Resistance Band Workout Upper Body

Resistance Band Workout Upper Body (Get Real Pump!)

Resistance band workout upper body you can try at home or while being on a vacation. This is a complete resistance band workout that will pump your whole upper body! Try it today. 


Upper Body Resistance Band Workout For Men

Resistance Band Upper Body Workout Instructions

Resistance band workout upper body

You have 3 supersets by doing back to back a pull and push resistance band exercises.

Here are your workout details: 

Resistance Ban Workout Full Body


Do 5 sets of: ​

1. RB deadlift to row - 10 total repetitions (10 deadlifts and 10 rows)

2. RB push up - 10-15 repetitions. Then release the band and do as many push ups as possible - this is a chest finisher.  

Rest between sets: 120 seconds


Resistance Ban Workout Upper Body


Do 5 sets of:

1. Alternating band seated row with constant iso hold - 16 total repetitions (8 per arm).

2. Resistance band overhead press - 10 repetitions per arm

Rest between sets: 120 seconds


Resistance Ban Workout Upper Body


1. Resistance band pull apart - 10 repetitions with 1-2 seconds pause

2. Horizontal bend alternating press with constant iso hold - as many as you can. This is a burnout set. Do maximum repetitions. 

Rest between sets: 120 seconds 

What Makes That Upper Body Resistance Band Workout Great for Building Muscle?

Resistance band workout upper body

Before I jump into some workout details, I wanted to share with you what resistance band do you need for a workout like this one. 

If you're an intermediate trainee, then 45-65lbs resistance rounded strength band is your best option. 

If you're a beginner, then get a lighter rounded strength band - 15 to 35lbs resistance.

The simple training ideology that's applied in this resistance band upper body workout is a proven one and preached by the smartest coaches in the fitness industry. 

In a nutshell, every time you combine pulling and pushing exercise in a super set or in a circuit training workout, the pulling should be performed first. 


By pulling first and pushing second, you'll warm up and work on your posterior chain first. As you might already know, the posterior chain is much stronger than the anterior chain. And it acts as the base/foundation of your pushing movements.

So once you hit the posterior chain, the foundation will be created/activated and then the pushing exercises will be 20-30% stronger, dense and efficient. 

That's right. The whooping 20-30% increase in your push ups, bench press, dips, overhead press or dumbbell presses. 

So pull first, push second. If you follow this specific training rule, you'll get a solid upper body workout - every single time. I promise you that. And if you're wondering where I've learned that from, check out Dr. John Rusin and his website!

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What Are The Benefits of This Upper Body Resistance Band Workout?

Resistance Band Workout Upper Body 4

It's time efficient. 

You'll hit your whole upper body in 35-45 minutes time. I haven't included some more specific isolation movements like biceps curls, triceps extensions etc. because I wanted to show you something that works without spending 60-75 even 90 minute workouts. 

These are basic movements that very well will replicate some weight exercises such as bench press, dumbbell row, overhead dumbbell press etc. 

But is it possible the resistance bands to mimic the weight training on a 100%? 

Absolutely not. There's nothing else compared with the weight lifting for gaining muscle. However, if you can learn how to increase the applied TUT (Time Under Tension) on your muscles with the bands, then you can come closer to the weights. But even in that case, it won't be the same.

It's just a completely different demand for your body. 

What Makes The Resistance Band Workouts So Unique?
Resistance band workout upper body

Convenience - you can take your band/s literally in your backpack and be able to perform your upper body resistance band workouts or full body workouts anywhere you like. This is a freedom to get a great strength and pump workout at home, outdoor or while being on the road. 

The angle of muscle stimulation - the coolest part that the bands will deliver for you is the fact that they don't rely on gravity. Which makes them highly versatily training tools to be applied for every muscle in your body in multiple ways (by changing the angle you attack the muscles and by changing from lighter to heavier resistance band usage).

Resistance band workout upper body

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Resistance band workout upper body

Try this 35-45 minute resistance band workout for upper body. It's a complete session. You have to do 3 supersets by alternating pulling and pushung resistance band exercise. 

Do this band upper body workout at home, outdoor or while you travel. Super convenient and if you do it 1-2 times per week, you'll gain lots of muscle in the next 6-8 weeks. Guaranteed. 

If you haven't seen your complete resistance band workout for upper body, then refer to the video at the top of this page.

Dif you ever tried the resistance bands for an upper body workout? 

Comment below.

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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