Get These Abs by Sliding Your Feet 
in Front of Your TV !

Hi I’m Vlad, Known as the Practical Coach  
If You Want To Build Functional Core Strength and Abs

Try This at Home in Front of Your TV

This is a practical exercise in limited spaces.

Do This 15 Minute Slide Exercise at Home - in Front of Your TV if you’re a multi-tasker - and I guarantee you’ll start to build core strength and hi-definition Abs.

Here's How Unique the Slide Training Is: 

  • All you need is 2 towels and a smooth floor that will allow the towels to slide (wooden floor or tiles will do the job). 
  • The sliding movements works your core and engages every muscle in the body. 
  • It's a metabolically demanding workout that targets your cardio and builds endurance.  
  • You’ll kiss goodbye to lower back pain as your core gets stronger.  
  • Apply the slide workouts regularly, and it's guaranteed that you’ll lose weight (if your diet is on check).

You’re reading this because you want to develop functional 
core & abs, right?

Then give this session a shot., It's only 15 minutes.

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