travelling a lot and being consistent with my workouts & diet was a frustration to me. Learning from Vlad, how to keep the tempo while I'm not in my comfort was the biggest value I get. Highly recommended. 

Vanyo Dimitrov

Owner of a Marketing Agency & a Yoga Practinioner

"My Focus at Work is Off the Limits " 

Working with clients requires to be concentrated and focused. Honestly, before I met Vladimir, I had these afternoon mental crashes that bothered me from years. I never thought that my sleep & diet were the triggers of the problem. Still on first week from working with Vlad, I fixed that and I feel amazing. Grateful for his knowledge. 

Petar Petrov

Brand Ambassador of Campari & Aperol Spritz, Muay Thai Amateur Fighter and Father of a 7 Years old Boy.

"Finally found the balance"

At age of 46, training hard and being consistent is a difficult task. Working with Vlad have opened my mind about movement and being consistent. I'm not overtraining anymore, no more joint pains, lack of energy and chronic fatigue. I can sleep better and his nutrition advice is so simple that even a child can do it. 

Daniel Pazvantov

Restaurant Owner & Football Expert

"Gained 10 pounds while still have stamina to play football "

Muscle build was always an issue to me. When started to work with Vladimir, my goal was to gain 5lbs of muscle without sacrificing my football performance (I play twice a week football with friends). Surprisingly, I've gained 10lbs for 3 months and I feel way stronger and more powerful. 

Vasil Vasilev 

Support Manager 

"Lost the fat, feel amazing"

For 90 days, I've lost 17lbs while keeping my muscle mass. I'm more conditioned and focused at work. Really great job. Vlad is the man. 

Because Your Sharpness 
Is My Mission.

And hey, I take my clients seriously.
Therefore, I can only work with 3-5 people at a time.
Which is why the seats are limited.
This is an exclusive coaching service.
My coaching ideology is simple.
Delivering high-quality results by focusing on less people at a time.
So if you need a special, individual attitude from a professional coach, I'm here for you.
Vlad. Your practical coach and friend.

Let's Talk about Your GOALS.

I'm here for ONLY ONE REASON - TO HELP YOU and provide my expertise which is based on my 10+ years of hard training, overtraining, extreme dieting and making hundreds of critical mistakes in the past.

I don't want you to hit the wall like I did countless of times.

Let's work together!

I'm pumped to hear more about YOUR DREAMS.

  • P.S.: Skipping this FREE opportunity will lead you to only one thing: NOTHING!
  • No action have been taken = no results were achieved.
  • It's all up to you.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Click the button above so we can talk about what bothers you, what do you need to fix in order to feel better, look great and live your life to its full potential. Simple as that. Let's do this!

Hey there! Did you skip the page to see the price? If so, I have to disappoint you... 

There's no price. We need to talk first. That's how coaching works. Completely personalised plan for every individual I work with.

So book your initial FREE call with me.

I'm pumped about your goals and want to hear more about you!

Book the call buddy, your results are waiting.

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