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12 Bodyweight Outdoor Workouts (Total Body Activation)

12 Bodyweight Outdoor Workouts You Can Do Anywhere. No Pull Up Bar Required. Target Your Whole Body! Let's Workout!


12 Bodyweight Outdoor Workouts (Total Body Activation)

In this article, I will share with you 12 bodyweight outdoor workouts. No equipment needed, only your motivation to get sweat and get some work done. 

Now let's jump straight to your outdoor workout videos! 

Workout 1 

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

1. 5 repetitions of 2 push up + sit through + jump squat between (2 push ups + 1 jump squat between is 1 repetition, you have to repeat that 5 times). 

2. Low jumping lunge - 20 repetitions 

3. 1-2 step - 20 repetitions 

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds. 

Workout 2 

Do 5 rounds of the following exercises: 

1. The hopping speed burpee - 10 repetitions 

2. Side lunge to jump squat - 10 total repetitions (count only the side lunges)

3. Controlled sit out - 12 repetitions

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds 

Workout 3

Do 2 big rounds of:

20 high knee sprint in place 

1 speed burpee to tuck jump 

20 straight explosive punches

This is one set. To complete 1 big round, you have to finish 10 sets. So 10 times of 20 high knees + 1 speed burpee to tuck jump + 20 straight punches. 

Rest 15-20 seconds between each 2 sets. 

Once you're done with your first big round (10 sets done) rest for 60-75 seconds. Repeat one more time and the workout is done!

Workout 4

Do 5 rounds of the following exercises:

1. Side shuffle to speed burpee - 8 lengths of 3-4 side shuffle steps per side with 1 speed burpee between each length. To be easier for you, count the speed burpees. Once you hit 8 reps, you're done.

2. Crab crawl to tripod extension - 8 small crab steps to 2 tripod extensions. Do 4 full lengths. 2 forward and 2 backward.

3. Hindu push up - 10 repetitions.

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds 

Outdoor Workouts 5, 6, 7 and 8

Workout 5

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Half squat 4 seconds iso hold to reverse lunge - 14 totale repetitions. & reps per leg. Alternate both working legs. 

2. Hand Released Push Ups - 10 repetitions. 

3. Arm Reach Plank - 10 total repetitions. 5 reps per arm. Alternate both working arms. 

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds 120 seconds

Workout 6

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. The Grounding lunge - 20 total repetitions. 10 reps per leg. Alternate both legs.

2. Hand Released Push Ups - 10 repetitions. 

3. Skater jumps - 20 repetitions 

4. Bear crawl to crab crawl position switch - 30-45 seconds work

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Workout 7

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Speed Burpee - 10 repetitions

2. 1,5 Jumping Lunge - 14 total repetitions (7 per leg). 

3. 1,2 Step Push Up - 10 repetitions 

4. Tuck Jumps - 10 repetitions

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Workout 8

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Hindu Push Up - 10 repetitions

2. Tripod Extension - 10 repetitions (5 per side) 

3. The Breaker Push Up - 10 repetitions

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Workouts 9, 10, 11 and 12

Workout 9

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • Negative Push Ups – 8 repetitions with 4-5 seconds eccentric movement
  • Jumping Bodyweight Squat with 4 seconds isometric hold
  • Knee to same elbow alternating slow raise – 10 total repetitions (5 per leg)

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Workout 10

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • The Grounding Lunge – 20 total repetitions, 10 per side (alternate both legs)
  • Negative push ups – 8 repetitions with 3-4 seconds eccentric movement
  • Crab Toe Touches – 14 total repetitins, 7 per side

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Workout 11

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • Speed Burpees – 10 repetitions
  • Negative Push Ups – 8 repetitions with 3-4 seconds eccentric movement
  • Half squat iso hold to reverse lunge – 10 total repetitions (5 per leg)
  • Plank to push up – 10 repetitions (5 per arm)

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Workout 12

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • Negative Push Ups – 8 repetitions with 3-4 seconds eccentric movement
  • Forward to reverse lunge – 20 total repetitions (switch your legs on 10th repetition)
  • Circle Bear Crawl – 4 circles

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

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Why To Do More Outdoor Workouts?

Outdoor workouts

Training outdoor is a great option to change your focus either from your screens (phones, laptops etc), either from your stressful job OR the problems at home. 

We all have these. And we all have to learn how to unplug ourselves, do something useful and beneficial for our bodies as well.

By doing more outdoor workouts, you will not just "refresh" your brain, hit a solid full body session but will take some sunlight exposure which is highly beneficial for your overall health, vitamin D3 production in your body, testosterone levels and avoiding any depressions and "dark thoughts" too. 

Let's jump straight into the "goodies" and benefits that you will gain by training outdoor.

What Are The Benefits Of The Outdoor Workouts?

Outdoor Workouts

1. Less to None Equipment - to workout outdoor, you don't need lots of equipment. A resistance band and a jump rope will be more than enough to hit full body workouts in the nature. Additionally, you can do countless of bodyweight exercises without bothering yourself about any equipment or "fancy" training at all. 

2. Reducing Depression and Anger - it's proven that the outdoor workouts are way more beneficial compared to the indoor workouts for your mental health boost. The simple reason is the sunlight exposure. When your body is exposed to sunlight, your body will create more Vitamin D3. And the vitamin D3 is proven for mood enhance and fighting depression. Here's an interesting study you can refer to. 

3. Stress Management - if you have an access to any park or a place with more trees and greens, that will certainly help you reduce your stress levels. Make sure to unplug yourself (if your workout does not requires an interval timer). If you only need a stopwatch for your session, make sure to buy a watch that will have that option so you can rest for a while from your "pocket screen" and connect with the mother nature. Trust me, you will feel great afterward. 

4. Improved Self-Esteem - it's quite interesting, that doing more outdoor workouts will improve your self-esteem. I know, I know, I was surprised too! But here's a research for this one. 

5. Money Free - it's obvious, you don't need GYM memberships or fancy training equipment to workout in the park. Duh. 

6. Easy Access - outdoor training can be done basically anywhere. The best scenario would be if you can find a park somewhere around you. If not, a nice place around your building will work as well. The best scenarios would be a mountain or a beach workout but I doubt that you will have access to these. If you have - man, you should do that more often. 

7. Mental Training - did you ever try to workout in the winter? Outdoor? Because I did that, for many years. And I can share with you that there's nothing in this world that will train your mentality like working out in -10 degrees. You only need a warm/termo clothes and you're ready to go.

Why To Try These 12 Circuit Workouts?

Outdoor workouts

let's focus now on the benefits from these 12 bodyweight workouts: 

1. Saving Timewe live in a hectic, highly-stressful world where all of us are stressed out. The time investment in the training process is often a difficult task to be achieved by many. That's the reason I believe that these 12 outdoor workouts will highly benefit you, if your workout time is a deficit. Everyone can invest 20 minutes of working out right next to the bed or in front of the TV. It's a matter of priorities.

2. Tons of FUN moving through multiple exercises without resting between will challenge your brain to constantly think and analyze your exercise technique, what movement you have to do next, what tempo should you follow in order to endure the whole round etc. As obvious, this way to workout is way more engaging compared to do 1 exercise with long rests between.

3. Fat Loss - due to the dynamic nature of these exercises, your body will burn lots of calories. Your body will trigger the "after-burn effect" due to the intensity of the movements. Your body will burn additional calories hours after the workout is done. Aditionally, when you push the pedal with that intensity, your body will create more anabolic hormones that are crucial for muscle build and fat loss as well. 

4. Enhance Your Cardio and Conditioning - better cardio and conditioning, better working energy systems. The more energy you have on a daily basis, the more productive you will be and the inner fulfillment that you've done more tasks in your day will be higher. 

5. Improved your strength endurance - my personal opinion is that the strength endurance is the most valuable skill that you can develop. If you're a regualar person, missing that opportunity for you will be so sad. 

6. Better Mobility - moving your body in more unconventional ways will activate muscles that you've never targeted before. As result, your core will become stronger, your posture will improve and generally, your whole body's mobility will improve. That will lead to eventually, less existing pains in your body and fixing muscle imbalances.

6. Increasing Your Anabolic Hormones and Sex Drive - following high effort workouts will push your body to secrete more of the "good" hormones. Your testosterone and growth hormone will raise and that will lead to faster muscle gain, fat loss and sex drive as well. As men, what else do we need?

7. Better Overall Health - when we get into consideration all of the benefits presented above, we can make a bold statement that your overall health will certainly improve. Better strength endurance, mobility, core strength, anabolic hormones and losing fat are certainly improvements that your body will benefit from. 

Are These Outdoor Workouts Too Intense For You?

Outdoor workouts

Are you a beginner or out of shape?

Here's how to modify your workouts in order to make these easier: 

1. Decrease the number of repetitions by 30% - this is the most obvious, if the workout video recommends you to complete 10 repetitions of a certain exercise, try to do 7 reps. If that's too much as well, begin with 5 and increase with time. 

2. Decrease the working rounds - if the video recommendation is to finish 4 rounds, begin with 3 rounds. If that's too much again, 2 rounds is fine as well. The idea is to find "the sweet spot" where you'll avoid over-training and be able to maintain good exercise technique.

3. Include rest between your exercises - as you will observe from these 12 outdoor workouts above, I do not recommend any rest between your exercises. However, if you're out of shape, my advice to you is to include a 10-15 seconds rest between each of your movements. Once you're done with the working round, get the the video recommended rest between rounds. 

Coaching Advice: 

Make sure to use only one scale of the mentioned 3 above. Do not decrease the 3 scales at the same time. First try to decrease the repetitions while keeping the other 2 the same as the video recommends. Otherwise, your workout might become too low-intense and you'll never meet the benefits that I have shared with you in the previous chapter. 

Too Easy For You? Here's How To Upgrade Your Outdoor Workouts

Outdoor workouts

If your training level is an intermediate or advanced, then you can use the same system as I recommend in the chapter above. 

Increase your repetitions, working rounds or decrease your rests between the working rounds. Again, follow my advice to never change these 3 scales at the same time. Try the first one, then include the second one etc. 

How Often To Do Outdoor Workouts?

Outdoor Workouts

Keep in mind that I will provide all of the ideas below strictly adapted for the busy person. I want to provide you with practical advice that works while saving time for you.

let's jump straight into it:

1. 5-6 workouts x week - if you follow this workout frame, I would suggest you to make sure your workouts will be somewhere around 15 minutes. No more than that. Make sure to push the pedal in these 15 mins. 

2. 4 sessions x week - here you can invest slightly more time in order to achieve satisfactory results. Routines that will take you around 30 minutes would be a great approach here. 

3. 3 sessions x week - if you can manage to follow just 3 routines per week, then the workout time should be 40-50 minutes time. 

The easiest way to understand how much time a certain circuit workout will cost you, simply follow the coaching advice from the videos above, do 1 full round (perform all of the exercices) and use a stopwatch in order to count the time of your round. Once you're done, add the time of your rest between rounds as well. That way, you will understand the full time of one round. The work time + rest time = 1 full round time investment. 

When you finish that, you'll be aware how much time each of your workouts will take. Once you have the full round time, multiply by the number of rounds you have to perform and the end number will be the end duration of your workouts. This is easy and will not take you any additional effort. I promise you that. 

Outdoor Workout Equipment - Considerations

Outdoor workouts

It's going to be a big miss if we talk about outdoor training and we don't mention what equipment you can use. 

Generally, my personal opinion is that you have lots of options that can be covered here. 

1. Pull up bar, gymnastic rings and TRX straps - obviously to attach your rings or TRX straps, you will require a pull up bar. In addition, you can use the pull up bar for multiple bodyweight exercises as well. 

2. Jumping rope - the jumping rope stood the test of time. There's no doubt about the fact that this is one of the best conditioning trining tools that you can fit in your pocket. 

3. Resistance bands - the resistance bands are an outstanding training equipment that will provide you with a huge variety of exercises that can be performed. 

4. Weighted vest - great addition to your bodyweight workouts. If the regular bodyweight exercises are a bit boring and easy for you, then adding a weighted vest on your body will increase the resistance and intensity of your workouts as well. 

5. Medicine ball - the medicine ball is an outstanding workout tool for developing your explosive strength and strength endurance too. The best part of taking a med ball with you when you're training outdoor is that you can slam this ball in the ground, at walls or throw it in different directions. 

6. Dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags and bulgarian bags - as obvious, these are weights and will require additional efforts for you in order to bring your equipment to the outdoor place where you'll workout. I will recommend these only if the outdoor place where you workout is nearby your house. Or if you're organizing an outdoor bootcamp or outdoor workouts (groups or individual).

If you're not organizing anything, the other tools recommended above will work great for you because these are lightweight and will not take you additional efforts to carry your equipment with you. 

In a nutshell, if you have an access to a pull up bar, then a pair of gymnastic rings or TRX straps would be an awesome addition to your outdoor workout. In addition, if you don't have any access to a pull up bar or station, then a pair of resistance, circle strength band and a jump rope would be sufficient for a complete full body outdoor workout. 

What's Your Goal?

Outdoor workouts

The outdoor workouts presented in this article are circuit training workouts. With that spoken, due to the high effort and dynamic nature of these routines, building massive muscle mass will be impossible. Do not expect to look jacked nor feel powerful like you will when you lift heavy weights. 

However, these workouts will certainly help you with weight loss, skyrocketing your energy levels, focus, brain productivity, strength endurance, stamina, sex drive, mobility and overall health. 

All of these will be achieved without investing much of your time. Which I believe is a win-win approach for you. I did my best to build these workouts for you, record and edit the videos and write this article in order to help you implement this advice and gain the benefits that you deserve. 

The only thing you need is to give these outdoor workouts a shot, reach back to me and share how it was, did you like it? And stuff like that. I will love to hear back from you!  

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Last Words

full body exercises without weights

There's no doubts about the efficiency and benefits that you will gain by going outdoor and hit a full outdoor workout. 

In this article, I have shared with you 12 full body workouts without equipment. All of the routines will take you somewhere between 15 and 25 minutes depending on your training level and speed of exercise performance. 

As you can see from your training videos, all of these were recorded outdoor, under the sun, right next to the trees and greenies. I will not lie, training outdoor is very positive for your brain. 

You will feel "refreshed", recharched and ready to dominate your work, responsibility and tasks at work. My recommendation? Move as much as you can outdoor. There's not much of importance what you're going to do. Just do it! 

Run, ride a bike, walk, hike, crawl, jump, or try these 12 outdoor workouts. Do whatever you love, enjoy it and do it consistently. 

Achieving results while doing something that you love have the biggest importance in the process of becoming better and provide a bigger value to your family, friends and everyone around you. 

Will you try these 12 outdoor workouts? Which one did you like most?

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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