Medicine ball core exercises

21 medicine ball core exercises you're not doing. Besides your core, every muscle in your body will be engaged and as result, you'll get more explosive, shred fat and skyrocket your strength endurance and conditioning. Try today!


21 Medicine Ball 

Core Exercises 

That Will Lit Up Your Abs! 

How Do You Get Abs

With The Medicine Ball

Core Exercises?

medicine ball core exercises

Fair question. 

Let's jump straight into! 

Without sleeping well and having at least a fairly clean and balanced diet, do not expect these medicine ball core exercises to do miracles for you. 

Now let's look up into 3 different ways to structure your medicine ball workouts for shredding weight. 

1. Stand Alone Medicine Ball Core Exercises - pick 5-6 exercises from the video presented above. Do each for 15-20 repetition. Rest 60-75 seconds between sets. 3-4 sets per exercise will be enough. Rest between exercises: 2 minutes. 

2. Circuit Medicine Ball Full Body Workouts - pick 2 upper and 2 lower body orientated exercises from the video above. Alternate upper, and lower. Perform each exercise, one after another without any rest between. Once you're done, this is one round finished. Do 3-5 rounds. 120 seconds rest between.

3. HIIT Medicine Ball Workouts -  pick 5 medicine ball core exercises, set an interval timer app clock to 30/15 seconds work/rest if you're an intermediate training level and 20/20 seconds work/rest if you're a beginner. Do 4-6 rounds. Rest between rounds: 120 seconds.

What Is The Right

Medicine Ball Weight To Begin With?

Medicine Ball Core Exercises

If you're just starting out, then begin with 3kg medicine ball. Once you progress, you can move into 4-5 even the heavier 6-8-10kg med balls. But keep in mind that here even 1 kilogram of increase will make a significant difference in the intensity of your workouts.

The idea here is as it follows: 

Option 1

Work with very light medicine ball for repetitions. This is super effective way to shred body fat, while building strength endurance, stamina and power. But keep in mind that strength endurance and core activation will be the focus here. 

Option 2

Get a heavier medicine ball and work with less repetitions (5-8 reps). That approach will help you build brute explosive power and strength. A hypertrophy also might occurs. But generally, your body will build more fast-twitch muscle fibers and that itself, will help you with your muscle building process in the future. 

Are Medicine Ball Workouts 

Effective For Weight Loss?

Medicine Ball Core Exercises


Especially if you use a lighter medicine ball, and do longer duration circuit or hiit medicine ball workouts. 

You already have the system above (refer to the chapter above). 

To lose more weight using your 17 medicine ball core exercises, simply put, I would recommend to perform more full body medicine ball workouts. By doing so, you will activate every muscle in your body and burn more calories. 

In addition, if you proceed with the medicine ball circuit or hiit workout frames, then your body will experience the "post-burn" calorie effect caused by the high intense nature of your medicine ball core exercises and full body workout as well. 

Which One Is Better For Abs?

Full Body or Core Specific

Medicine Ball Exercises?

Medicine Ball Core Exercises


Both have their pros and cons in terms of building your core and abs. 

Essentially, the full body medicine ball exercises will push your body to burn extra calories (like mentioned in the chapter above). Additionally, you will "build your engine", start moving more efficiently and as result, you'll learn how to use your core in more dynamic and complex movements. 

From the other side, by doing more isolated "targeted" medicine ball core exercises, you will focus on the core muscles itself. As result, you'll get stronger, if you experience any low-back pain (a relief will be met), you'll melt the belly fat, and build core muscle. Which will help your abs pop-up over the fat and enjoy a well looking body. 

Word of advice, if you do more core-specific medicine ball exercises, make sure to combine 3-5 exercises into an interval timer frame. Begin with 20/20 seconds work/rest and increase gradually once your strength improves.

How Often Should You Perform Medicine Ball Core Exercises For Optimal Results?

Medicine Ball Core Exercises

The core/abs muscles are like any other muscle in the human body. And in order to achieve results, then a few things should be met: 

1. Consistency - 3-4 core workouts per week will be enough to get a frequent stimulation of your abs. 

2. Rest - you shouldn't start doing these "abs every day programs" because this is a closed loop. Every time you begin with these programs, essentially, you'll quit still on first or second week at best. Follow 3-4 core workouts per week. This is enough to maintain this process for months ahead and progress consistently. 

3. Good sleep and diet - it's obvious, there's no way to get a lean and healthy body without sufficient recovery and balanced diet. This is the hard truth. 

What Kind Of 

Medicine Ball To Use

For Your Core Exercises?

Rubber Medicine Ball

Better Option For Outdoor Workouts. Has a better bounce compared to the leather med balls.

Medicine Ball Core Exercises

Leather Medicine Ball

Better for gym/home application. More convenient and better for brute power development.

Medicine Ball Core Exercises

Get a Custom Workout Program 

(No Gym Required)

Before You Go, Check These Bodyweight Workout Videos:

Summary Of The 
21 Medicine Ball 
Core Exercises
Medicine Ball Core Exercises

The medicine ball full body and core exercises are an incredible way to develop your core muscles, strength endurance, stamina, explosive power, fast-twitch muscle fibers development which will allow your body to build more muscle (easily) and in general, to increase your anabolic hormone production. 

In addition, if your goal is to shred weight with the medicine ball core exercises, an excellent approach would be to "stack" these exercises into a circuit or a HIIT workout in order to burn extra calories while working on your cardio and conditioning as well. 

Now you have 21 medicine ball full body and core exercises you can try. 

No wall is required. I have done my best to make this article beneficial for you, and to help you not seek for a wall where to throw your medicine ball (if you like the outdoor workouts and have a med ball as equipment at your home). Any park will suit you now.

No excuses!

Now jump to the top, watch the video again, pick 5 exercises and next time you have an access to a medicine ball, hit your core HIIT workout! 

Which Of These Medicine Ball Core Exercises Did You Like Most? 

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