20 Minute Low Impact Full Body Workout For Beginners at Home

This low-impact full body workout for beginners at home includes 7 bodyweight exercises. HIIT routine without jumping. Follow along video. Let's Go!


20 Minute Low Impact Full Body Workout For Beginners at Home

This low impact full body workout for beginners at home will target your full body with the combination of 7 bodyweight exercises. No equipment needed, 100% follow along low impact workout video. Warm up, play the video and perform everything just as shown on the video. 

30/20 seconds of work/rest for each move.

Rounds to complete: 3 

Rest between rounds: 2 minutes

The low impact exercise list: 

1. Squat to cross knee to elbow tap. 

2. Push up isometric hold with jump outs. 

3. Side to side pulse squat. 

4. Alternating monkey walk. 

5. Squat to reverse lunge to kick. 

6. Mountain climbers to sit outs. 

7. Shoulder tap to knee tap. 

What Is The Structure Of This Session? 

Today's 20 minute low impact routine will alternate upper and lower bodywork for the first 5 exercises. While moves 6 and 7 will focus on the core strength. 

Because this is a beginner session, there are no push ups involved, however, exercises 2, 4, 6 and 7 will place a muscular isometric tension on the whole upper body. That will result in gaining strength and in particular, push upper body strength which if it's applied regularly, after some time, you will manage to start performing regular push ups or if you already have the necessary strength to do so, your repetitions will increase. 

How To Customize This Low-Impact Routine?

If this session is too difficult for your current training level, then let's see how you can decrease the intensity: 

1. Increase between round rest - there is a 2 minute rest between rounds, but if this is not enough, pause the video once the rest is over, on a separated stopwatch count 1 additional minute, play the video and continue. This way the between-round rest will be 3 minutes, hence, the session will be easier.

2. Decrease working rounds - instead to perform 3 total rounds, begin with just 2. Once progressing, increase to 3, 4 and even 5,6. Why not?

For best results, use only 1 of the 2 methods above to decrease the difficulty of this workout. Otherwise, it might become too easy and the effect of the high-intensity will be lost and that will not be efficient. 

3. How to make this workout harder? The easiest way to increase the intensity is to simply do more of it. Instead to perform 3 total rounds, once finishing with the 20 minute workout video, rest for 2-3 minutes, repeat the video from the beginning and follow along as long as needed. If necessary, do the whole workout twice.

Another approach would be to decrease the between-round resting periods from 2 minutes to 1. For that purpose, when finishing with the round, wait for 1 minute to pass from the resting period, rewind the video forward with 60 seconds and begin the next round. 

Use This Warm Up Before Doing Low Impact Full Body Training

Warming up and preparing the body for high-intense and challenging work is a must. An effective dynamic and mobility warm up will waken up the nervous system which will result in enhanced workout and exercise performance. 

In addition, because of the decreased tightness, the range of motion of your arms and legs will improve which will help with proper exercise technique, execution and better biomechanics. That itself will give you more confidence since if not all, then most of the moves will be done with fewer blockers which this tightness would otherwise cause. 

Not last of course is the decreased risk of injuries which should be an absolute focus of yours as a beginner if you like the idea of working out for a long time ahead, be in shape and move well without pains, long pauses and all of the negatives that an eventual injury might cause to your journey, health and life in general. 

Is Low Impact Full Body Training Good For Beginners?

Low impact full body workouts are great for beginners because your joints will be spared, while the muscles will get stronger and your cardio will improve. Not just that but the total body activation will require more rest days, hence, fewer workouts should be performed on a weekly basis. This is highly convenient for the busy person with a tight schedule and anyone who does not dig into the idea of training almost everyday or too often. 

What Are Examples Of Full Body, Low Impact Bodyweight Exercises? 

A good and highly effective full body low impact bodyweight exercises that can be done at home or outdoor are: 

1. Crawling and all types of animal movements and flows. 

2. Low impact speed burpees (without jumping). 

3. Core exercises and moves that are ground-based and will require your body to be often positioned on 3 or even 2 limbs. 

How Often Should You Do Low Impact Full Body Training? 

If your training plan will be built only of full body low impact routines, then 3-4 sessions weekly are sufficient. If you are training with weights or do strength calisthenics, then such cardio-focused low impact workouts can be included as resistance training finishers or to be done on a separate day for cardio and conditioning improvement. 

3 Full Body Low Impact Beginner Workouts Without Weights

The higher number of low impact workout variations you have as a beginner, the more your body will move in different ways by performing multiple exercises. Such an approach will help you to progress more quickly and you will be more adaptable. 

Below you will find 3 follow along low impact workout videos. The name of the session, video and description are all stacked together. If you decide to give a try to any of these, make sure to access the link below the video for more thorough information on the topic and workout itself. 

5 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners 

This 5 minute low-impact workout for beginners includes 5 exercises. Each should be done for 30 seconds, one after the other and without any rest between.

When finishing with 1 set for each move, rest for 30 seconds and repeat for a second time.

That makes 2 total working rounds to complete with 30 seconds rest between. 

The low impact exercise list:

1. Bear to crab crawl. 

2. Squat to thoracic rotation to knee tap. 

3. Beginner low impact speed burpee. 

4. Plank forward reach. 

5. V sit hold heel taps.  

7 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners 

The following 7 minute beginner low impact workout is built of 6 movements. 30/20 seconds work/rest for each. 

Rounds to complete: 2 

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds 

The bodyweight exercise list:

1. Squat to knee-elbow tap. 

2. Walk out. 

3. Cross step lunge. 

4. Rotation foot tap.

5. Shoulder tap to knee and ankle taps. 

6. Cross body ankle tap plank. 

15 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners 

This 15 minute HIIT workout for beginners will challenge you with 6 movements. 30/20 seconds of on/off. 

3 rounds to be completed. 

60 seconds rest between rounds.  

The HIIT exercise list: 

1. Squat to thoracic rotation to knee tap. 

2. Walk out push up. 

3. Side to side pulsing squat. 

4. High knees to sit out - 8 high knees to 4 sit outs. 

5. Plank twists to push up. 

6. Sprinter sit up.

Workout Summary

Bodyweight workouts 10

Today we have reviewed a 20 minute low impact full body workout for beginners at home. You can find a follow along dynamic warm up video to use and 3 low impact workout beginner videos provided at the end of this article. 

Beginner trainees can highly benefit from doing more low impact full body workouts since such or similar sessions will spare the joints while placing sufficient tension on the muscles which will result in improved muscle build, more calories burnt and overall, a better workout. 

What is you favorite low impact full body workout for beginners?

Comment below.

To your Fitter self, 


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