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7 Quick Workouts To Boost Your Fitness (No Equipment!)

7 quick workouts you can try today. No equipment, 15-20 minute sessions. Try these at the comfort of your home, outdoor or at the hotel. Get ready to sweat - a lot!


7 Quick Workouts That Will Boost Your Fitness (No Equipment)

In this article, I will share with you 7 quick workouts for men that you can try at home, outdoor or while being on the road. 

No equipment required. 15-25 minute workouts.

Without wasting more of your valuable time, let's jump straight-forward to your 7 quick workout videos and details as well. 

Workouts 1,2,3,4

Workout 1

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Half squat 4 seconds iso hold to reverse lunge - 14 totale repetitions. & reps per leg. Alternate both working legs. 

2. Hand Released Push Ups - 10 repetitions. 

3. Arm Reach Plank - 10 total repetitions. 5 reps per arm. Alternate both working arms.

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Workout 2

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. The Grounding lunge - 20 total repetitions. 10 reps per leg. Alternate both legs.

2. Hand Released Push Ups - 10 repetitions. 

3. Skater jumps - 20 repetitions 

4. Bear crawl to crab crawl position switch - 30-45 seconds work

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Workout 3

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Speed Burpee - 10 repetitions

2. 1,5 Jumping Lunge - 14 total repetitions (7 per leg). 

3. 1,2 Step Push Up - 10 repetitions 

4. Tuck Jumps - 10 repetitions

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Workout 4

Do 4 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Hindu Push Up - 10 repetitions

2. Tripod Extension - 10 repetitions (5 per side) 

3. The Breaker Push Up - 10 repetitions

No Rest Between Exercises.  

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds

Workouts 5,6,7

Workout 5

Do 5 Rounds of The Following Bodyweight Exercises: 

1. Speed burpee to jumping lunges (1 rep for for both legs) - 10 times 

2. Switch explosive push up - 20 repetitions 

No Rest Between Exercises

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds 

Workout 6

Do 3 Rounds of The Following Bodyweight Exercises:

1. High knees - 10 repetitions 

2. Speed burpee - 1 repetition 

3. Straight punches - 10 repetitions 

4. Speed burpee - 1 repetition 

This is one set.

You have to move through 10 sets to close 1 round of your workout.

10 sets = 1 Round. 

The whole sessions is 3 full rounds.

Rest Between Rounds: 3 Minutes


Workout 7

Do 5 Rounds of The Following Bodyweight Exercises: 

1. High knee run - 30 repetitions 

2. Spiderman push up - 10 repetitions 

3. High knee run - 30 repetitions 

4. Jumping lunges - 20 repetitions (10 per leg) 

5. High knee run - 30 repetitions 

6. Crab toe tap - 20 repetitions 

7. High knee run - 30 repetitions

Rest between Rounds: 3 Minutes

4 Reasons Why You Need to Try These Quick Workouts

Quick Workouts

Here are the 4 main reasons why to give a chance to these workouts.

1. You're lacking time to visit the gym or workout in general - we live in a hectic world. Nobody have sufficient time anymore. We're all bombarding with tasks, responsibilities and things to do in order for us to be successful. We need to adapt so we can be one step further in our journeys. However, lacking time to move your body will no more be an excuse for you. All of the quick workouts presented above are with duration between 15 and 25 minutes. And if you cannot find that time to invest in your health, than I have bad news for you - you'll never achieve your fitness goals. 

2. You don't want to be an athlete, lift heavy weights or risking to injure yourself - not everyone wants to lift heavy. For the last years of working with clients, I have met more people that are looking for a fitness alternatives than ever before. Don't get me wrong, lifting heavy is great, but the truth is, not anyone likes it. And we both know that if you do something that you don't like, you'll never be consistent. No consistency = no results. Period.  

3. You want freedom for yourself to be able to workout anywhere, at your convenience (you don't like to be dependant on the place where to follow your training routines). Having the ability to workout all around the world is an asset. There's no doubts about it. Plus, it's fun to know that you can smash a great workout right next to your bed, in the office, in the mountain, on the beach, even at your hotel room. When world becomes your GYM, then things get really interesting.

4. Fitness is boring - yepp, the sad truth that so many people have shared with me. The conventional fitness is boring, takes too much of your valuable free time and if your only option is to go in the "traffic hours" then you might get overwhelmed by all of the people in the GYM. Additionally, performing these bodybuilding programs will certainly make you slow. Big and muscular? Yes. But slow for sure. As result, you'll build muscle, get slower with time and bored as hell. I don't approve that and that's the simple reason why I encourage you to try my 7 quick workouts.

The Benefits of These Quick Workouts?

Quick Workouts

All of the 7 quick workouts presented in the videos at the top of this page, are circuit training workouts. That means, you'll have to perform 3-4-5 exercises, by first doing one set of the first exercise, then without rest, move to the second exercise and so on until you finish your workout round. One round is moving through all of the exercises and finish the recommended repetitions for each exercise. 

Once you finish the round, only then you're allowed to rest. Not before that. 

The duration of these quick workouts is 15-25 minutes (depending on your training level and exercise speed performance). In this time frame, you'll do lots of repetitions (high volume) which will create a moderate to high intensity workout. Why? Because when you do tons of work, with short rest periods, your body will have to adapt and move through these stressful conditions. That will create adaptation and respectfully - progress. 

In addition, you'll never get bored with these workouts because moving through one movement to another, will activate your brain to think about multiple things at the same time. Things like your breathing, your current exercise technique, exercise repetitions, what movement you'll have to do next, how is your tempo, is it too fast? Will you manage to endure the whole round of your circuit training workout? Stuff like that. You'll have lots of fun while being "in the zone". 

And not last, these quick workouts are with 0 equipment (bodyweight workouts only). Which as obvious will allow you to do these wherever you prefer. You'll be the boss and in charge of the whole process. Which I belive is cool. To have control over your training process is an asset. 

Hey, just in case you want to learn more about the circuit training workouts, check the ultimate circuit training guide here.

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Are These Quick Workouts Too Intense For You?

Quick Workouts

There'll be always the possibility, that you'll be unable to endure the workouts that I recommend in my videos. Then what should you do? 

Simple. Decrease all of the exercise repetitions by 30%. That way, you'll manage to endure the circuits and complete your whole workouts. 

What about if the recommended rounds in these quick workouts are too many for you?

Decrease with 1 working round each one of your workouts.  That way, you'll do less training volume (end number of repetitions) and respectively, the intensity of the whole workout will be lower. 

Begin only by decreasing your repetitions first, with 30%. Give it a test-drive. Only then if that's still too intense, decrease the working rounds as well. 

Are These Quick Workouts Too Easy For You?

Quick Workouts

You're training hard and your training level is higher compared to most people. I respect that. And here's how to increase the intensity of your 7 quick workouts: 

1. Begin with smaller rest periods than the video recommendations. For most of these workouts, the rest periods are set for 120 seconds and more. My advice to you is to start with 75-90 seconds rests. If that's too easy for you, decrease to 60 seconds rest periods. But keep in mind that this is too low and your performance will suffer (most probably). 

2. If you prefer to keep your longer rest periods between the working rounds of these quick workouts, then only increase the exercise repetitions. 20-30% will be enough. Change that for all of the exercises in the recommended workouts. 

CAUTION: never increase the 2 scales above at the same time. Otherwise, you might over-increase the intensity of your workout and as a result - to be unable to finish the session or focus well on your exercise technique.  

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Last Words

full body exercises without weights

In this article, I have shared with you 7 quick workouts with 0 equipment. You can follow and test these at a place of your choice, while having fun and saving tons of time with your trianing process. 

The duration of these quick workouts is somewhere between 15 and 25 minutes time. And you'll never get bored. 

Additionally, every muscle in your body will be engaged in one way or another. That way, your body will burn extra calories, and thanks to the intense nature of these workouts, you'll experience the "post-workout, after-burn effect". Which means that your body will burn extra calories hours after your workout is done. 

Should you try all of these workouts? 


Try one of your 7 quick workouts, see how it goes for your body, and if you like it, then try another one. Simple as that. 

Are you a fan of the quick workouts? Why?

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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