10 Plank Exercises At Home (Get Strong Core!)

10 plank exercises at home that will help you build strong core and abs. Perform these movements anytime you want. No equipment needed. Let's work!


10 Plank Exercises At Home (Build Core Strength!)

How To Build Effective Plank Workouts At Home?

To create efficient plank workouts at home, you have to mix different plank variations in order to stress your core from different angles, create higher muscle stimulus which to cause adaptation and respectivelly - progress with your core strength and how your abs look in the mirror. 

Other factors that will form such session as an effective one would be the choise of your workout timing intervals (the respective time that you perform the exercise and rest right afterward). Also, your workout volume - how many total rounds you will perform, the rest periods and how it's mentioned above - the core exercises selection. 

Now instead to discuss theory, let me show you 2 different core and plank workouts that you can try instantly.

Beginner Plank Workout At Home

To complete this beginner core workout, download an interval workout timer app on your phone (any free option will work okay). 

1. Set the timer to - 20 seconds work / 30 seconds rest 

2. Perform 6-8 sets of each from the three plank exercises presented in the video above. This is not an alternating, circuit type of routine. First, you will perform 6-8 sets from exercise 1, then 2 and finally three.

3. Rest between each exercise for 2-3 minutes in order your core to get sufficient time to recover. 

4. Perform this beginner plank workout 3-4 times weekly if you want to develop a stronger and more resilient core.  

Here is a good read if you are a plank beginner

Intermediate Plank Workout At Home

This is a bit more high intensity core workout. To endure it, you will have to be able to hold a plank for at least 90 seconds. If your numbers are below that, begin with the previous routine which is more focused on the beginner. 

To complete this intermediate plank workout at home, again, you will have to set the interval timer app but this time, you will work for 30 seconds and rest for 20 seconds. So your workout interval timer is 30/20 seconds of work/rest. 

The structure is the same as the beginners one above. You will have to complete first 6-8 rounds from exercise 1, then rest, and then move to exercise 2 and so on.

In that session, there are 4 plank variations included. 

Here is your core workout: 

1. Plank Exercise 1 - 6-8 sets, 30/20 seconds of work/rest

2. Rest for 2-3 minutes

3. Plank exercise 2 - 6-8 sets, 30/20 seconds of work/rest

4. Rest 2-3 minutes

5. Plank exercise 3 - 6-8 sets, 30/20 seconds of work/rest

6. Rest 2-3 minutes

7. Plank exercise 4 - 6-8 sets, 30/20 seconds of work/rest

Perform this core routine 3-4 times weekly in order to strengthen your core and push these abs muscles to grow and to shape your torso. 

Can You Lose Belly Fat With Planks?

Can You Lose Belly Fat With Planks

Doing more planks itself will not be the best solution for losing belly fat. Targeted spot reduction can occur, but it is not the most optimal approach for losing the excessive weight. However, if your core get stronger, it makes sense that your waistline will get slimmer and with less fats. 

To accelerate the process of decreasing your body weight, you will have to optimize your diet, sleep/recovery and focus not just on isometrics (what planks actually are), but to include resistance and aerobic work at the same time. Here the high intense interval training can be a great choice. Also, you can simply include some of the exercises provided in today's video, which are dynamic plank variations that will improve not just your core strength but your cardio as well.

This is a win-win approach because you will get stronger and more endured at the same time. By doing more of these or similar movements, you will burn extra calories (due to the high intensity demand) and that itself will lead to more weight loss. 

Elbow Plank vs. Full Plank

Elbow Plank vs. Full Plank

High planks vs. low planks, which one is better? Both have their places. High planks will place a higher demand on your wrists, shoulders and arms. Low planks will target your core and posture as well. Mix both and try different exercise variations in order to vary the intensity so you can progress faster. 

How Long Should A Beginner Be Able To Hold A Plank?

How Long Should A Beginner Be Able To Hold A Plank

60 seconds plank hold. This is the mark that should be your focus if you are a beginner. If you cannot do low plank at all, make sure to first start with high planks (push up isometric hold) and gradually try to perform the regular plank once your core strength insreases. 

How to hit these 60 seconds fast? Increase the workout volume. If you can endure a normal plank for 10-20-30 seconds, make sure that you will include more sets per session in order to create higher demand and work load for your core muscles. This will increase your strength and you will be able to quickly jump to the 60 seconds mark and over that. 

Once you are there, and your core get stronger, then you can start experimenting with more dynamic variations like these from the video (top of page). 

Is It Okay To Do Planks Everyday?

Is It Okay To Do Planks Everyday

Doing planks everyday will not lead to fast results nor fast belly fat lose. Sure, 3-5 times weekly is a good approach, but your core muscles are like any other in the human body - they need rest. So do you. Thus, make sure to rest at least 2 days weekly from your planks and core training. 

Another thing that has to be considered is the elbow pain. If you do planks everyday, there is a possibility your elbows to get hurt and cause you pain. I would not suggest that. Been there and it's not a good experience.

Mix Things Up!

plank exercises at home

For optimal results, I would say that the planks should be done 3 times weekly, and the other 1-2 torso sessions should be focused more on the rectus abdominis (front part, the visible part of your core) by doing a more classical abs exercises such as controlled crunches, sit ups, leg raises etc. 

Consider the planks as your compound exercises which will help your core get stronger and on the other hand, the abs movements will be your visible muscle work, the bodybuilding stuff that will push your abs to pop up above the fats and to get more visible. 

So combine both planks and abs exercises to get sufficient results with your core training and to not get bored with your workouts. 

Final Thoughts

Planks are a fantastic exercise for building strong core which is the foundation of healthy posture and visible abs. In this article, I have provided you with 10 plank exercises you can try at home. Also, I have recorded 2 plank workouts that you can try instantly at home. One for beginners and one for intermediate trainees. 

To get optimal results with the plank training, make sure to perform them at least 3 times weekly and also, include crunches, sit ups, leg raises and other abs exercises in order to vary your core workouts, not get bored and get more visible results - faster. 

What do you think about the plank workouts and exercises? Are you a fan or you prefer other core movements? Comment below. 

Thanks for reading! 


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